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5 Love Languages

Do you know your love language? What about your partner's? 5 Love Languages that will make you totally Unforgettable to the people you are emotionally tied with, whether it's your partner, siblings or boss. Once you know and learn your partner’s love language, you can improve your relationships no matter how long you two have been together.

Female Orgasms

I bet you didn't know there were 3. Both men and women typically only know about clitoral orgasms, but there are several more pleasure-filled adventures to go on. Why orgasms can be easy for some women but hard for others. Discover your Cervix and learn how it can lead to vaginal AND full body orgasms.

Surviving Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those days that seems to be awful for all but a few people. People in relationships dread it or never enjoy it, single people get annoyed by it, and the question remains: Is it possible to enjoy Valentine's Day? @lokilicioussss and I dive into the best way to approach this commercial holiday and how to survive it whether or not you're single or attached.

Art of Flirting

6 steps to Effective Flirting. Do you want to know if they are flirting with you? In this pre-valentine's episode, @lokilicioussss and I discuss flirting via the H.O.T.A.P.E method. Please send us your questions and opinions to

Can Men and Women Be Friends without Sexual Tension?

Cross-Sex or Platonic Friendships is the age old question that still needs a definite answer. Can men and women just be friends...without sexual tension?! @lokilicioussss and I explore the boundaries of friendships with the opposite sex, without crossing the line.

Oral Sex

Do you remember the first time you tried Oral Sex? Both giving and receiving? @lokilicioussss and I talk about our own experiences, including some Tips and Techniques. Please forward your opinions and advice to us at

Relationship Breakup

Broken-Hearted, Feeling like the World is Over, Convinced you'll never meet anyone else? Shock, Shame, Denial, Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness are some of the most common experiences that You might go through. @lokilicioussss and I discuss some of the Emotional pain you might go through during the breakup. Please forward your opinions and advice to

We Need To Talk

In conversation with Cindy-Lee Minnaar about her Relationships, Love Letters, Crush, Vulnerability, Passions, Effective Communication and so much more. Listen In and forward your opinions and advice on the matter to or Facebook Room 69 Podcast.

Dating Etiquette: Do's and Don'ts

Humour; Open Body Language; Touch; Attention; Proximity and Eye Contact are some of the tools you might need for a good date. @lokilicioussss and I discuss First Date do's and don'ts. Feel free to add your opinions to

Foreplay Pleasures

Kissing, Touching, Teasing and Pleasing is what prepares both the body and mind for great pleasurable sex. @Lokilicioussss and I discuss the importance of foreplay and what it entails. How to increase the levels of arousal and stimulate the less obvious erogenous zones to shorten the orgasm gap between men and women. Forward us your opinions to

Dating People with Kids

Deal-Breaker or Attraction?
Is Dating a Single Mom Different from Dating a Woman Without Children?
Benefits of Dating a Single Parent
The Kids Might Not Like You or You Might Not Like The Kids
Send us your views, opinions and experiences to

Why People Cheat

Cheating, Affairs, Infidelity, Entanglements or Secrets? Cheating in relationships is a painful reality, Does cheating only involve sex or is it the keeping of profound secrets. Find out Why People Cheat in this episode. Send us your views and stories to or join the facebook page: Room 69 Podcast.

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