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Shocking New Facebook Pop-Up

Facebook is removing the accounts of users posting 'extremist content'.
Beware of the pop-up!
Naomi and Beston talk about the kind of posts that facebook defines as extreme. Are they being fair?

Coca-Cola Thinks Palestine Is Offensive But Nazi Isn’t??

Naomi and Beston discuss the new customisable Coke bottles.
What was the reason they censored the words “lesbian” and “transgender” but left “Nazis”?
They talk about how this has sparked outrage on Twitter, as many other phrases, including “Palestine” and “Black Lives Matter” have been blocked from the site too.
Unsurprisingly, “Blue Lives Matter” also remains uncensored.

Could Space Be A Prison?

Naomi and Beston talk about a petition people are signing to send someone to space forever. Find out what he did to deserve this hatred.
They also take a look at some weird workplace regulations that have been implemented.
Do you agree?

Invisible Children

China finally removes the 2 children per family policy, and has now increased it to 3.
They also talk about the Italian artist who auctioned off an ‘Invisible Sculpture’ for $18,300...


At a time as serious as these, an alien invasion is the last thing you want to hear, or is it?

Fake Culture

Naomi and Beston talk about how people have taken this cancelling culture thing a little too far, and how the fear of “Getting Cancelled” has even led to “Boring” Films And TV Shows”.
They also chat about a database revealing over 200K people involved in posting fake reviews on Amazon.
Can we trust reviews anymore?

Facebook And Royalty

Naomi & Beston have a heated debate about how Piers Morgan Erupted At Meghan Markle AGAIN - calling her new Children’s Book “Ludicrously Inappropriate”. Is he wrong??
They also have a shocking chat about Signal, and the Facebook spar over ads disclosing what Facebook knows about you.

New Age Problems

Naomi and Beston have an amusing debate about whether children should wear masks or not.
They also discuss how, and why, people freaked out about robot dogs.

Fast Money

Is it possible for money to be dirty??
Naomi and The Beston go through a list of things that have made people angry this week - from 'Usher' money to irritating google ads.

Krispy Kreme Vaccines

Welcome to Dirty laundry, today’s show is an introduction show. Naomi and Beston will be taking a look at some things that are making people angry this week! And through their very unbiased opinions you’ll get to hopefully understand them better.
They cover things like people paying dancers with fake money, free donuts everyday for a year and how Brave Browser pays people to View Ads.

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