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Mi Casa's Mo-T on The Drive with Vinny

Twelve years down the line SA's Mi Casa is still going strong - Vinny caught up with Mo-T ahead of the group's much-anticipated show at Hemignways this coming Saturday.
6 Dec 2023 6 min

Knowledge is power - strokes and the importance of timely intervention

Dr Khungelwa Mrwebi, regional clinical manager for Life Healthcare East London, joined Vinny to talk about the devastating prevalence and impact of strokes on individuals and communities worldwide. Strokes, often referred to as brain attacks, are a leading cause of disability and death worldwide.
29 Nov 2023 9 min

Celebrating Women's Day with Sam Gqomo

If you missed it catch up right here and get to know this award-winning social entrepreneur and founder of an NPO that is changing the lives of young African women.
10 Aug 2023 6 min

Marc Lottering was in the house!

In East London this past weekend for his one-man show,"So I wrote that Musical', he popped into the studio for a quick catch-up. And while the show is over, the chat is worth a listen as no one does 'tongue-in-cheek' better than Lottering.
9 Jun 2023 8 min

The BKCOB launches inaugural Business Awards

The awards aim to recognise outstanding businesses and organizations for their valuable contributions to the Border-Kei area economy. Project Manager Deidre Nxumalo Freeman joined Vinny to explain the nomination process for this exciting new event on the Chamber's calendar.
2 Jun 2023 5 min

Gloria Bosman was in the house

Dubbed a "silver fox" by the internationally acclaimed songstress, a suitably flattered Vinny had a wonderfully down-to-earth chat with Bosman ahead of a charity performance in the city.
13 Mar 2023 6 min

Dawn Hendricks

Standing in for Vinny, JP chats to Algoa FM Senior Marketing Co-Ordinator chats about the Big Walk, and answers FAQs
3 Nov 2022 7 min