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Apostle Pride Sibiya was born to the late Stanley Sibiya and Lizzy Sibiya on 5 September 1978.

He grew up as the only son in a family of three children, himself as the only boy anchored by two girls either side of his life. He is happily to Pastor Anna Tendayi Sibiya, and blessed with three daughters; Anouya, Anenyasha and Anaya. But how do I attest of the Godly commandant attributes of my father? How do I make the world understand Apostle Pride Sibiya as a Kingdom General?

In my endeavour to do so, I will attest using the seven attributes I have witnessed first-hand both in his personal/family life and through his exemplary Kingdom Life.

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Money The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence with Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa

Pastor Sacrifice Chirisa is the founder and visionary of Wisdom City Ministries International.

The Mission of his church is to impact, develop and equip nations for ministry through God’s wisdom.

The church was founded by senior pastors Dr S.M Chirisa and D Chirisa in 2012; they received a call 7 years prior. The first church service was on the 4th of March, 2012 .

Since then, the church has grown and continues to grow in both size and influence.

We Should Think - Apostle Pride Sibiya says We Should Think! (1)

T.H.I.N.K! says Apostle Pride Sibiya - What Exceptionality And Excellence Really Is By Apostle Pride Sibiya

A mountain is a place of influence, and in order for you to get to the mountain, you need to distinguish yourself through excellence.

Many of us especially servants of God when the anointing of God is upon your life even when you are moving in the street you just feel like everyone knows you and are looking at you.

But however let me give you a shocker; I need to remind you that in as much as you think that the world is revolving around you, there are more than four billion people in the world and of the four billion 3.5billion does not even know you.

Many servants of God even think that the devil knows them when he does not even know them, if you read the whole Bible you will find that the devil was concerned about three or so people namely; Daniel, Job and Jesus. He was not even concerned about all the other people because Satan is not omnipresent. Sometimes the devil is not even involved in some of the pity sins that we commit. Many of us arrive too quickly, we think the world knows us and yet many people do not even know you.

So it is important for us to know that in order for us to make an impact we should distinguish ourselves through excellence because people are attracted by things that have distinction, different and eye-catching. Some of us are pastors and so on and wonder why people are not coming to church, sometimes is because of our level of exceptionality and excellence.

Nowadays people are not only coming to church for them to go to heaven but they want to know what you can offer to make their lives better. People want to be associated with something that is better than them and can take them to another level.


Obtaining Mercy and Finding Grace - Arch-Bishop Asa Gurupira (Mercy to Find Grace To Help In Time Of Need)

Arch-Bishop Asa GurupiraAt the tender age of fifteen, God called him into the ministry, but like most of us, he ignored the call and instead pursued his own ambitions in the area of academics.

He spent seven years in Cuba where he acquired his Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and fluency in the Spanish language.

On his return to Zimbabwe, he landed a lucrative position in the corporate world in the chemical industry in a company in the capital city of Harare.

The call of the Lord was once again heavy upon him and this time he heeded it and left his work to go into full-time ministry. He is a prolific speaker ministering under the evangelistic and apostolic anointing. He has a great passion for lost souls throughout the nations and especially in the neglected rural areas of Africa.

He oversees over sixty assemblies strewn throughout Zimbabwe especially in the rural areas and in keeping with his God-given vision of bringing the knowledge of Christ to the nations has thus far established churches in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and the United Kingdom.

He has been instrumental in establishing one of Zimbabwe’s most doctrinally sound bible schools, Goshen Bible College which boasts of students from as far afield as the Democratic Republic of Congo. This college trains pastors, aspiring pastors, leaders and all who are interested in learning in-depth knowledge of the scriptures and how to be relevant in the real world.

He is a much sought after conference speaker and is an affiliate member of Barnabas Ministries, an international ministry that equips and encourages leaders throughout the world.


The Greatness Of John The Baptist, Testifying Jesus Christ (Bishop Amon Madawo)

Jesus in Matthew 11:11 says among those that are born of women there has arisen none greater than John.

Now John the evangelist in his script says opposing words about him, he says many came and performed miracles but John the Baptist came and performed no miracle.

How can Jesus say that he is great when he performed no miracles? Many interpretations have been given about the greatness of John, but what really was the greatness of John?

About Bishop Amon Madawo:

5 episodes