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VOW FM 88.1 is a campus-based community radio station operated broadcasting from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. The station has a variety of music and talk show that reflect the life of the youth, students, politics and tackles social issues.

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Higher Health has launched a dedicated 24 hour toll free mental helpline

Covid 19 has probably had an impact on everyone globally, some people have been affected directly by the virus, others have been affected by restrictions on movement and travel, and most people have experienced increased stress and anxiety levels as a result of the global pandemic. With South Africa now being ranked in the Top 5 of the countries with the highest number of recorded Covid-19 cases, this will have a negative impact on people's mental health including students and staff in the institutions of Higher learning.

As universities, Tvet and CET colleges currently prepare for the safe return of students to Campuses amid Covid-19, they cannot neglect the psychological support that will be needed by students and staff. Under the Guidance of the Department Of Higher Education and Training in Support with the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, Higher Health has launched a dedicated 24 hour toll free mental helpline.

Vow FM host Harvy T chats to Prof Ramneek Ahluwalia, the Chief Executive Officer at Higher Health SA.

Wits University SRC elections done and dusted

The Progressive Youth Alliance PYA emerged victorious in the polls, that took part over two days.
VOW FM Keabetswe Matlala was on the story, on the first day of the polls she spoke to Mcedisi Sindane Wits SRC elections marketing manager on the road to the institution first ever virtual elections.

Celebrating 10 years of VOWFM and Black motion

Vow FM is celebrating its 10th year birthday, throughout the month of September we’ll be commemorating this phenomenal radio station under the hashtag VOWFM Turns 10. We are celebrating a decade with one of the world renowned musical groups called black motion.

Black motion has been making good and exceptional music for the past decade…throughout the 10 year period, Thabo Mabogwane and Bongani Mohosana together as Black motion have shown the true meaning of consistency in their hard work and dedication to the art of music.

To celebrate 10 years of VowFm and Blackmotion, Vow FM host Harvy T is joined by Thabo Mabogwane and Bongani Mohosana popularly known as Black motion.

The impact of Covid 19 on the Science and Physics sector

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt by every sector including scientists and scholars worldwide, when universities and industries closed down during the lockdown period this affected all campuses, funding (bursaries that fund students and institutions) and research progress.With fewer resources to support remote learning and working, this posed so many challenges to both students and employees.

According to the organisation for women in science for the developing world challenges faced by students and employees in various institutions include being unable to travel to conferences or other important work events, inability to perform experiments or field work, being unable to submit funding proposals and failure to take exams as scheduled.

VOW FM host Harvy T, chats to Onesimo Mtintsilana from the women in physics in south Africa about the impact of Covid-19 on the science and physics sector, the future of physics in the 4IR World And most importantly how physics related research have contributed towards our society to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The impact of Application Programmming Interfaces on businesses

API have been around since the 1960s. It is a topic which is commonly discussed among software developers but it is worth learning about about because it impacts the daily lives of ordinary people. APIs are built to execute repetitive tasks in the background of systems which connect devices, databases and apps without us even noticing.

Connectivity in the modern digital world has driven demand for solutions which are optimised through APIs. Daily activities such as transportation through e-hailing and navigating a journey through GPS enabled applications are supported by a range of APIs. Businesses are increasingly considering the importance of APIs in innovation for modern customer centric products and services. Industries are emerging as immediate beneficiaries of the efficiencies that come with API use in the streamlining of business operations.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast on the AreaCode show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights.

Facebook has put together a book called Inspiring Changemakers, Lessons from Life and Business

During Women’s Month, Facebook celebrates all women using their voice for progress, they celebrate women who have
achieved so much by utilizing their voices, sharing their stories, and embracing stories of others.

Facebook has put together a book called Inspiring #Changemakers, Lessons from Life and Business which is a collection of inspiring real
stories from 13 successful South African women from a diverse
range of backgrounds and industries including entertainment, politics, retail, beauty and food.

Women featured on this phenomenal book include the likes of Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Nomzamo Mbatha, Bonang Matheba, Rabia, Professor Thuli Madonsela and many more.

VOW FM host Harvy T, chats to Kezia Anim-Addo Facebook’s Head of Communications in Africa, about the book in detail.

How Virtual Reality is changing experiences

Virtual Reality also known as VR is a technology which dates as far back as 1968 when it was developed by MIT scientists. In recent years it has returned as a pioneer for new experiences in gaming, training healthcare tourism and other industries. The ability to block out the existing world to escape into a virtual world which assimilates eyesight, touch sound and physical movement is a ground breaking technological feature which has made VR more relevant in a digital world.

The VR industry was historically faced with challenges such as lack of customer adoption, high costs of equipment and inadequate computer processing speed. In recent years, challenges in the VR industry have been mitigated against by various factors and this has allowed for new growth in this market. Consumers and businesses have found various applications for VR technology through it's ability to transform the way people experience activities through virtual assimilation of real world activities. In the medical field, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic has included VR technology applications.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast on the Area Code show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights.

Women in Physics

Women are the greatest resource any Country has, providing encouragement and opportunities to a girl child and women in engineering, chemistry, Biology and Physics is one of the most powerful ways of harnessing this resource and their skills for the development of Our Country.

The Role of Women in our families, communities, Society and in educational sector is very critical, they have the greatest influence on the next generation, and educating women means educating South Africa's next generation.

As we celebrate Women’s month, it is important to celebrate and salute the heroic women who are changing the world, innovative women contributing positively to advance and make the world a better place.

The number of women working, studying and researching in scientific and Physics related fields has increased significantly over recent decades, they are working tirelessly and playing a huge role implementing their scientific skills to make the world a better place to live in.

VOW FM host Harvy T chats to Miss Onesimo Mtintsilana, a PHD Candidate from the women in physics in south Africa and Professor iyabo Usman, an associate Professor about women in physics.

How artificial intelligence is transforming industries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly has the ability to replicate the human brain. The world is heading towards a future where mundane and repetitive tasks are done by computer based AI. This phenomenon has sparked thought leaders into a movement of awareness which is concerned with the known applications and unknown applications of AI. Some argue that AI is here to replace humans and others argue that it is here to make humans more effective. Others have suggested that in order to keep up with AI, the human brain should be merged with AI.

Industries such as logistics, banking, retail and cyber-security are being transformed by various applications of AI. Where human application is no longer efficient enough to keep up with operating activity in these industries, AI has become the best alternative for speed of execution and accuracy. Top firms across the world are investing large amounts of capital in AI procurement and this presents a business opportunity for Tech Start-Ups to develop tailored AI programs for these businesses.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast on the AreaCode show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights.

How e-commerce is changing the way we shop today

E-commerce continues to change the way value is exchanged over the internet. Goods and services are increasingly sold through online platforms as the digitally savvy consumer looks to a digital experience for their daily needs. Latest trends are pointing towards adaptation of traditional sales operating models towards digital channels. Brick and mortar retail is progressively being replaced by online stores and retail profitability is benefiting from the reduced barriers to entry in the online sales market.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted into a rise in sales of essential items and a decline in sales of items which are not complementary to social distancing and lockdown ways of living. The domestic trade economy has become a clear beneficiary of e-commerce as lockdown legislation restricts traditional methods of trade which would contribute to the spread of the Corona virus. Big and small businesses are taking advantage of online sales as the next best option for sales within a trade environment which is restricted from traditional physical proximity to customers.

HarvyT hosts Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast on the AreaCode show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights.

What is blockchain technology and what is its impact on entrepreneurship?

Blockchain appears to be one of the trendiest technologies during recent years of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A lot of hype around this technology has created wide spread debate about it's applicability and value. Its origins stem from the work of academic researchers in 1991 who were trying to solve for secure storage of digital information. However, its popularity emerged during 2009 when an anonymous character named Satoshi Nakamoto applied it in the creation of a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.

Various industries such as banking, healthcare and logistics are benefiting from the evolution of blockchain technology into digital smart contracts. Trust and decentralisation are the key qualities of blockchain technology which are paving the way to a new standard of digitalisation. Businesses in various industries are able to optimise operating activities through a new frontier of efficiencies resulting from blockchain.

VOW FM host Harvy T, chats to Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast, on the AreaCode show, to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights. Kevin discusses what blockchain is and its impact on entrepreneurship.

How has social media influencer business changed during Covid-19

Social media infuencer business has emerged as a revolutionary form of marketing during the Fourth Industrial Revolution("4IR"). Social media platforms and their technological features have created a space for digital content creators to connect authentically with a niche of followers. This has created an alternative method for brands to convert consumer interest into a purchase of a product which appeals to specific needs.

Brands and marketing agencies are increasingly becoming more reliant on social media influencers to attract and retain customers. This has resulted into a lucrative trade for the individuals who have what it takes to convert their social media influence into commercial value. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about changes in this industry which have pushed industry participants to consider a new business model.

VOW FM host HarvyT, chats to Kevin Ssemwogerere who is a Chartered Accountant and Tech Business Enthusiast , to hear his independent opinion on Tech Business Insights. Kevin discusses how the social media influencing business model has been affected by Covid-19.

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