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A podcast about people for people, Things that Matter deals with topics that hosts Donna Reid and Chantal Meugens feel strongly about. Subjects covered may be topical or just plain interesting and informative. Donna and Chantal invite listeners to submit topics that they would like to learn more about or to discuss. Some of these topics may be integrated into topics that may already be in process, or if it's something unique, could even have an episode of its own. We look forward to bringing you interesting stories about people or things that matter to us and we are pretty sure, to other people. Take care and stay safe and healthy!

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An introduction to Things that matter

In this episode of Things that matter, Donna and Chantal introduce the podcast and talk about some of the topics that will be covered going forward. They also ask listeners for help.

Pickers: an important cog in the recycling wheel

In this episode which is part 1 of 2 dealing with recycling, we talk about pickers (also known as waste pickers) and how important they are to recycling efforts in South Africa.

For the list of resources used and read for this episode, please go to

How recycling companies rely on pickers

Ever wondered how recycling works with pickers? What processes are involved? In this episode which is part 2 of episode 1, dealing with recycling, we talk to Desmond Moloisi who is the small business manager at MPACT who answered these questions. He also shared how recycling companies rely on pickers and how pickers, in turn, rely on these companies.

The website address for the company interviewed:


Let's talk about COVID-19 and the elderly

In this episode which is the first of three parts, we chat about why we chose this topic and what the episode is all about.

Here is a link to the article we refer to in the episode:

Family fears: COVID-19 and parents/grandparents

In part 3 of this episode, we chat to a few children and grandchildren to hear their thoughts and fears around COVID-19 and their parents or grandparents. If you'd like to share your experiences about COVID-19 and your parents/grandparents, please email us on

Wildlife: rescue and rehabilitation

In this episode which is the first of three parts, we talk about animal rescue.

In part 1 we chat to Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital to find out what happens behind the scenes and how we can make a difference to our wildlife and environment.

The website address for Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital:

Cats: special needs and feral colonies

This is part 2 on animal rescue.

In this part we chat to Sandpaper Kisses Fundraising SA to find out how they assist special needs cats as well as feral colonies. There are also a few tips on how we can assist.

The website address for Sandpaper Kisses Fundraising SA:

Vervet monkeys: Rescue. Rehabilitate. Educate.

This is part 3 on animal rescue.

In this part we chat to Monkey Helpline. Let’s educate each other on the wildlife around us. We can all live in harmony.

The website address for Monkey Helpline:

Lupus: a chronic disease with no cure

In this episode, which is part 1 of 2, we talk about the autoimmune disease, Lupus. We share information on what it is, the symptoms and causes, and the diagnosis and treatment for it.

Click on the link to view the resources used for this episode:

Personal safety, when you're out and about - part 1

In this episode which is the first of two parts, we talk about personal safety.

We dedicate episode five, to all those who have been affected by crime and violence, particularly women.

USEFUL NUMBERS TO KEEP (applicable to South Africa only)

SAPS Emergency Services: 10111

Report child abuse call: 0800 055 555

Report abuse, call the emergency line: 0800 428 428

Report all cases of rape, sexual assault
or violence to a local police station
or call the Crime Stop number: 086 00 10111

Report Gender Discrimination and Abuse: 0800 007 709

Call: 0800 150 150

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