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Wendy is a wellness practitioner and an health coach at Intergrated Health Solutions and she helps us ensure we manage our bodies well, to get the best out of them.

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Wendy Christien - 21 Oct 2021 - Women's Health - Part 3 - Mental Health for Over 40's

The 40’s can be a time of reassessment and many women may find themselves dissatisfied during this life stage. Women are having children later in their lives so during their 40’s women may still have young children to care for. For others, their children may be older, but they find that they have more time on their hands which gives them more time to think about their goals and dreams and it could be a time of re-invention.

Wendy helps with practical advice to navigate this difficult season...

Wendy Christien - 14 Oct 2021 - Women's Health - Part 2 - Breast Health

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, which means it is an appropriate time to discuss breast health. This is such an integral part of women’s health, and it should not be neglected, however it can be an area that causes a lot of stress and anxiety for women, and some women may feel embarrassed to discuss their breast health.

Wendy Christien - 23 Sep 2021 - Fatigue

Most people have heard of Adrenal Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue, but do you
know that fatigue can happen at a cellular level too? The mitochondria are the powerhouses or the batteries in our cells and these are necessary to drive all the cellular functions that take place in our bodies daily. When there is not enough charge in the batteries our bodies can suffer.

Wendy Christien - 9 Sep 2021 - Season Changes

Spring is a wonderful time of renewal and hope. We tend to get a “spring” back in our step and this is usually a time where we find ourselves more motivated to make healthy changes after hibernating throughout the winter months.
This is a good place to be, but without being too gung-ho and doing damage to ourselves, we can discuss some ways to incorporate these healthy changes without setbacks or setting ourselves up for failure.

Wendy Christien - 19 Aug 2021 - Lymphatic Health

The lymphatic system is made up of vessels, lymph ducts, lymph glands, and organs, such as the tonsils, adenoids, thymus, and spleen. Lymph, which is a watery fluid, moves around the body via these glands and organs and contains white blood cells, called lymphocytes, which protect the body. Being a network of tissues and organs, the lymphatic system helps to get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials in the body.

So how can we take the best care of our lymphatic system?

Wendy Christien - 12 Aug 2021 - Is ORGANIC Food Really Better?

The word “Organic” refers to how agricultural products are grown and
processed as well as how animals are reared and fed. For produce to be
organic there must be no synthetic use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or GMO’s. Wendy looks at the differences between organic and non-organic and the effects on our bodies and general health and well-being.

Wendy Christien - 29 July 2021 - Plant Based Diet Deficiencies

Following a plant-based diet can most certainly carry health benefits, but it is important to be mindful of your nutritional needs and which foods will be
providing for those needs should you make a radical dietary change. Equally, understanding where possible deficiencies may lie is as important when choosing a different lifestyle.

Wendy Christien - 15 July 2021 - Non Meat Protein Options

Proteins are essential for optimal health and are necessary for multiple functions in our bodies. Proteins are important for the maintenance of a healthy body composition and to produce hair, blood, connective tissue, antibodies, and enzymes, however, meat is not the only dietary source of protein. Since animal proteins especially are highly acidic, intake for many of us can be minimized.

Wendy Christien - 8 July 2021 - Herbal Teas

Herbal teas can be brewed using the leaves, flowers, and fruit of certain plants, but herbs and spices also make great teas, and many can serve as natural remedies or just an enjoyable alternative to ordinary tea or coffee. Herbal teas provide a good way to increase your fluid intake over the winter months when drinking plain water can be more of a challenge.

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