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After decades of wandering around Africa alternating between hope-inspiring thrills and heartbreaking despair, award-winning journalist and commentator Jean-Jacques Cornish comes to CliffCentral. His twice monthly appearances involve frank discussions on events, developments and trends in the continent with the youngest, fastest growing and poorest population.

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A look at Somaliland

In this episode we take a look at Somaliland, a self-declared sovereign state in the Horn of Africa. JJ Cornish shares the history of the country and some of the issues that it faces.

Two Little Countries become Friends

In this episode, JJ Cornish informs us about what’s currently happening in Africa. He starts off by talking about two small countries, Somaliland and Taiwan, that have decided to become friends with each other... and why China and Somalia are highly upset about it. Find out why the Eastern and Western DRC are so different, plus JJ shares his thoughts about Twitter having its headquarters in Ghana.

Is Africa Safe?

The team catches up with JJ Cornish, who shares insights about what is currently taking place in Mozambique and whether or not the South African military should get involved. He also talks about the Suez blockage, and what implications it has.

A spotlight on Equatorial Guinea

JJ Cornish educates us about a West African state comprising a small piece of the mainland and five islands - Equatorial Guinea. He shares stories about the Black Beach, the recent dynamite storage that blew up, and the high level of corruption that takes place there.

Covid Vaccination Programme

This week JJ Cornish gives insights on the local conflicts that have been put on pause by the United Nations to allow for Covid vaccination programmes. He also explains how Paul Rusesabagina ended up back in Rwanda, and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s new position as World Trade Organisation head.

Don't lose your marbles in The Gambia

How much do you know about The Gambia? It's one of Africa’s smallest countries and was carved out of the middle of Senegal… how and when did this happen? It's the end of Gambian former justice minister Fatou Bensouda’s term as Chiefdoms Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. What legacy does she leave? Who is replacing her and what does it mean for the court? And what do marbles have to do with Gambian politics?

African Solutions to African Problems

JJ Cornish shares what is currently happening on the African continent... from Nigeria vying against South Africa, Tanzania, and Burkina Faso for the chair of the African Peace and Security Council, to seven orphans being kidnapped outside the Nigerian capital Abuja, and Britain slapping sanctions on four top Zimbabwean officials for the killing of protestors and other crimes against humanity.

A Spotlight on Tunisia

This week JJ Cornish shares insights on the citizens of Tunisia, who are on the streets protesting the bullying of a shepherd who let his flock stray too close to a government building. Find out how Tunisians punch above their weight diplomatically, dining out on their identity as Africans, Arabs and Mediterraneans.

Kabila's killer and the second wave

As world leaders and global organisations wrestle with the geopolitics and economic strategy for Covid-19, Africa is now entering its 'second wave'. Is the continent ready to deal with what’s to come, and can lessons be learned from Tanzania’s approach? In the DRC, which continues to function amid all its tribal and militant tensions bubbling close to the surface, Laurent Kabila's real killer may have been found.

Violence for the Peacemaker

Boko Haram's cruel hand has returned to torment parents in the north of Nigeria as 333 schoolboys were abducted, with Buhari's forces unable to stem the tide. The Western Sahara War has had the stakes raised as the Polisario Front has made a statement of intent regarding the occupation and liberation of Western Sahara. Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is now caught in talks with the ruthless TPLF in Tigray... is violence inevitable?

Insurgents and failed Laureates

The Jihadi insurgency in north east Nigeria has executed dozens of farmers, and havoc has ensued as authorities seek to bring peace to the region. Abiy Ahmed, who was lauded as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, is now struggling to stem the violence in Ethiopia... and is in fact becoming fuel to an already raging fire in the troubled East African country.

Bushiri and Sovereign defaults

How is it that the Bushiri family escaped the border control of South Africa, and can we take anything from the activities at Waterkloof military base around their return to Malawi? The violence in Ethiopia has the attention of the UN, can the horn of Africa find a peaceful resolution? Zambia became the first African country to go into sovereign default - what does this mean exactly, and what are the consequences?

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