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The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that you may be inspired by the journeys of other artists who are doing it for themselves and maybe gain a little more understanding as to why it matters quite so much that you keep creating.

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#012 Music is so immediate | Barry Berk

An age old story of how music can seduce you away from almost anything

Barry Berk | The Bass Station

Barry recorded the last few projects I did, and I have a very deep respect for his way with the song - simultaneously sensitive and certain. I was keen to find out more about what drew him away from film-making, and into the music.

In this conversation, Barry chats about producing the Josie Field & Laurie Levine collaboration album, the challenge of getting heard in an ocean of new releases and how much the SHOW matters! He also gives a little bit of breakdown of what actually goes down in the studio when you make a record.

This is a really accessible interview, whether you're a muso or simply a music lover.

Barry Berk is a filmmaker and music producer. He creates his magic at The Bass Station in Johannesburg and has recorded some of the hottest indie musicians in South Africa.

Outro music : 'Flutter By' by Door Peep, featuring Reign Afrika on vocals
Used with permission of the right holder
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#011 Do What Feels Right | Conrad Jamneck

If you're an indie musician in SA, you know Conrad. Or you WANT TO!

Conrad Jamneck (STRAB Festival / The Daisy Jones Bar at OMG)

Independent artist over there, are you over-thinking things? Conrad Jamneck's got some perspective checks you may be keen to hear...

Born into an entertainment family, and with a history in music as long as a life, Conrad is a Sound Engineer, Festival Organiser, Technical Director, Vibe Director, Venue Owner, Consultant, Driver, Psychologist, Assistant and Musician.

In this weeks episode, we talk about the story behind the Fake Leather Blues Band, how less is more when it comes to jamming, painting the inside of your soul, a livestream from under a tree in Mozambique, and learning new ways to connect with your audience. Also, some super practical advice for artists!

If you want to connect with Conrad

Outro music mused with permission from rights holder.
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#010 Self-Consciousness is The Enemy | Daniel Friedman

Did you miss him? Me too! Retired from comedy, here's what comes next...

Daniel Friedman is a Joburg-based writer and performer.

From 2010 to 2020 he performed under the alias Deep Fried Man, receiving a Comics Choice Award, a Standard Bank Ovation Award and 2 International Emmy nominations as a writer and cast member of the television show Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola.

Before this, he self-released two albums as a singer-songwriter. He has also worked as a journalist, columnist and scriptwriter.

In this week's episode, Daniel talks about retiring from comedy, making kids music, writing serious songs, collaborations, low self-esteem, robots taking over the world and mostly it's a LOT of music talk. In fact, if you were looking for some new music suggestions, this would be the episode to listen to!

Outro Music : Bring on the Rain by High Society
Music used with permission from the rights holder.
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#009 It's Not About You | AusTebza

Part of what forms a generations culture, music ought to stand for something

An artist who is not defined by a single genre, AusTebza plays bass guitar and sings like a goddess.

She's toured the world (from The Cape Town Jazz Festival and SXSW with HHP, to Australia with Wouter Kellerman), and over the course of her career has had a real influence on the music industry in SA.

In today's episode we talk about music that changes peoples lives, making albums in your own language, and what the cover charge you pay to see a musician play live is actually for.

It's full of goosebumps and reminders about the importance of why it matters that creators keep making their art.

Outro music by AusTebza
Used with permission from the rights holder.
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#008 It's Complicated | Matthew van der Want

Pragmatic, honest, funny, and even more inspiring because of its realness.

“If you make somebody feel something, you've kind of succeeded, unless they feel that they hate you.” – Matthew Van der Want

In this week's episode, I chat to South African singer, songwriter and legend, Matthew Van der Want. He talks about his complicated relationship with success, living in a constant state of writers block, being disillusioned, collaborating with Chris Letcher, and how music is a fantastic way to communicate emotion.

This is one of my favourite episodes.

Outro music : Times Up 2 - Matthew Van der Want with Chris Letcher, Victoria Hume, Andrew Joseph and Nic Bjorkman
Music used with permission from the rights holder
Matthew van der Want on Twitter Matthew van der Want on Bandcamp WATCH van der Want / Letcher - Lockdown Live

#007 The Spirit of Collaboration | Tubatsi Mpho Moloi (Urban Village)

Ready to stretch into the possibilities of your creative purpose?

This conversation will make you feel like anything and everything is possible.

Tubatsi Mpho Moloi is a South African born singer songwriter influenced by the sounds of blues, jazz, rock and African folk music. His music asks the audience to be open-minded and exploratory as he brings a collaboration of sound and genre in creating an authentic fusion folk sound.

Tubatsi talks freedom and collaboration, learning the rules to break the rules, using your gifts, creating multiple streams of income within the creative industries and of a world that doesn’t have to be this sad.

Outro music : Basimanyana - Tubatsi Mpho Moloi
Used with permission from rights holder.
Tubatsi Mpho Moloi on Instagram Tubatsi Mpho Moloi on Facebook Urban Village on Instagram

#006 People inspire me. I love people | Gareth Wilson

Gareth Wilson (Southern Gypsey Queen | Oppikoppi Booker | Romeos)

An open-hearted, multi-angle take on the music industry. So many stories!

Gareth Wilson affectionately known as G Willy in the South African music scene is known best known as the Oppikoppi booker, SGQ front-man and owner of several venues and restaurants like Good Luck Bar and Romeos.

In today's interview, we talk about what inspires him, the value of learning to play music in a church band, the story behind Southern Gypsey Queen, booking for Oppikoppi, the difference between verse people, chorus people and bridge people, and the reason his guitar is gathering dust.

The truth is that he has done almost every music industry job out there and nothing has ever been to small for him. Whenever he hosts a major event he still believes it to be unlucky if he doesn't buy the first ticket or hand out the first 100 flyers.

"If it weren't for music I would still be selling slip slops in a surf shop in the Eastern Cape."

Outro music (Used with permission from rights holder)
"Be The Lion" by Southern Gypsey Queen, Black Cat Bones and Tidal Waves. (A one take improv version)
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#005 Still a magic in music | Jay Bones

The commercial route is not necessary for the success of a band.

It's been a long while since I laughed so hard...

In this honest and hilarious interview, Jay talks about the highlights of his career in music, rehearsing as a solo artist, touring with a band, songwriting, and when good things come from bad.

Jay Bones is a songwriter. Nostalgic modernists, disillusioned dreamers & relaxed workaholics, will find moments of clarity in his crafted songs. There is some crooner, a bit of country and some folk punk.

He is also the singer & guitarist from Fuzigish & Rambling Bones.

Connect with Jay Bones

Outro music : 'Play' by Rambling Jay Bones
Used with permission of the rights holder

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#004 The Will & Want to Express | Lucy Kruger

There is poetry in every cell of Lucy's body. What a beautiful interview!

One of my dearest friends and favourite collaborators, Lucy Kruger joins us from Berlin for this episode.

She speaks of how music strings memories together, being well behaved, music as a career, and the importance of consistency in engaging with yourself, the world and your craft.

Lucy Kruger is a musician from Cape Town, South Africa, who now lives in Berlin. Her solo performance focuses on the bare bones of the songs, a slow burning psychedelic folk that is both intimate and ambient.

In September 2019 she signed with independent German label Unique Records and Schubert Publishing to release her second full length album, Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, a follow up to her debut release, Summer’s Not That Simple.

‘Though the album is called Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, the music feels like lullabies for Nick Drake, as Lucy treads the same deep waters as the singer from the late 60s and early 70s, utilizing her voice and guitar to delicate effect—where the volume is performed in a soft tactile caress of fingers on skin or fretboard.’ - Post-Punk.

Lucy is currently working on her next album.

Outro music : 'Digging a Hole' by Lucy Kruger
(Music used with permission of the rights holder)

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#003 Follow your heart | Kwela (Kwani Experience)

To the question 'Why music?' Kwela answers, 'Why life?'

In this episode I chat to Kwela - poet, rapper, producer and vocalist from internationally renowned cult band Kwani Experience.

We talk about uncomplicated relationships with your medium, how learning to rap helped him with his vocabulary, touring the world, using the voice as a texture in recordings, how being a dad has impacted his career, and forays into creating solo material (and recording it in his own studio!)

The is also the episode where Kwela suggests starting the Shotgun Story Spotify playlist (and adds to it beautifully...)

Outro music : Shooting Star by Kwela (used with permission from rights holder)
Kwela on Insta Kwela on Bandcamp Kwani Experience on Bandcamp Spotify Playlist

#002 All together now! | Lloyd-Anthony Smith

Tales of colabs and the rich SA music scene from resident impresario at Nirox

This episode features Lloyd-Anthony Smith, resident impresario from Nirox Sculpture Park and Die Ou Pastorie.

A cheerleader for music and arts in South Africa, Lloyd loves the music in this country more than anyone I've ever met. We talk about the richness of the musical landscape here, the story behind Retrofest, the power of collaboration and creating platforms for musicians who SHOULD be seen and heard.

He also has some great advice for indie artists, and his music suggestions have made the Shotgun Story Spotify playlist at least as long as a double-sided A4 page.

Outro music : A recording of a song made at NIROX by Dayne Rothbletz and Tubatsi Mpho Moloi (used with permission of the rights holders)

Check out our Spotify Playlist of music suggestions, influences and wish list collaborators from guests featured on the show.
Nirox Sculpture Park Die Ou Pastorie Spotify Playlist

#001 Stay Clear | ANDRA

Born an artist, music was the language ANDRA was given to express that

Are you one of the lucky ones who know what you were born for? ANDRA is. And you can hear it in every note of the music she makes.

In today’s episode I chat to Namibian-born independent, internationally recognized singer-songwriter ANDRA. We talk songwriting, support systems, creating during a lockdown, and how to know whether you’re on the right path.

ANDRA is a classically trained guitarist, studied music and theology in Pretoria and Stellenbosch, but gave that all up to focus on a full time career in music and songwriting. She has received a Standard Bank Ovation award for her performances at the National Arts festival in Grahamstown and has performed at all the major festivals in Southern Africa, like Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen, Park Acoustics, STRAB (Mozambique), Aardklop and Innibos.

ANDRA independently recorded three original albums that have all received worldwide praise since 2007 and firmly claimed her respected spot in the underground music scene of unsigned artists.

She has toured through Europe with her music, and has shared the stage with world renowned artists like Dan Patlansky, Anton Goosen, Jan Blohm, Karen Zoid, Sam Bettens (EU/USA), Terra Naomi (USA), Nibs van der Spuy (Portugal), Riku Latti, Koos Kombuis, Mathys Roets and Crimson House, to name but a few.

Her latest album 'A Sound or Something More' took the number one spot on the iTunes Top100 singer/songwriters chart within the first few days of its release.

'She is phenomenal in her interpretation of a variety of themes and styles.
Her voice is majestic and her presence hypnotic.' – Pinto Ferreira, Pretoria News

Music at the end of the episode
'Cockroach' by Andra Cilliers from the album 'Secrets and Skeletons ... notes from a desert café'
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