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We tackle issues shaping our thinking and the way we view the world! We answer some of these questions and more.
What does it mean to you to be African?
What does it mean to be proudly African?
Poverty, what is poverty?
Dreams and goals? Do we have any
We speak to ordinary South Africans speaking about their Entrepreneurial endeavors!

We provide you with various series :)

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Go for what you want! _Simanye Sam

We sit with Simanye Sam a versatile PhD in Chemistry candidate. He takes us through his journey as a chemical analyst and then the transition to academia. He worked at Johnson and Johnson and then moved to Aspen after which he saw it fit to go on and pursue academia.

His PhD project is focusing on using clay and polymers to purify water and thereafter generate electricity from the purification process. Sam reminds us about the importance of networking in any form. DM the person you need help from and just tell them you are interested in the work they do and would like them to advise or mentor you! Talk to people in any situation - even at a funeral converse with people! The greatest lesson is that research before you embark on any leg of your life's journey and always go for what you want!

Reach the penthouse in your mind before you get to it physically!

We sit down with Raphael Ngarachu, who teaches about how being a brother has been one of his greatest blessings and about the Sunday evening wisdom sessions from his father which he loathed at the time, that have now played a big role in his journey!

He reminds us that we are not human-doers but have lives to live and therefore when going into our careers we should be mindful of the decisions we make and remember to live!

Hear him for yourself! He reminds us of an important lesson that validation should come from within and you should be confident enough in your convictions to knock on doors. He from a finance role is now an employee of Sony Music Africa... He followed the yearning in his heart to do what his heart desired... may you be enriched!

What is success?

Success as we all know it is defined by Google as "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose" however, according to society success is mostly defined as having money and subsequently power!

Tatenda and I delve into what success means to us and what shapes our definition of success. There are so many successful but unsuccessful people out there! People who have achieved but have not really achieved the desires of their heart... listen in and share your thoughts with us via our socials :)

The trailblazer that founded Mebala- Thlalefang Moeletsi

Thlalefang Moeletsi born and bred in rural North West in South Africa. A young entrepreneur who started a custom bag brand - called "Mebala" (Colors). He tells about his career journey how regardless of the odds stacked against him his motto is "Seek excellence" in fact his brand is excellence!

He gives us tips about how to create a sustainable start-up and tips on when to scale. My most favorite take-away was when he said that you need to perfect the quality of your product and thereafter you can grow the brand! In essence he is saying quality is everything. He also highlighted the importance of a tribe or rather your network that is always supporting the vision.

Listen and hear for yourself the inspiration! Thereafter, buy a bag :)

The village girl who made it to the UK. How?

I speak to Ntombi Zwezwe Baartman - she of many hats!!! She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a social worker, a prayer warrior and many more. She owns a catering and events company ZeeZee Events, specialising in South African cuisine and African themed decor.

She speaks to us about her journey to the UK, the challenges she faced and the culture shock.

She reminds us that "never giving up on your dreams and education is the key" is key to achieving that which you want to achieve. She now uses her culture to make a living, her business serves African food as well as African inspired decor in the UK.

She closes off with "Do not be afraid to DREAM and do not be afraid to FAIL"

Contact her on facebook @Ntombi Zwezwe Baartman

The embodiment of "Go for it, why not?"

I speak to Londiwe Khuzwayo a dynamic woman with the goal of becoming a philanthropist and to leave a legacy that is about empowerment.

We learn about the power of education and importance of teachers that are encouraging. We speak about taking the leap of faith and understanding your purpose. We answer the question what is success?

The African brand is defined to be "whatever is for Africans by Africans".

Disappointment after graduation...

I sit with Tatenda Katsumbe, a BSc. (Hons) Civil Engineering and MSc. Engineering Management graduate take us through his journey and the disappointments that he has met along the way. He does not only share the difficult times but ends off telling us about his journey to rising from the ashes.

May this episode give you hope and strength to continue on your journey! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Buried and forgotten dreams are always achieved!

A Film maker turned Lawyer who grew up during an era in which the internet was not so easily accessible. How did he make it to Wits and what has been his journey?

This episode teaches us that buried or forgotten dreams are achievable and highlights the importance of present adults that exert a positive influence who care about your goals as a young person.

He is a runner too and believes being proudly African for him speaks to how easy it is for Africans to engage even those not of their own race.

This episode taught me to open myself up to the difficult conversations pertaining to race at times! though I shied away

Making fitness the new normal!

Moapola Ngwanathole Nong! Is a fitness and health lover. She comes all the way from Limpopo but lives a 1000 km away in Beaufort West!

She studied Finance and Marketing but has found herself working in construction. A highly versatile individual, reminding us about the importance of mental strength as well as fitness and health!

Fitness and running for her started as a weight loss journey but has since become a passion and hobby. She keeps training because she is constantly setting new challenges for herself! She even has a group of ladies that train in heels...

Hear for yourself :)

Music is calling!

I am back and here to stay!!!

I hangout with ThandoJ and Makoli two new rising artists specialising in different genres of music. They share their journey, their passion and how pursuing music as a career has been a self-discovery journey. We learn the importance of school and church in the formative years of young child and their career guidance! We also see the journey to discovering this talent of being a musician! Music speaks to the soul and takes you to a place of utopia!

Singles released on digital platforms and radio:
ThandoJ - #Ngizobekezela
Makoli - #GumbaPepe

The son of the song - Lucky Mqoboli

I have a chat with Lucky Mqoboli, who says that he is the son of the song.

He is an actor and a lover of visual arts. He loves TV and how technology is affording all of us an opportunity to become what we want to become.He gives us a glimpse of his upbringing.

I learnt the following:
1. Seek opportunities, go and look for them because very few people will bring opportunities to you.
2. Don't be afraid of rejection, rejection is a stepping stone and prepares you to be better.
3. Be the reason why things happen in your community - inspire others. And use technology to your advantage.

I could say a lot but I implore you to listen for yourself and enjoy :)

Blackjack Photography - post depression and anxiety

I have tea with Luhle Wam Nogaga, a 21 year old survivor of depression and anxiety.

Wamie checked himself into Akeso after 5 years post the death of his mom after his step dad short her and shot himself.

He tells us about loss, drug and alcohol addiction and his journey to recovery. He tells us about his passion - photography and how hustling and business are now a core part of his life :)

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