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Meet me in the field is a casual chat podcast about people and their spiritual journeys.
I talk to anyone who is willing to talk to me about their spiritual journey in life. We cover their life story on how they came to be believe what they believe - whatever that belief (or lack of) may be - and what they do to practice it.
I don't believe in editing our talks too much, as I don't want to disturb the flow of the conversation and lose the natural conversation element of it.
I don't prepare questions for guests, we go the conversation takes us.

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The Just go Pink Co-Owner

Meet me in the field is back after a few weeks’ absence. It is great to be back. From now on Meet me in the field will come out every second Thursday instead of every week. Life is just to hectic for me at the moment to get an episode out every week. I started studying toward a Recovery Coach qualification and need about 80 hours of practical to qualify. Something’s gotta give hey?

I am excited to introduce you to Chris from France. Chris, with his partner, Karen, are the founders and owners of Just Go Pink. A company they use to motivate and empower people to live healthier and happier lives.

I met Chis on the meditation app Insight Timer. This, incidentally, is also how Chris and Karen met.

I speak to Chris about his journey from a mainframe programmer, to a yoga teacher and the use of Ayurvedic therapy in their work.

If you want to know more about Just go Pink, log on to their website. If you want to use their services, they offer all Meet me in the field listeners a 50% discount. Just use the code Fredpodcast. What an amazing offer.

The Wellness Force Founder

Imagine my surprise when I opened my laptop on 16 October 2020 to see an email from Lauren Bryant, the Content and Community Manager for Josh Trent, the founder and CEO of Wellness Force Media, from Texas. She informed me that they heard my podcast with Erica Alison about Holotropic breathwork. They were interested in my work and inquired about Josh being a guest on Meet me in the field. Obviously, I immediately did some research on Wellness Force Media, liked what I saw and moved forward on setting up the appointment.

It took us 4 months to make the interview happen, but make it happen, we did.

I am very happy that Josh and I got to do this talk. He had an amazing life up until now, moving from porn and food addiction through three spiritual awakenings to finding Wellness Force Media and doing great work in this strange and interesting world.

If you want to know more about Wellness Force Media, Josh and his work, please find him on his website. While you are there make use of his free offer with regards to his M21 programme.

The Empowering Practitioner

A few months ago, I got this email out of the blue from a women who informed me that she is a Holistic Counsellor registered with the same professional body I am. In the email she asks if I will mind terribly if she sends me information about the workshop she was about to launch. I thought this was one of the most well-mannered things ever and immediately agreed.

Over the next few months, I would get mails about workshops that Fe (the e is supposed to have an accent on and Fe told me to press Alt 130 to get the e with the accent, but it does not work like that on my laptop – sorry Fe) runs and links to videos that she posted. I watched one of the videos and got a warm feeling in my tummy. The women on my screen radiated amazing energy. I hardly followed a word she said, because I was already typing her an invite to our guest on Meet me in the field. I wanted to know what caused Fe can Haght to have such an aura. .

I am excited to introduce Fe to you. She is not only a Counsellor, but also a speaker and facilitator and, now I know, also an all round awesome person.

I really liked the time Fe and I spent together and am sure you would too.

If you want to find Fe, then please visit her website. Her Facebook page and Instagram handle are both also Empowered Practices. Her YouTube channel, on the other hand, is Fe van Haght.

The True Quitter

Today we end our international podcast host series with Australian podcast host and business owner Michael Gregory.

I am happy to introduce the host of the Addiction to Freedom podcast and the owner of True Quit. Michael is based outside Sydney in Australia and has a beautifully calm demeanour. His company was formed after Michael’s own struggle to stop smoking. He explains how his philosophically trained mind dug deeper and deeper into the brain mechanism around quitting cigarettes until he found an answer, which he rolled out to great success. He believes his method stops cravings and that it can be used in quitting any addictive substance. I am excited to hear this and really want to take the time to study this more.

He started his podcast recently to spread the word that there is something like freedom from addiction. You can catch Addicted to Freedom on Michael’s website.

It was a great chat that I am sure you will enjoy.

The Financial Coach

Today we do a one-episode break-away from our international podcast host series to listen to local man, Paul Roux.
Paul has a background in finance and marketing... and in addiction. Now, 9 years into his sober journey, he is combining his knowledge and experience of everything financial with with his strength and hope of recovery, to bring a message of financial hope and dreams to people in the recovery community, but by all mean not limited to people in recovery.
I find his story very inspirational and think you will too.
Learn more about Paul on his [website]( While on his site also look at the book Paul features in, called The Addiction Diaries. You can also find him on Facebook if you look for Paul Roux Coaching. You can even email Paul at
This was Zoom recording. At stages you will hear some sound lags (if that is even a thing – but you will hear what I mean when you hear it). I apologise for that, but it is due to the internet, over which I have no control.

The Infinite Lover

Today we are hearing the fourth episode of our international podcast host series. We get to know Carine Camara from The Infinite Love podcast.

Carine is originally from New York, but now settled in Lafayette in California in America. She has a vast list of healing qualifications behind her name and use various modalities to facilitate healing and spread love. The most prominent of these are acupuncture, energy medicine, pelvic wellness and intuition. She founded the Pelvic Wellness Centre and does amazing work in specifically, but not limited to female wellness.

You can find Carine on her website, or on Instagram on carinejcamara and her podcast is on most majour podcast platforms, but I get in on Audry. This is what Audry says about Infinite Love podcast: “Carine Camara’s Podcast Infinite Love is a place to be inspired on emotional/spiritual healing and transformation. We talk about Love as Medicine, and share stories on ways to overcome life’s challenges with love, positivity and kindness. Carine is an intuitive guide, acupuncturist and energy medicine practitioner.”

The Uncommon Life Mother

In the third installment of our international podcast host series, we meet Hannah Garland from the Your Uncommon Life podcast.

Hannah lives about an hour from Seattle, Washington in the United States. She started thinking of doing a podcast about 2 years ago when she had a miscarriage, but only got around to it a few weeks ago. That just shows that a good idea does not die, and we should never give up on a dream. I grab her podcast on Audry (, but she can be heard on all the major podcast platforms. This is the write-up to her podcast: “Encouraging words for busy days, tough seasons, and women who do it all. With a perspective rooted in faith and rounded out with years of working high pressure jobs to amateur fighting and now motherhood, I aim to encourage women to make intentional choices to focus their lives around what matters most to them. I explore topics like hope, vulnerability, identity, and habit formation. I’m on this journey, too, and together, we can figure out how to feel at peace and unburdened.”

Hannah is now a full-time mother to a 7-month-old boy and loves every moment of motherhood. Her podcast is both inspirational, educational and hard-hitting and most of all, although it is aimed at women, men can learn a lot from this offering.

You can learn more about Hannah on her website:

The Intentional Encourager

This week we have our second episode in the series of having international pod-casters as our guests on Meet me in the field. I am excited to introduce Brian Sexton from West Virginia in the dear old US of A to you.

Brian is the host of The Intentional Encourager podcast. In each episode, he listens to inspirational stories told by incredible people who have overcome unbelievable obstacles. They share the greatest lessons they learned and their biggest piece of Intentional Encouragement. You can listen to it on all the most prominent podcast platforms, but here is a link to it on Audry.

Brian is also the writer of a book called People buy from People. The subscript to the book reads: “10 Powerful People Lessons from the Ultimate People Person - My Dad”. While the write-up to the book reads as follows: “Connection is a basic human need. To share a part of one’s innermost self with someone else is a critical component in today’s world. Every society has a need and strong desire to connect virtually, vocally or in person and that need drives all people to have an innate need to connect more deeply and powerfully with those they love, respect or need relationally.”

He is a committed Christian and sings in the group called The Southern Gospel Quartet, but he is also a husband, father and a musician who plays various instruments.

He is quite the multifaceted being and an absolute pleasure to talk to.

The Positive Accentuator

This week we start with an exciting 4-week series of podcasts, where I speak with a few overseas podcast hosts. There will be some more episodes in this series over the next few weeks.
Our first guest in this regard is KAren Swain from Sydney, Australia. KAren hosts a podcast called Accentuate the Positive, which can be found on most podcast platforms, but which can probably be best enjoyed on her YouTube channel ( You can WATCH our chat here: KAren is so multi-talented that I find it difficult to describe her, so I grabbed some info from her website. She works as a medium/channel, awakener and a teacher of Deliberate Creation. She is also a hypnotist, and writer of two books, which are called Awakened by Death: Stories of Transformation and the second one is called Return to Love: An Extraordinary Tale of Love and Discovery that Death is not the end. Both books are available on Amazon.
I found this chat fascinating and hope you enjoy it too.

The Mystic

As I recite this Rumi poem, Meet me in the field, for at least the 158th time on this podcast, I am getting a whole new meaning from it. The reason is this week’s guest, Renee.
Renee and I have known each other for about 11 years now and although I like the socks of this girl, we never had the opportunity to get close and become good friends. After this interview, I can honestly say, that I regret it deeply.
Renee just completed her Honours Degree in Religious Studies at Unisa, writing her dissertation on the works of the 13th century poet and Sufi mystic, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, or as we know him today, just plain Rumi. For those who do knot know, Rumi wrote the original Persian poem which we today call Meet me in the field and which is the base of this podcast.
Renee is also an amazing singer, which, as you will hear is a significant part of her spiritual journey. You can catch some of her songs on YouTube, just look for Renee Fortune.
I apologise for the terrible sound on my end of this recording. This episode was recorded the day before we moved house, again, and I sat in a completely empty room, unable to find my already packed-away microphone. So, I had to settle for the laptop sound. I hope it does not distract too much from Renee and my awesome chat.

The Wounded Healer

I met Celeste while studying Counselling through Unisa. Those of you who know Unisa will know that it is a distant learning institute, which means we do not have much contact with fellow students and lecturers. As part of our course we had to attend one week of lectures every year. It is quite weird, because I felt like a grade one learner that first year. I knew no-one and felt insecure and out of place. But Celeste greeted me as if she’d known me all my life. She has an amazingly warm and loving energy and I felt at home immediately. We saw each other again in our second year of the Advanced Counselling course and have been in touch since then.

I am happy to bring you her story on Meet me in the field.

I call her The Wounded Healer, because, as you will hear from our chat, she went through quite a lot of hurt in her life, but she made the brave decision not to be defined by her scars, but to wear them as a sign of her power. She further decided to use the knowledge and experience gained from getting those psychological scars to help others and give back. I strongly believe that, if we have walked a bit of our clients’ path, we are probably better able to hold them in their most difficult moments.

You can find Celeste on her website and on Facebook on her page called Even Greater Counselling. I recommend her.

The Jewish Mother

It fills my heart with joy to bring Dana to you for this episode of Meet me in the field.

Dana is one of those strange people whom I don’t really know, yet I have heard of her so often in so many places and from so many people, that I find it strange that I don’t actually know her. I think we met last year at the Recovery Festival for the first time.

Dana is not only, so far, on a 22 year recovery journey of her own, but she is also a Counsellor, both consulting and in her own practice, while she lectures at both SACAP and UCT in addiction-related fields. To give her life more balance she is also a mother, a wife and enjoys to hike.

I am really happy that we managed to bring this interview to you, because not only did I have technical difficulties before the chat, but I also made a huge boo-boo with the recording. Was it not for my Computer Science Professor husband, Jaco, who could figure out how to fix what I broke, we would not have been able to meet Dana in the field today.

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