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You’re procrastinating right now, aren’t you? Yup, we knew it.
But don’t fret, this is the most effective soundtrack to drown out your google classroom notifications.

We are the Johannesburg Junior Council and our mission as a youth run organization is to empower the voice of the unheard. Join us as we embark on challenging conversations around all things social, political and current. The only difference? It’s coming from fellow high school procrastinators who might just have a thing or two to say about the world that we live in. Just like you, right?

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What we can take away from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 has been one of society’s darkest, ugliest, most brutal diseases.

It is not all doom and gloom though, there are some important, valuable lessons that we can take away from this pandemic.

Join me, in the conversation.

Thinking Ahead

The common denominator amongst people that shake the foundations of our existence is they think ahead. They get a glimpse of the future and translate it into the present, very often leaving them wealthy too.

Let’s discuss this interesting topic.

The idea of reading books

In this episode I open up about my journey with books and give different but helpful advice on finding the perfect book for you.

Growing up in a black and leading the way for male revelation

In today's episode we talk about something fun for most black children. But also come with values and morals.

Being a black child in a moderate household is one of the best childhood memories as you have to fighting your way through everything whether it being hiding, food or curfews

How Socrates and Plato’s model of thinking still shake the rusty edges of existence, knowledge and discovery today.

In the 21st century we live in a reality where knowledge is readily available at our fingertips and a person’s intelligence is based off of memorization.

Let us spin the wheel of time back and look at two of the greatest thinkers who: shaped the way we are supposed to go about learning, and go about making discoveries and acquiring knowledge

Presenter: Sipho


In this episode we talk about an issue that mostly gene-Z which is depression

Once if not twice in our lives we get into a phase where we don't know who we are and what our purpose is and all we can think about is just leaving the earth and not being a burden wl those are some symptoms of depression. It is very easy to find yourself in that phase.

The importance of self education

In this episode I speak on the importance of learning beyond our textbooks. I speak about why this is important and give ideas on ways one can start that learning process.

Presenter: Sechaba

Anxiety Disorder

In this episode, I am going to tell you about how to deal with someone that suffers from any form of anxiety disorder.

It is very difficult to have to deal with anxiety disorders without knowing why and how you have them. It is even worse when people around you don't understand what is actually going on and how they can help you. But it is a learning journey for all of you.

Presenter: Samantha

If everyone is equal, is anyone special?

It is the norm to be told that you are special and unique, but in the same breath we are told that everyone is equal?!?

Let’s chat and make sense of this rather counter-intuitive contradiction.

Presenter: Sipho

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