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After decades of wandering around Africa alternating between hope-inspiring thrills and heartbreaking despair, award-winning journalist and commentator Jean-Jacques Cornish comes to CliffCentral. His twice monthly appearances involve frank discussions on events, developments and trends in the continent with the youngest, fastest growing and poorest population.

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Focus on Nigeria

JJ Cornish places his focus on Nigeria this week. He sheds light on the rivalry between the two African giants, whether it’s really Africa’s biggest economy, and if oil is a curse for the nation. He also briefly shares some of the worst driving he has seen.

Women of Resilience

JJ Cornish joins the team to give us an update about what’s going on in Africa. They discuss Ethiopia’s plan to build a local rival to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. JJ explains how the women of Afghanistan are super resilient, and much more.

Tunisia: The Little Country that Could

This week JJ Cornish focuses on Tunisia, and talks about the new president and what he thinks he is doing, the COVID pandemic, and how the country progressed from police state to winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

GERD and a Turd

JJ Cornish sheds light on there being no South African boots on the ground in Mozambique, Tunisia making strides in fighting jihadis, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and then there's also a turd.

A look at Botswana

This week Botswana is under the spotlight, as JJ Cornish reveals it as the largest diamond producer, the richest per capita African nation, and he explains how the government takes criticism.

Vaccination Apartheid

JJ Cornish gives us an update of what’s happening in Africa, which includes the World Health Organisation chief saying they’re setting up a hub to make the Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa. He also sheds light on the conflict and violent groups on the continent, and the biggest test for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A look at Eritrea

In this episode we take a look at Eritrea, a north east African country on the Red Sea coast. JJ Cornish shares why it’s one of the poorest countries in Africa, and also sheds light on the history of Africa Day.

Floodgates for African Migrants

JJ Cornish sheds light on how DRC President Felix Tshisikedi is engaged in mediation over the Nile Dam. Better weather opens floodgates for African migrants into Europe... more than a thousand landed in Italy on Sunday. Dogged by COVID and security concerns, Ethiopia might have to postpone elections yet again.

A look at Somaliland

In this episode we take a look at Somaliland, a self-declared sovereign state in the Horn of Africa. JJ Cornish shares the history of the country and some of the issues that it faces.

Two Little Countries become Friends

In this episode, JJ Cornish informs us about what’s currently happening in Africa. He starts off by talking about two small countries, Somaliland and Taiwan, that have decided to become friends with each other... and why China and Somalia are highly upset about it. Find out why the Eastern and Western DRC are so different, plus JJ shares his thoughts about Twitter having its headquarters in Ghana.

Is Africa Safe?

The team catches up with JJ Cornish, who shares insights about what is currently taking place in Mozambique and whether or not the South African military should get involved. He also talks about the Suez blockage, and what implications it has.

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