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Night Terror Or Bad Dreams

Bad dreams are some of the unfortunate parts of life and can be a terrifying
experience for the kids. Thando shares about helping your child/children have a better sleeping experience.

Moms, Let's Eat!

Taking care of yourself as a mom is important, especially during
In order to have a healthy baby, you need a healthy mom - get some food and health hacks and tips with their special guest today.

Interview With Lin Hawthorne

D and Thando interview an incredible mom from America - Lin Hawthorne - writer and humorist who writes stories about everyday life with a laugh-out-loud perspective. She is currently in the process of publishing her first 6-book set of children’s books. Her stories help moms help their kids “level-up” their responsibility and enjoy it!

Abortion and Abandonment

D and Thando have a serious chat about something controversial.
They take a look at what society says about abortion, and whether they are correct or not.
Is there any case where it's ok to have an abortion?

Parenting A Bully Or The Bullied

D and Thando have an awesome chat about bullying.
How do you ensure you don’t raise a bully, and how should you handle the situation if you find out your child is being bullied?
They go through some of the different types of bullying your child could suffer and reveal signs to look out for to check your child is fine.

Working Mom's Struggles Part 2

Many moms operate on permanent exhaustion mode - is that normal or are you doing something wrong?
What changes should you make so you're not living in chaos anymore?
D and Thando share the most amazing tips on prioritising correctly.

Working Mom's Struggles

D and Thando continue with becoming the best and most effective mom in the world.
Get the tips and tricks of juggling the housework, being a working mom and bonding with your children.
Don't just survive, learn how to thrive.

Money Saving Tips For Moms

Find out what the most important resource every mom needs is!
D and Thando share about avoiding new mom syndrome, and using/ saving your money effectively.
Discover why you want to save!

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