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Quiz Show

Jess and Ashley see how smart they actually are by playing a Bible quiz game.
Punishment will be given to the loser.

Throwback Tuesday - Music Edition

Jess focuses on music that has been overlooked by many.
She goes through a list of some of the best gospel music, and some of the greatest Christian rappers currently.

Well That's Awkward!

Why so awkward moments happen so often?
What's the science behind it?
Jess shares about some of her most hilarious embarrassing experiences.

Name A Scenario

Jess and Ash take take a look at some really funny/ awkward scenarios and how they would respond...

What's That Smell??

Jess and Ashley have the most hilarious discussion about the weirdest smells that come from the most unexpected things.
Plus find out what some of the most unusual smells they actually like are...

What's The Chats?

The girls go through some of the things society deems as funny conversation.
What are some hilarious/ brilliant conversation starters to try out?
They also aim to answer some of the weirdest questions asked on the web.

Old School Discipline Part 2

The entertaining girls continue with their comical discussion about discipline and the encounters they've had with 'near death experiences' AKA being disciplined­čśť.
So is discipline vital?
They also take a look at some crazy superstitions in Africa.

Old School Discipline

Jess and Ashley share about their experiences in being disciplined growing up.
They also go through some crazy laws and rights kids have been granted.
What is proper and effective discipline?

Getting To Know Us Behind The Fun

Our hilarious girls give all of you the chance to get a deeper look into their lives - the good, the bad and everything in between.
Get a fun look into the lives of Jess and Ashley... unfiltered.

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