Genius Beats Fear

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Welcome to Genius Beats Fear, CrossBorder Solutions’ thought-provoking podcast where we discuss real-life disruptors who push the envelope so far, they change the way we live. Do these innovators face obstacles? Challenges? Critics? Of course. But then, genius always beats fear. 

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S1E1: Dr. Jonas Salk

While America was reeling in the grips of polio, behind the scenes, one man was already fighting it: Dr. Jonas Salk. On the premiere episode of CrossBorder Solutions' Genius Beats Fear podcast, hear about his hardships and triumphs and learn what it really takes to save the world.

S1E2: Winston Churchill

In the summer of 1940, the fate of the free world seemed to rest on the shoulders of just one man: Winston Churchill. On this episode of CrossBorder Solutions' Genius Beats Fear, we talk to distinguished historian and Churchill biographer Andrew Roberts to learn what made Churchill the right man, in the right place, at the right time.

S1E3: Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is more than just a tennis superstar—she is an advocate for gender equality, both on and off the court. In this episode of Genius Beats Fear, discover the inspiring genius of King, and how her courageous efforts changed the trajectory of professional sports for women.

S1E4: Norman Borlaug

Hunger may seem like an unsolvable problem to some, but in India in 1963, something had to be done to save the country from famine. Agronomist Norman Borlaug had a solution: Semi-dwarf wheat. The catch? He had to create it. Hear his fascinating story and learn how even in the most hopeless situations, one person can make a difference.


What if our genetic code could be re-written as easily as spell checking a Word document? That science-fiction daydream became reality with the 2012 discovery of CRISPR-Cas9, a gene-editing technique that holds the promise of eradicating disease, growing healthier foods, and bringing extinct species back to life. In this week's episode of CrossBorder Solutions' Genius Beats Fear podcast, we speak to Kevin Davies, author of 'Editing Humanity: The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era in Genome Editing', to find out how gene-editing technology may change the course of human development. And whether woolly mammoths are making a comeback.

S1:E6: Katherine Johnson

On this episode of Genius Beats Fear, discover the captivating story of Katherine Johnson, the NASA mathematician and subject of the Oscar-winning film, Hidden Figures, who played an integral part in launching astronaut John Glenn into space.

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