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Wicked Crimes South Africa is a true crime podcast that focuses on South African crimes with a connection to the occult, or a supernatural twist.

This podcast is hosted by Jan Bence, that researches the cases to the absolute possible extend, using media reports, actual official documents, and sometimes even psychic's willing to help out in cases.

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Episode 7 - Electus Per Deus Part 1

We have a look at a case that has been rocking the foundations of South Africa for the past few years, in Part 1 we look at how Electus Per Deus started, the history of Cecilia Steyn, and the relationship between Cecelia Steyn and Ria Grunewald.

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Twitter: @CrimesSouth

Helpline Call Centre: 082 821 3447

Episode 6 - The Awaiting Christ Cult

In this episode we look at one of South Africa's cults, the Awaiting Christ cult or the ARK as it is also known.

The cult came to light in 2003 when the body of 8 of it's members were found in shallow graves on the cult grounds...

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Inbetweener 2 - Interview With Damon Leff

WE interview Damon Leff, director of the South African Pagan Rights Alliance.

Damon tells us more about SAPRA, paganism and modern day witch hunts!

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e-mail: wickedcrimessa@gmail.com

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Episode 5 - The Mncwabe Family Feud

In this episode we follow the gruesome attack that led to the death of 8 family members at the hands of 2 more family members. The reason for this attack; 1 of them was believed to be using witchcraft.

Facebook Group: Wicked Crimes South Africa
Twitter: @CrimesSouth
E-Mail: wickedcrimessa@gmail.com
Support the show through paypal at: paypal.me/wickedcrimes

Helpline Call Centre: 082 821 3447

Episode 4 - The Murder of Lee Heinrich Adams

Join Jan Bence as your host with episode 4 of Wicked Crimes South Africa where we explore the murder of Lee Adams by the hands of Aljar Swartz, and look at the occult related excuses behind this heinous crime.

Find us on Facebook under the group Wicked Crimes South Africa, or on Twitter under the handle @CrimesSouth

Trauma & Helpline contact number: 082 821 3447

Music credit to bensprout.com

Episode 3 - The Murder of Maria Crouse

In this episode we cover the murder of 75 year old Maria Crouse, her murderer claimed to have done this to appease a Satanic group he is part of.

We also have our first interview ever, and it is with the Satanic Church of South Africa!!!

Trauma & Helpline contact number: 082 821 3447

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This is our trailer! If you're new to Wicked Crimes South Africa, give this a listen first, before you hop over to our full episodes!

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Episode 2 Mob Injustice - The Murder Of Mandla Sibiya.

Join Jan Bence as he looks at the case of Mandla Sibiya, that was murdered by his own community, and the injustice that he faced.

Find us on Facebook under the group Wicked Crimes South Africa, or on Twitter under @crimessoouth.

e-mail address wickedcrimessa@gmail.com

Trauma and counseling helpline:082-821-3447

Credit for cover art to Quinton Bruno.

Credit for music to bensprout.com

Episode 1 - The Dobsonville Sacrifice and legend of the Tokoloshe

The first ever full episode of Wicked Crime South Africa.

Thandeka and Chwayita were both 16, when one of them got manipulated into almost joining a satanic cult. Leading to deathly consequences for both girls.

Then we look at a current case, where 2 girls were manipulated by the legend of the Tokoloshe.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter under the name Wicked Crimes South Africa

Trauma and counceling helpline:082-821-3447

Music credit to bensprout.com

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