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Albuquerque's Community College, Seedbed of Local Film Industry

Recently, a film studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, signed a billion dollar contract with entertainment giant Netflix and a $500 million deal with NBC Universal Studios.  These agreements with Albuquerque Studios come on the heels of New Mexico granting enhanced tax incentives to production companies that film in the state and hire local talent.  One of the seedbeds for such talent is the Central New Mexico Community College. VOA’s Penelope Poulou visited the school and has this report

In Post-Cold War Berlin, Arts Scene Paves Way for Reunification

In the 30 years that have passed since the Berlin Wall came down and ended a decades-long division between the eastern and western parts of the city, it is artists who have injected new life into the abandoned buildings in what was communist East Berlin. And as Charles Maynes reports, this cultural scene became a driving force behind the reconciliation of East and West - a process that continues to this day.

President Trump's Childhood Home in New York City Is on the Market

President Trump is breaking ties from the state of New York making his official residence in Florida. And now the five-bedroom house where the 45th president of the United States spent his childhood years is on the market. The New York house has changed owners a number of times since it was built in the 1940s by the president's father, Fred Trump. The Trump family lived there for a decade, and the president spent the first four years of his life there. Nina Vishneva has the story narrated by Anna Rice 

Exhibit Dedicated To J.D. Salinger Opens In NYC

The New York Public Library just opened an exhibition dedicated to J.D. Salinger, the author of the classic coming-of-age novel Catcher in the Rye. For the first time, the reclusive writer's fans will be able to see his rare letters, manuscripts, photos and other personal items. The glimpse into the writer's creative process is attracting thousands. Anna Nelson visited the exhibit, and Anna Rice has her story.

The Real-World Inspiration for Monsters Like Dracula, Frankenstein

Dracula, Frankenstein and other monsters may have literary origins, but Hollywood has turned them into iconic characters that have scared and thrilled audiences for decades.In the new exhibit, “Natural History of Horror,” the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County explains the link between art and reality, and shows how filmmakers looked to science and archeology as inspiration for hair-raising movie monsters.
“It’s really been a journey since those films were created to see how these different monsters have been interpreted and reinterpreted over the years,” said Jeff Pirtle, director of archives and collections, at NBC Universal.
“When you look at, for instance, Dracula, all you have to do is see a man in a cape and a tuxedo underneath -- it’s an iconic image," said Beth Werling, collections manager in the museum's history department. "You know, it’s the suave, sophisticated Dracula during the day, and a vampire at night. You look at Frankenstein and the green makeup and the flat head and the bolts coming out of the neck, you know what you’re looking at.”
Visitors can see original monster movie posters and props donated by Universal, including the ball and chain that shackled Frankenstein’s reanimated corpse in the 1931 movie.
There is also a reproduction of the costume from the 1954 film "Creature from the Black Lagoon," with movable gills.
Beyond the props, the exhibit highlights the real-life inspirations for the Hollywood horrors.
 The myth and science that inspired the Creature from the Black Lagoon movie. (Photo: Elizabeth Lee / VOA)Milicent Patrick designed the “creature” from the Black Lagoon by studying reptiles, amphibians, fish and pictures of extinct animals. One of the creature's origins came from the discovery in 1938 of coelacanths — fish that some biologists thought at the time to be the missing link between sea and land creatures.
The discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 inspired "The Mummy" in 1932. In the new exhibit, the wrappings of a real mummy are displayed near fake wrappings from the movie.
“The prop is pretty much what the originals were made out of — linen cloth, very coarsely woven. And in our case, with the prop mummy wrappings, they were dubbed with Fuller’s earth (clay material) to give them the kind of dusty, crusty look to age them," Werling said. Fuller's earth is "kind of like a dirt-like mixture that you would use when you wanted to age something or have something look dusty. As ...

George W. Bush's 'Courage' Portraits Exhibited in Kennedy Center

Washington's Kennedy Center opened an unusual exhibition within the walls of its new art space,  a collection of paintings by former president George W. Bush. The total of 66 oil paintings of military veterans will be displayed in the center this fall. Maxim Moskalkov has the story. 

Halloween Fan Lights Up Arlington

Every year on October 31, or Halloween, American streets overflow with candy and costumes. On average, people spend $86 a year on decorations, sweets, costumes and accessories. Yet some love the spooky holiday much more than others. Mariia Prus met with a true Halloween fan who takes the holiday frightfully seriously. 

Pirates, Witches and Superheroes March in Virginia Halloween Parade

On Halloween, the spookiest day of the year on October 31, it’s traditional for children in the United States to wear costumes to go ‘trick or treating’ in their neighborhoods to ask for candy.  Some communities also have Halloween parades. Earlier this week, characters like pirates, angels and scarecrows marched in Alexandria, Virginia, just outside Washington. VOA’s Deborah Block takes us along the colorful parade with some imaginative costumes.

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