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Terence Tobin hosts this podcast series to discuss various aspects of wealth creation, financial planning, business, marketing, tax and investments with both a local and global markets in mind. My aim is to have the podcast recordings to be under 10 minutes, for a quick lesson.

Focusing on your financial wellbeing, Terence and his guests will cover a wide range of topics, covering personal and business financial planning, tax, accounting, investments, money managements and ultimately wealth creation and wealth preservation.

Your questions and comments and guest recommendations are encouraged and welcomed.

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Emigration and Government Changes

If you are planning on emigrating from sunny South Africa, how will this affect your retirement savings? Can you withdraw? Can you leave it? What about tax?

How do we factor in the "what if" situations of life, politics, legislative changes, tax law changes and should we even worry about those?

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When Can you Access your Retirement Investments

Should you have multiple retirement annuities, pension funds or provident funds?
Will my retirement from my company affect my retirement annuity?
Why can't a self employed person have a pension fund?

The questions that are being sent through are amazing. Keep them coming -

Monthly Contributions and Investment Options

Is there a specific age one should start saving for retirement? How much should you be investing? Should I have a pension fund, provident fund, retirement?

What investment options exist if I don't plan to retire in South Africa? What about if I am in my 20s and don't know where I will be?

Terence do you have options for me? ABSOLUTELY!!

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How much should I invest for retirement?

When you in your 20's you have so much time to invest for retirement, right?

Cayleigh and I chat about how much you should invest for your retirement goals and understanding what retirement actually means.

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Retirement Planning

With so many options to consider, when investing for retirement, what should you do?

I have a chat with JP, a retirement investment specialist and we unpack the workings of a pension fund, provident fund, retirement annuity, regulation 28, tax, what happens to your money at death and so much more.

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Lending as an Asset Class

We are all familiar with cash, bonds, property and equities being part of our portfolios to grow and protect our wealth.

What about lending? This unique asset class has many benefits.

You earn a prime plus interest rate. This means as SARB adjust interest rates, you can continue to benefit from these returns. You get capital protection, no fees, minimal to zero risk and beat inflation 3-4 times.

What am I on about? This week Cayleigh and I chat about sectional title body corporates, capital protection, fees, risk, returns and lending.

Let's swop the roles from lending from a bank, to being like a bank and lending to others, in a legislated, protected environment.

Need more info? Have questions? Email or WhatsApp 083 3379576

Intro to ETF Investing

Recently we hosted a webinar, with Iva from Sygnia discussing ETF's, ETN's, Offshore and Local investing, as well as tax, fund selection, picking the winning active balanced fund manager and the Rich Ideas Investment Philosophy.

Here is the audio from the Webinar. Please visit to watch the full session.

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Fear and Procrastination

Terence shares some thoughts on these two stumbling emotions that wreck havoc. Every week he talks to folks who don't know what to do OR don't know where to do it OR keep looking for the next best thing.

Procrastination kills more dreams then getting it wrong and Fear holds more people back then it should.

What do you want to acheive, how will you achieve it and who will help you?

Share your thoughts and comments,

Financial Planning Incentives

This week, Gavin Lewin, shares his views, insights and concerns around incentives in financial planning.

Do you feel more motivated or to change your behaviour for an incentive?

Is investing an incentive? Is the journey the incentive? Are you incentivised to take care of your family?

Who else incentivised by your planning? Could a misalignment occur?

Some valuable insights, practical guidance and ideas are shared by Gavin.

Have you got questions for Gavin, email him at

What topics should we cover on the Rich Ideas podcast,

Retirement Options and Tax Law Changes

You have a number of investment products available designed to help you invest for retirement. These include pension funds, provident funds, retirement annuities and preservations.

Once you retire you can select a life annuity or living annuity to provide you a monthly income.

From 1 March 2021, there have been some tax law changes to provident fund members (only).

All of this, as well as asset classes, what happens on death and who gets your retirement money is discussed in this episode of the Rich Ideas Podcast.

Comments, queries and suggestions are welcome via email

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