The Weekend Explosion

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The Weekend Explosion starts off with my song choice which I call 
“My Dhamaka Choice”. Thereafter it goes into requests from listener’s. 
There is a 30min non-stop local medley at 10:30am on both Saturday and Sunday. 
It features 6 local songs. Listener’s are given the opportunity to send out their
messages to loved/dear ones at 11:30am.

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Regenerative medicine therapy – Autism/Cerebral Palsy

Urosurgeon and medical researcher Dr Pradeep Mahajan aims to raise awareness about modern regenerative medicine therapy. Dr Mahajan has treated the world's youngest case of cerebral palsy at the age of 14 months, and has left so many more social foot prints.

Epilepsy South Africa

Conversation with Marina Clarke the National Director of Epilepsy South Africa, Chairperson of the South African Disability Alliance (SADA) and a disability activist.

Down Syndrome

The parent of a 22 year old daughter by the name of Thameez who has Down syndrome. This is how Ancella became involved in the Down syndrome community, and she joined Down Syndrome South Africa in 2015 as the National Executive Director. She aims to create more awarness

Discussing people with short stature

A 53 years old, divorced and a mother of 2 with a rare condition due to it resulting in Melanie having short stature and she is 1.18 m tall. She is also the Secretariat of the SA Disability Alliance.

Mum of 3 with special needs

Kim is a remedial teacher by trade and has 3 special needs children, now all adults. Kim's eldest son is 31 with Frontal lobe brain injury at 4 yrs old due to a car accident. Kristie , 28 has severe dyslexia with ADHD, and Sammi , 22 Autistic and Alexic.

She ran a Special Needs school for 5 years. She is also a Director of the Centre of Justice for Special Needs NPO. Kim is raising funds to open coffee shops employing autistic young adults. Special Knead Cafe on FB is the platform for all things neuro diverse and it's become the voice of autism in South Africa.

Autism- Sammi Lee Rundle

Nothing stops this 22 year old Autistic young lady
Sammi is an autistic girl as well as Alexic and dyslexic which means she battles to read and uses her voice for everything. None of this has stopped her from being a young entrepreneur, boxer, dancer and so much more. She shared her inspiring experience with us for Women's month.

Interview with Jace Nair the CEO of Blind SA

The vision of Blind SA is to do whatever is necessary or conducive to empower visually impaired people to become economically self-supporting and to live a full and meaningful life as citizens of South Africa.

Ann Harding Cheshire home

Ann Harding Cheshire Home is a registered Non-Profit Organisation for the care, education, training and development of persons with physical disabilities of all races and religions. Krsna Priya Dasa chats to Jackie Kyle who is the fundraising manager of the organisation to find out more.

Fundraiser concert 2019 - Angie Govindsami

Down syndrome association is hosting their first chutney nagara fun day with loads of entertainment, so its a fundraiser concert 2019 which is an amazing initiative and it is going to be fun and rocking at the same time. They definitely need your support. 31 August 2019

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