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Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) is a convention of Christian saints from the cooperate Body of Christ hosted by Glory Ministries a ministry led by Apostle Pride and Anna Sibiya.

Tiyambuke has been running since 2001 and has matured to be one of the biggest conferences in Zimbabwe.

The name “Tiyambuke” meaning, “Let Us Cross Over,” speaks volumes of its aim.

Drawing from the Biblical Exodus, it aims to take people from the figurative Egypt of ignorance, sin, sickness, demonic bondage, poverty into a Canaan of knowledge, the love and fear of God, health and well-being, emancipation and divine prosperity.

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Apostle Mavis Gurupira - Prayer The All-time Security Guarantee (Tiyambuke 2020)

Apostle Mavis Gurupira who is a professional, a Radiographer resigned from her well-paying job to also go into full-time ministry like her husband. She is a dedicated minister and a great intercessor for her husband’s ministry.

She is an internationally acclaimed teacher of the Word of God. She is a Pastor and a prolific writer of Christian books.

Together with her husband Apostle Asa Gurupira, they founded and oversee a thriving ministry (Faith in God Ministries International) with over 125 Pastors and church assemblies in Zimbabwe and abroad.

She has ministered in different church gatherings and conferences both nationally and internationally. and in ministry, she is a holder of an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies from Logos University.

She joined the Pastoral Ministry at Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI) in Dallas, Texas, USA and graduated in 2000. She has been greatly used by God is in the area of counselling to many women who have been disheartened and broken by what life has dealt them.

Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa - Business Class (Tiyambuke 2020)

Doctor, Pastor Sacrifice Chirisa is a life strategist whose life purpose is aimed at ‘’Helping people to succeed’’.

His experiences and knowledge in various life-oriented facets offer a three- dimensional perspective of life and living.

A man of diverse talents. He is a highly sought after medical doctor and psychiatrist by profession.

A flourishing serial entrepreneur, being the founder of three (3) prominent Hospitals in Zimbabwe; Makoni 24Hr Medical centre and St Mary’s 24Hr Medical centre under the Savtap Group Holdings, as well as the first private Drug rehabilitation and psychiatric Hospital in Zimbabwe: Highlands Halfway House (HHH).

Prophet Blessing Chiza - Possess Your Mountain (Tiyambuke 2020)

Dr. Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza is a pioneering and dynamic man of God, gauged among the most respected and celebrated Prophets whose prophetic ministry has proven to be accurate and flawless.

Numerous faculties of the nation and people’s lives are leveraged by his ministry that extends beyond the church. He is a builder of great business moguls, Sportspeople, Politicians, educationists, Ministers etc.

Passionate about awakening the champion in everyone who comes into contact with him or his material, he selflessly imparts knowledge through international conferences eg Breakthrough Power International Conference, business seminars, multi-millionaires summit, five-fold ministry seminars etc.

Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma - Mindset Of Mountain Takers

Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma is the Zimbabwe National Overseer for Glory Ministries.

Glory Ministries is a ministry that was founded by Bishop Pride Sibiya in 2001. Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma also pastors Ramah Zion Worship Centre, a Glory Ministries Church that is located in Glen View.

The Glen-View based pastor also has a number of clerics under his leadership and as a result overseer the Harare South Province a the provincial overseer.

Bishop Pride Sibiya Speaks On The Seven Mountains Of Influence

Apostle Pride Sibiya is a renowned Zimbabwean Christian leader, author, blogger and relationship coach.

He is the founder and executive President of Glory Ministries, a reform and renewal global Christian movement that is redefining the religious terrain and is now spread over Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Bahrain.

His signature fatherly approach has brought to the fore and the attention of believers and nonbelievers alike biblically grounded principles relevant in addressing the critical issues of our times.

Accelerate Your Personal Transformation By Thinking Beyond The Box and Dots with Apostle Pride Sibiya

Many people do not think and as a result, they are where there are because they do not think. An assessment done recorded that 5% of people think, 15% think that they think and 80% would rather die than think.

A C.E.O of a telephone company is paid more than his co-worker digging trenches yet digging trenches is harder work than his because thinkers are paid more than hard workers. Thinking is much more difficult than working that is why many people would rather work than think. In doing the work of God we do it by the grace of God but grace is activated by our thinking.

You are in the situation that you are in now because of your thinking. The bible says as a man thinketh so is he. You are what you are today because of your thinking, and you can get out of the situation that you are in now not just by prayer and fasting but by thinking.

The Better Deliverance - Ministering Healing and Deliverance with Bishop Pride Sibiya

The book of exodus is a book that was written by Moses. The name exodus means to exit.

This is where we took the theme of our conference, Tiyambuke because at one point the people of Israel wherein bondage and God sent Moses to deliver them.

Moses was raised by God to deliver people to the Promised Land. When you cry to God, he releases a prophet to deliver and liberate you. God will send a prophet in your time and age to deliver you from your afflictions.

The book of Hebrews is a book of better things. The background of it was written because there were Jews that were saved and because of persecution from other Jews who were saying why have you neglected our faith, because of those persecutions some had already backslidden and some were now falling away. So the writer was writing this book to strengthen the people. He showed them that backsliding is moving to something good but not better.

What is good is not better than better.

The writer shows us that Jesus is better than angels. The Jews saw angels but Christians see Jesus who is of better rank. Mosses is not better than Jesus, Jesus is in the level of Melchizedek.

Obtaining Mercy and Finding Grace with Arch-Bishop Asa Gurupira

President Richard Watson was very famous because of a scandal, he had put the nation to disrepute and everyone was shunning him off because of what he had done.

When one of the then president found him sitting alone and said, welcome home soldier at a moment when he did not expect anyone to visit him. Because of one man, his life changed and from that moment he started to walk tall.

He had received grace where he never expected to receive grace.

We have a high priest who passed through everything and we can now come boldly to the throne of grace. Grace is unmerited favour. The mountain that we are climbing needs grace all the way through. In the book of genesis when Adam fell he needed the grace of God because what he had done needed the grace to cover him in that mess.

When Adam fell, we all fell.
We are sinners because Adam fell.

The sins you are doing today is because of that sinful nature. God gave us grace with the blood of animals but it would only cover us only for a year, and when God would see the blood he would forgive.

We thank God because of His grace and unmerited favour, we were worshipping many gods, we were in our sins and had no hope, but the bibles says that whilst we were sinners Christ died for us.

We did not deserve the grace of God but the blood of Jesus qualified us.

Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa says Money Is The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence

Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa says Money Is The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence:

Scripture: Matthew 4:8-9

We need to understand that the world that we are living in has kingdoms which we call mountains. What you can see on top of a mountain is different from what you see in the mountain.

There are two ways to get a kingdom either we worship the devil or God.

When the devil took Jesus into the mountain he showed Jesus the engine and machinery. He showed him how this kingdom is operating. The reasons why Christians are not taking the mountains is because they do not understand how these kingdoms operate.

The devil showered Jesus how you will operate and control the kingdoms.

Money Is The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence says Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa

Money Is The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence says Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa

Scripture: Proverbs 14:14

The bible says I will bless the works of your hands so if your hands are not working there is no blessing. Every man and every family needs to be doing something.

A lot of money comes when you put your money into many projects. You need to start investing in the mountain that you are called to possess.

Idea Generation!

How To Generate A Business Idea:

1. Observe and list the problems of the people around you.

See opportunities where there is a problem because your money is where you solve a problem. Go in your area and see the problems that people are having. The most common problem is the one you are supposed to solve first.

2. Brainstorm.

3. Skill search: You can create a business around your skill. Instead of going to a formal school you can go to a practical school and start your business from what you have learnt. Using your talent is good but some talents vanish with time, so you need to acquire skills as a part of generating income.

Mamma Overseer A. Chinoruma Speaks On Possessing Mountains

Tiyambuke 2019 - Life Beyond Stagnancy and Vicious Cycles - Overseer Abgirl Chinoruma Testimony!

Harare – Pastor Abgirl Chinoruma hates the devil with a passion, hence her passion for deliverance. During her early years, her family indulged in spiritual mediums and sacrificial worship.

But all their actions were in vain.

“I do deliverance and it is my passion to see people being delivered. I do not hesitate to go for it. I hate the devil with a passion because I grew up in a family were we worshipped dead spirits but nothing changed,” she recalls.

Before the Chinoruma family joined Glory Ministries, their life had remained stagnant, moving in circles.

“When we came to Glory Ministries we were very poor and sinking in poverty. Apostle Pride Sibiya taught us to pay tithes and what it means to pay the full tithes because some take part of the money and believe they are tithing.”

Their encounter with Apostle Sibiya was a few days after their wedding. After an initial visit in 2004, they became permanent members.

“He taught me to tithe from the gross salary not from the net salary and 2004 was our turning point we paid our tithes faithfully and we got breakthroughs. We were able to buy a brand new bed set which we had failed to buy for the past two years,” she remembers.

Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo Biography!

Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo is the Founder, President and the Presiding Bishop of Ablaze International Ministries Inc.

Ablaze Churches International, Holy Ghost School of Ministry Bible College (HGSM), Iron Sharpens Iron Pastors and Leaders Conferences (iSi), which hosts annual Young Ministers Conferences, Senior Pastors Breakfast, Pastors Kids Dinner.

He is the voice behind WORD MOMENTS, his Preaching and Teaching program which is designed for expounding the WORD of God through all social media platforms and live conferences.

Equipped with a robust apostolic ministry, he is used mightily by God in laying apostolic foundations into believers’ lives and various churches locally and internationally.

A prolific speaker on grand occasions, Bishop Nelson Nzvimbo travels to Australia, South Africa, Botswana, America and around Zimbabwe to speak on leadership seminars, crusades and conferences in addition to overseeing and giving spiritual covering to a number of churches in these countries.

Ordained with a passion to discover, develop and practically empower believers to do exploits for God’s Kingdom, he has partnered Campus Crusade for Christ (Life Ministry Zimbabwe) as associate staff, journeying countrywide, Japan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda on training missions in Transformational Leadership Movements.

- Vice President- Operations - Zimbabwe Council of Pentecostal churches - (ZCPC).
- Vice Chairperson - Chitungwiza Central Hospital Pastors Committee.

For more information visit - https://conferences.glorymin.net/

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