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RICH IDEAS HOSTED BY TERENCE TOBIN  |  Podcast , ±8 min episodes every 6 days  | 
Terence Tobin hosts this podcast series to discuss various aspects of wealth creation, financial planning, business, marketing, tax and investments with both a local and global markets in mind. My aim is to have the podcast recordings to be under 10 minutes, for a quick lesson.

Focusing on your financial wellbeing, Terence and his guests will cover a wide range of topics, covering personal and business financial planning, tax, accounting, investments, money managements and ultimately wealth creation and wealth preservation.

Your questions and comments and guest recommendations are encouraged and welcomed.

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Investment Strategies with Ess

My special guest this week is a mom, scientist and co-founder of Malkia Invest. She shares ideas on investment strategies, and what to do when defining your goals and investment portfolio.

Powerful messages in this podcast.

Please send your comments to

Tax Season for Individuals 2019/20

I chat with Roxanne Peneda from Pfumo Tax and Accounting services this week about personal income tax filing season.

What has changed, why is it later, how do auto assessments work, what about rental income and side hustle earnings? So much to share.

Also my tips on identfying and dealing with scams.

You can reach out to Roxanne via email or 011 615 3245/68.

As always, I love hearing from you, email or WhatsApp 083 337 9576

Executors - who are they and what do they do?

This week I have a chat with an attorney of the high court, who explains what is an executor, who can be an executor, negotiating fees and when will beneficiaries get their portion of the estate.

Follow @lawseed for more info and be sure to follow @terencetobin too.

Your questions and comments are always welcome via

Trusts - what are they and should you have one?

What is a trust? What is the difference between trusts?

Can you invest offshore through your South African trust? What about taxes, inheritence and legacy planning? How do the costs work?

As you say there is so much to consider when you are thinking about a trust, which trust to use and how they work.

This week I chat with Ken from Capital Legacy about trusts, who should have one, who should not and how to maximise the benefit.

If you would like to have a complimentary session with Ken and myself, to discusses trust in your personal situation, email

Your questions, comments and suggestions for future episodes would be greatly appreciated - please email

Students and Emergency Funds

This week I am joined by Ivyn Sambo who is a law student. He has shared some very valuable insights about emergency funds, where to put your money, interest rates and inflations rates and so much more focusing on students.

Starting your financial freedom journey whilst studying is possible and Ivyn shares his personal journey and action steps.

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Last week I tweeted about TFSA's and RA's making zero returns and I got a lot of questions. If you not following me on twitter, do so (

This week I will explain why I said that, what is a wrapper, what about tax and access to money. How to choose the right ETF or UT for your portfolio? What to consider when selecting these wrappers and asset allocations?

Please send in your questions and comments to

Who can give advice?

Jason reached out and asked who can give advice and who can't advice? What happens if he takes advice from an unlicenced advisor and things don't go well? Everyone can post a blog, share a message on social media but should you be acting on it?

Listen to my thoughts on this weeks podcast about the requirements advisors have, the ethical responsibility on them and why you should not talk about products in your first sesion.

Please reach out via or WhatsApp 083 337 9576.

Balancing premiums between insurance and investments

Hi Terence, I follow you on twitter and enjoy your posts and podcasts. A topic I would like you to discuss is how to balance the mix between contributions to life cover, dread disease and retirement investments. I have 2 children - the youngest being 12 and I am the sole breadwinner in the family. My strategy has been to take care of life cover first to the value I think is necessary to sustain my wife to death incl kids education (incl existing retirement savings). Severe illness I have some cover and then the balance goes to investments (mostly RA). Regards JP

Thanks JP for reaching out and asking such a great question.

Please send your questions to me via email or WhatsApp 083 3379576

Take care and stay safe.

Life Insurance and the benefits

Do you have life insurance? Is it forever or for a term? Does it have illness cover, disability cover and income protection? Will it pay out tax free or be taxed? How will you afford to pay for it with annual increases?

Wow so many great questions, which I answer in this podcast.

Please send me your questions and suggestions to or WhatsApp me on 083 3379576

I got retrenched! What do I do with my pension?

This week Gaby sent me a message about her pension fund and what she should do as she has been retrenched.

Retrenchment is a terrible time, I have been there, I understand the emotions.

The good news is you have options, three actually.

These options apply whether you have been retrenched, resigned or dismissed.

Have you got questions about your financial planning? Send me a voice note to 083 3379576 or email

How Do Interest Rates Affect Me?

Belinda sent in a question about interest rates. She asked how do they affect her?

In this eposide, I will explain interest rates, how the SARB works, the banks, what is the Repo Rate and Prime Rate as well as how this affects your debt, savings, cashflow and the economy.

Please send in your questions on voice note to 083 3379576 or email

Social Media for Small Businesses

Chanel and I discuss what small businesses should consider when engaging on social media. What to do? How to act? Top 3 tips and so much more.

Reach out to Chanel on Twitter and her website is as well as and 0726016123

Please send my your comments, feedback, questions and topic suggestions to or 083 3379576

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