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The Smart Connection

This limited series podcast sponsored by SA’s national connectivity leader, Openserve, and hosted by Technology Journalist and guru, Darryl Linington, explores how a smarter high-speed, broadband connection keeps South African homes and businesses talking, entertained, educated and connected.
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6 Episodes

EP6: Summary of the Openserve Podcast series

In today’s podcast episode, we are doing a wrap-up of the previous 5 episodes. Please join us for the highlights from the discussions between our phenomenal host Darryl Linington and our amazing and insightful guests who were part of this podcast series. • Ryan Noik the managing editor for TechSmart…
23 Jun 2021 49 min

EP3: What does faster internet mean for smart homes - Arthur Goldstuck

In this podcast episode Darryl Linington is having a discussion with Arthur Goldstuck about what does faster internet mean for smart homes. Darryl is the host for the Openserve podcast series. He is currently the editor for Tech IT Out. is a South African-based technology publication that reports on…
26 May 2021 56 min

EP1: How connectivity is allowing you to be economically active - Ryan Noik

In today’s episode, Darryl will be talking to Ryan Noik about how connectivity is allowing one to be economically active. Darryl is a Technology Journalist, Editor, and Photographer who began his journalistic journey in 2009 Darryl is currently the editor for Tech IT Out. is a South African-based technology…
12 May 2021 25 min