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This week Dani and Noelzii have made it their mission to uncover some of the craziest theories that span throughout history. From events to people they look at the evidence and decide whether or not they deserve any merit.

That Theft Of The Mona Lisa

n 1911 Vincenzo Peruggia made one of the most daring art heists in history. He stole the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum in France. Join Dani and Noelzii as they unpack the heist as well as Vincenzo's capture.

Depp vs Heard

Johnny Depp has taken Amber Heard to court for defamation of Character. Join Dani and Noelzii as they take a deeper look into the case and give their opinions around the two actors and their stories.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

On the 15th of April 1865 the very ground of America shook as President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Join Dani and Noelzii as they look into the event which killed one of America's greatest Presidents and unpack why Booth wanted Lincoln dead.

The Disappearing Minister

50 years ago an Australian Prime minister disappeared - never to be seen again. Join Dani and Noelzii as they are joined by special guests - Ayzee and David - as they look into the craziest theories surrounding his disappearance.

From Fraud To Murder

For 8 years Melissa Caddick was able to con over $30 million out of her friends and family as an unliscensed finacial advisor. But once she was caught red-handed, she vanished without a trace. Join Dani and Noelzii as they look at what possibilities surround Melissa's fate.

Dr. Death

This week Dani and Noelzii look at the terrifying story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch otherwise known as Dr Death. He was a young charismatic neurosurgeon in the medical community, but the patients who entered his operating room were either left disabled or dead...

Secrets And Lies

Everyone loves a good conspiracy ... right? This week Dani and Noezlii take a dive into the psychology of conspiracies as well as see if they can see through the secrets and lies of several famed theories.

The Monster With 21 Faces

In the 80's Japan faced a series of cryptic candy-centric crimes. From kidnapping, to a hundred letters taunting the police, to poisoning candy with cyanide, the monster with 21 faces became a menace to society. Join Dani and Noelzii as they try figure out who was really behind the mask.

The Tinder Swindler

This week Dani and Noelzii look at the infamous Tinder Swindler. Dive into the life of the man who conned over $10 million from women across Europe. How did he do it? And how come he is still out on the streets?

War Crimes

What happens when a crime is committed during a war? This week Dani and Noelzii take a dive into the topic of war crimes to find out. They go through some of the worst war crimes committed in history as well as some of the most evil war criminals.

Gone Down With The Ship

14 April 1912 - The day the RMS Titanic hit the iceberg and sank tragically. But what if it wasn’t an accident? Join Dani and Noelzii as they look into the crazy and epic conspiracies surrounding the ship...

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