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If you have a question re. home education in South Africa, then this is the place to come to. From the HOW to the WHY and the WHERE our informative talks will provide answers and advice. We all need a helping hand sometime or maybe just some inspiration. Here, experienced home educators come alongside you and guide you on your journey.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following interviews are not necessarily those of the Homeschool Lounge or CHE. They are shared in the interests of promoting a variety of ideas and debate to assist people in making their own informed choices. For any legal advice please contact your legal representative.

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Overcoming Reading Challenges

Children who struggle to read not only find it difficult to learn (especially where the subject is content heavy), but they often have low self-esteem and struggle to concentrate.

The good news is, reading difficulties can be addressed and help is available.

Brand van Dyk (Smartbrain Child Development Institute) gives us advice.

For more information visit:
or contact them on: 021 910 2615 and e-mail:
Smartbrain Child Development Institute

Home Educating an Only Child

Is it healthy for an only child to be home educated and how do you ensure that he's not lonely or deprived of contact with other children?

Shirley Erwee (co-author of Footprints on our Land) and Anelle Burger (spokesperson, CHE) chat about the differences between large and small families and the benefits and challenges of homeschooling an only child.

Hall of Fame - Marike van Zyl

Marike van Zyl is a home education alumnus and studies applied mathematics at the University of Pretoria. She was educated according to the natural learning (self-directed learning) approach.

She gives us a glimpse into her life as home educated learner.

Hall of Fame - Josua Botha

Josua Botha is a student at the University of Pretoria. He was home educated with the natural (self-directed learning) approach.

He gives us a glimpse into his life as a home educated learner.

home education
natural learning

Teach Your Child to Read

Many parents ask for advice on how to teach their young child to read. Anelle Burger invited Hannekie Verwoerd (a speech and language therapist and creator of Luistervink Stories) to the lounge to answer this question. She shares with us how the brain prepares itself for reading and what we can do to optimally assist this development.
Luistervink Stories Luistervink YouTube

Zimkitha Moloi - A Mother's Heart

Our guest in the lounge is Zimkitha Moloi. A mother who followed her heart and did what was in the best interest of her children. She shares their home education journey - the challenges and the joy.

A Guide to Home Educating a Preschool Child

If you've ever needed advice on home educating your preschool child, then you should listen to this interview.

Marinda Erwee and Brenda Mhlungu are experienced preschool teachers who home educate their children.

Marinda worked in both private and public schools and was part of the BabyGym institute for 13 years.

Brenda worked in preschools in some of SA's poorest communities and was the founder of a private preschool in Johannesburg.

Home Education and the Law

Karin van Oostrum gives a short overview of the Pestalozzi trust's role and function and then gives a clear explanation of the law and policy that regulate home education.

Tuisonderrig en die Wet

Karin van Oostrum gee 'n kort oorsig oor die rol van die Pestalozzi trust en sy verduidelik die wet en beleid wat tuisonderrig reguleer.

Home Educating on a Shoestring

Many families are concerned about their finances and about whether they can afford to give their children a quality education. Some say that home education is only for the rich. Is it possible to provide your child with a quality education for less than the cost of attending a public school?
Anelle Burger talks with Adéle Breedt and Marita Green for answers to these questions.

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