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Voice of Change - Julie Anne Smith - Sexual Abuse Advocate

11.03.2021 - Julie Anne Smith is a survivor of spiritual abuse, and won a lawsuit against her former pastor and church in the United States. She was one of the first people to share Lori - Ann Thompsons story of abuse at the hands of Ravi Zacharias, and has since been following the Ravi Zacharias allegations for a number of years and is a needed voice on this topic. She joins Lauren to discuss the events of the past 6 months and the investigation pointing to Ravi Zacharias' sexual misconduct, and the what now for survivors.

Voice of Change - Matuska Palmer - The Scent of Holiness: Lessons from a Women's Monastery

04.03.2021 - Not one to simply learn from books, Constantina spent significant time at a number of women’s monasteries throughout northern Greece. During her time among female monastics, she learned deep life lessons which she penned in her book "The Scent of Holiness: Lessons from a Women's Monastery." She joins Lauren to discuss some of these lessons that go beyond the walls of a monastery and can impact the life of all Christians.

Voice of Change - Rebecca Lindenbach - Why I didn’t Rebel

25.02.2021 - Rebecca Lindenbach - Author of Why I Didn't Rebel and The Great Sex Rescue, Rebecca is a psychology graduate and blogger dedicated to challenging the status-quo that holds us back from experiencing the abundant life Jesus desires for us. She and her husband are living the Covid dream working together from home while they take care of their rambunctious toddler son.  In this interview, Rebecca discusses her own journey from growing up as an outspoken teenager who boldly spoke out against worldliness creeping in to her church, to speaking up about not going off the rails and how parents can create openness and connection within their families through support and sharing about their struggles. Rebecca conducted research among peers to discover what children need, to prevent them from rebellion. She straight talks about purity, rule setting, connection and belonging.

Voice of Change - Rachel Bentley - Children on the Edge

18.02.2021 - Rachel Bentley is the CEO and co-founder of Children on the Edge, where she strategically directs all global operations. This involves identifying overlooked children living on the margins of society and, in relationship with local partners, pioneering new initiatives to help these children thrive. Children on the Edge is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to working on behalf of some of the most marginalised children around the world. The organisation is based in Chichester in the United Kingdom and was founded by the owner of The Body Shop, Dame Anita Roddick.

Voice of Change - Gina Goh - International Christian Concern

11.02.2021 - Gina Goh is the regional manager of International Christian Concern SE Asia branch. In this interview, she discusses the inside reality of the Myanmarcoup and the situation on the ground not only for the people of Myanmar, but for Christians as well who have endured decades of continued persecution. International Christian Concern is an ecumenical, non-governmental, non-partisan Christian organization, located in Washington, DC, whose concern is the human rights of Christians and religious minorities.

Voice of Change - Leanne Dlamini - Evolved women have evolved conversations

04.02.2021 - Leanne Dlamini is a social media influencer who is passionate about women's empowerment, sisterhood and living to inspire. She is a singer, songwriter, entrepeneur, and is the founder of End Girl Hate, a passion movement to inspire and empower women and girls. She is also the founder of love and light apparel, which creates inspirational merchandise bringing message of hope, love and joy. She is also a wife, and mother to girls.
In this conversation, Leanne addresses how "evolved women have evolved conversations." While 2020 was a year of struggle, she shares tips and tools for aligning with purpose in 2021, and how women can unlearn competitiveness while forming a tribe with the right vibe for global womanity to thrive. Addressing the concerns for the woman who's been hurt by the sisterhood, her voice is filled with motherly wisdom and challenging advice for female tribes.

Voice of Change - Briony Fickling - Human Trafficking and Covid

28.01.2021 - Briony Fickling is the national Director of Love Justice South Africa, Love Justice International, (formerly Tiny Hands International), is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating social injustice. Love Justice was established in 2005, and works to stop human trafficking across the globe, through intervention, border monitoring and rescue.

Voice of Change - Jan Gouws - Christian Persecution During Covid - 19

21.01.2021 - Jan Gouws is the director of Open Doors South Africa. Executive Director of Open Doors South Africa Jan Gouws, discusses the release of the World Watch List, the worrying trends in the rise of Christian persecution globally and what we can learn about persecution during Covid. Lauren is also joined by ICC regional manager of Africa Nathan Johnson, together they discuss the increase of African persecution, generational persecution, and what kinds of persecution individuals in Africa are currently experiencing. With terrorist groups taking advantage of the Covid pandemic, Nathan gives some straight talk on knowing our responsibility when it comes to persecution on the continent of Africa.

Voice of Change - Rachel Kolisi - Kolisi Foundation

14.01.2021 - Interview with Rachel Kolisi: A Vision for the Future, Co - Founder of the Kolisi Foundation, humanitarian, wife and mom. : Rachel Kolisi and her husband, South African rugby captain Siya Kolisi birthed their foundation, the Kolisi Foundation while responding to the desperate needs of the most vulnerable in communities, during Covid - 19. With a humanitarian heart, Rachel discusses the miracle of how a foundation could be born during a global pandemic. How the vision of God and His promises manifested with the Rugby World Cup win, and Rachel discusses the 2021 vision God has given her family. This episode is a true behind the scenes look at how faith, promise and the desire to effect change can always win.

Voice of Change - Kris Beckert - Church in the Digital Age

07.01.2021 - Kris Beckert is a scientist turned pastor. She currently serves as the pastor of innovation and multiplication at Salem Fields Community Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Has your church moved online to cope with the closed doors of Covid - 19? Then this conversation is for you, as online pastor Kris Beckert addresses the pitfalls of online church, the generational realities of church members who cannot fellowship online, while also looking at the positives of how the great commission can still be fulfilled via online communities. An in - depth conversation with much needed advice on navigating the world of online church.

Voice of Change - Alwyn Uys - What it means to beat the odds

31.12.2020 - Alwyn Uys defines what it means to beat the odds, having survived a car accident that left him in a wheel chair, Alwyn lives a life of inspiration as an endurance athlete, iron man, speaker, writer, and youtuber. In this conversation, he discusses his most recent feat, becoming the first paraplegic to complete the solo Robben Island crossing.

Voice of Change - Aurora Marcopoulos - Debunking myths around menstrual health

24.12.2020 - Lauren is joined by Aurora from the Cora Project as well as Sarah Jacobs, founder of the Safe Pad. They discuss the reality of period poverty, and how girls across South Africa miss school everyday, as they do not have access to sanitary products. Sarah introduces the reality that sanitary products like Safepad are reusable making them better for the environment, better for the body and they last up to 5 years. Together, Aurora and Sarah shine light on what it is going to take, to debunk period myths and turn the tables on period poverty.

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