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Point of Sale Systems: Securing payment systems in-store and online

Over the festive season, retailers are increasingly coming under attack by cybercriminals as the number of payments processed increase both online and in-store. We look at some of the best practices available to retailers to protect their customers' banking and card information, their e-commerce platforms, and their in-store Point of Sale devices against cybercrime. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at http://bit.ly/2sIjaCL

Consumers’ Information Privacy: Keeping your private information private

In a social media-driven world, we tend to post everything online: who we are, where we are, and what we do at that moment. In this episode, we explore how we can keep our personal information private, away from the prying eyes (and ears) of cybercriminals. We also share a few easy-to-follow tips to outsmart cybercriminals, and not become victims of identity theft or online fraud by taking ownership of what we post online.

For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at http://bit.ly/2sPfyyU

Modern Industrial Manufacturing: Protecting PLCs with air-gapped networks

This episode deals with protecting critical infrastructure systems and manufacturing environments from cyber threats. Municipalities and factories both use “operational technology” (OT in short), which is different from IT, which is the day-to-day technology systems that non-manufacturing businesses use. Separating OT from IT is not only a best practice, but also critical in protecting the public’s access to quality water, the country’s electricity grids and even save lives in factories. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at http://bit.ly/2s4sroB

Cloud Security Strategy: Getting it right from the start

We go back to basics in this episode, looking at what the Cloud is, and why this matters in getting your security right in cloud environments. Did you know that cloud security remains your responsibility, not a platform’s? We share a few handy tips on what you can look at to get your company data and apps secure when you choose the Cloud route, starting with Identity & Access Management. For more details, read the accompanying thought leadership article at http://bit.ly/2Q3UZGJ

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