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Get ready to get candid! DRUM online is excited to introduce our brand spanking new sex podcast hosted by our podcast editor, Pam Magwaza. The modern-day woman is not afraid to ask the important questions – they are seeking expert guidance and girl-talk on all the raunchy bits that may still seem taboo in open dialogue. Each episode includes sexologists, research-based insights, interviews with people and discussions about the topic being explored.

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Are tampons really better than pads? — An honest conversation about period products (with Candice Chirwa)

Tampons, pads or a menstrual cup? There are many ways to manage your period and debates over which product is the best will always happen.
The truth is, it depends on the menstruator but there are pros and cons to using each one.
In this episode, we're joined by author, TEDx speaker and menstruation activist, Candice Chirwa. She tells us about her new book Flow: The Menstruation Book and why there is no such thing as the "most hygienic" period product.

A few things all women should practice after sex

Peeing, talking, cuddling, and drinking water are just some things we should all be practising after a sex session.

In this last episode of the Drum Sex podcast, we're discussing after sex practices, which all women/people with female genitalia should do after a sex session.

Would you consider an open relationship to improve your sex life?

In a world where monogamy is widely practiced and even encouraged by popular culture and all the romance movies we consume, it can be hard to see love and commitment outside of it.

In this episode of Drum Sex, we speak to Siyabonga Zwane, who is currently in an open relationship with his partner. For them, this was a relationship saver.

Should sex hurt so much? It may be because of vaginismus

Penis in vagina sex should not be painful every time it happens, it also shouldn't cause you excruciating pain when you have it for the first time. In this episode, we talk to Dr Mpume Zena about the symptoms, causes and treatment for vaginismus.

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A quick one | What is the difference between a UTI and an STI?

Need quick sex wellness advice? We've got you!

What is the difference between a Urinary tract infection (UTI) and a Sexually transmitted infection (STI)? Can a UTI be sexually transmitted? Can I get a UTI from my partner?

These were some of the questions our readers Dm'd us on Instagram and we're answering them in this three minute episode of Drum Sex.


Welcome to the Drum Sex Podcast where we help you to have the best and healthiest sex of your life.
This is a 10 part, bi-annual series where we will have an open conversation about shameless, consensual and pleasurable sex.
You can expect discussions about sexual health, female and male anatomy, how you can best practice good hygiene after sex and how you can improve your sexual experiences with whomever you choose to share your body with.
Listen in every week or binge listen to our episodes.

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