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Somali-American Designer Debuts Hijabs at Nordstrom 

A Somali-American fashion designer is launching a line of headscarves with a major North American retailer to give Muslim women more options and to make hijabs more visible to U.S. shoppers. VOA Somali’s Maxamud Mascadde has our story from the Midwest state of Minnesota, narrated by Radhia Adam.
23 Jul 2021 1 min

Teaching Others the Tradition of Making Babkas

Pastry chef Shimi Aaron fell in love with babkas — a dessert that originated in Eastern Europe in the 19th century. Aaron started making his own, and today he is teaching others how to make this unusual pastry. Genia Dulot met with the chef to hear his story.Camera: Genia Dulot  
19 Jul 2021 3 min

Maryland-Based Visual Artist Finds Inspiration in US Social Issues

Suzanne Firstenberg is a self-described social issues artist who finds inspiration in America —  economic inequality, racism and climate change, among other issues. She doesn’t limit herself to any particular medium but instead uses whatever she thinks works best to draw attention to the most pressing issues of our time. Maxim…
16 Jul 2021 3 min

US Modeling Agency Steps Toward Diversity in Fashion

Briana Mariah, founder of We Speak model agency, believes models should reflect the world, and her agency finds and promotes a unique and diverse group of people. Karina Bafradzhian reports from Washington D.C.Camera: David Gogokhia
15 Jul 2021 3 min

New York City Boasts New 'Little Island,' a Park Like No Other

A new and unique park opened in New York City in late May and since then it has become a city gem and tourist magnet.  For VOA, Evgeny Maslov reports from “Little Island” in New York City. Anna Rice narrates. Camera: Vladimir Badikov, Vladimir Tolkachev 
13 Jul 2021 2 min

It's Game On for Olympics Despite COVID Surge and Lockdown

Olympic officials have barred spectators from the games amid spiking coronavirus cases in Japan.  Organizers have long said they will push forward with the Olympics, but experts say the highly transmissible delta variant should give them pause.  VOA’s Arash Arabasadi has more.Produced by: Arash Arabasadi  
11 Jul 2021 2 min

71-Year-Old Ballroom Dancer Doesn't Believe in Aging

At the age of 55, Alisa Leht fell in love with ballroom dancing. Today – at 71 – she is on the dance floor every other day, training for hours and taking part in dancing competitions. Liliya Anisimova met with Leht to talk about her passion. Anna Rice narrates her story.  Camera:…
9 Jul 2021 3 min

In North India, Artisans Weave a New Garment to Woo Customers

At a workshop in Kullu district in North India, dozens of artisans bend over hand-operated looms, deftly weaving a garment called the sari in vibrant shades of pink and orange.The sari is an unstitched, flowing garment worn by women in India and in South Asian countries like Bangladesh. It is…
7 Jul 2021 3 min

Russian-Estonian Film 'Minsk' Examines 2020 Crackdown in Belarus 

A Russian-Estonian film ‘Minsk’ looks at the Belarus government’s crackdown on protesters in August 2020. The movie – all 90 minutes of it – was filmed in one shot and will be released in time for the one-year anniversary of the brutal events. Iryna Solomko has the story, narrated by Anna Rice.Camera: Iryna Solomko  
21 Jun 2021 2 min

Tree to Table: Cicadas Make for Culinary Adventure at DC Restaurant

Parts of the United States are being invaded by a mass brood of cicadas that emerges from the ground once every 17 years.  For most people the noisy insects are a nuisance, but for others, they’re a meal. VOA's Alam Burnahan has details in this story narrated by Irfan Ihsan…
15 Jun 2021 2 min

COVID-19 Threatens Cambodian Dance Troupe’s Sacred Identity

For 14 years, a Khmer classical dance troupe in northern Cambodia has distinguished itself with its embrace of spirituality. But the impact of the coronavirus pandemic may end the troupe’s livelihood and spiritual identity, as VOA’s Chetra Chap reports.
14 Jun 2021 4 min

In Billions of Cicadas, Poets Find Their Muse

Across the Eastern United States, billions of Brood X cicadas are emerging after 17 years underground. The noisy insects with the bright red eyes overwhelm predators by emerging in densities of 1 million per acre, scientists say. And the hum of mating males has been likened to the buzz of…
9 Jun 2021 2 min

New York Film Industry Booming Despite COVID Pandemic

As New York COVID restrictions ease, Broadway is hoping to draw people back to the theater while the movie industry is expanding its footprint in the Big Apple. Evgeny Maslov has the story, narrated by Anna Rice.Camera: Michael Eckels, VOA & News agencies 
6 Jun 2021 2 min

COVID Silenced Istanbul’s Vibrant Music Scene, But Signs of Life Are Emerging 

Turkey has had the highest number of COVID infections in Europe and has been in and out of lockdown for more than a year. Among those hardest hit have been the country's musicians, who have received little or no government support. Dorian Jones reports from Turkey’s entertainment capital, Istanbul.Video editor:  Marcus Harton 
3 Jun 2021 3 min

Video Art Pioneer Predicted Screen-Filled World

Decades before YouTube, there was Nam June Paik, a Korean American artist who believed all people should have their own TV channel. Matt Dibble explores a retrospective of this visionary video artist. Producer: Matt Dibble
2 Jun 2021 3 min

'In the Heights' Celebrates Diversity in America

In the Heights, a film about the dreams and struggles of the Latino community in a New York neighborhood, is Lin Manuel Miranda’s love letter to the place where he grew up. It also represents Miranda’s high-stakes bet that people will flock to the theater after months of COVID restrictions…
29 May 2021 3 min

Hollywood Actors Say Local Theaters in California Under Threat

Some veteran Hollywood actors say a law intended to help gig economy workers has the unintended consequence of threatening nonprofit theaters.  Mike O’Sullivan has the story from Los Angeles. Camera: Roy Kim, Rodmy Dorcil and Arturo Martinez
27 May 2021 2 min
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