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PR Girl Media Interview - ZASA Magazine

The PR Girl Media story is one many of us know [and if you don’t, that’s a special rock you’ve been under :-)].

Inspiring and insightful, the beauty and braun that are PR Girl Media, Chishimba ‘Chichi’ and Monde Nyambe, talk about this very special company close to their hearts, their journey to where they are now, and the legacy they are working hard to leave behind through their passion for their work.

Chilu Lemba Interview - ZASA Magazine

Chilu Lemba - voice-over artist, musician, public speaker, podcaster for Key Africans Unlocked, Radio Summit founder... Could a list go on even more for one human being?! And where does he find the time to sleep?!

This was one of those interviews I thoroughly enjoyed. Inspiring and so much fun and laughs!

Lungo Katete Interview - ZASA Magazine

Lungo describes herself as an artist in all senses. Literally everything she does has an artistic element. She says she always likes to stay true to her artistic, expressive self even in the way she dresses and other things she does. This is the reason she decided to do architecture, because it was a way in which she could express who she was through design and creation. She also does pageants which she says helps her show people who she is artistically, and as a person. Pageants fit in with her bubbly, outgoing, creative and fabulous self! {Yasss huney!} She will be pursuing her honours degree in 2020 and thereafter her masters degree….and she thinks that’s it study wise!

Mutinta Nalumango Interview - ZASA Magazine

Tinta is an ambitious, thoughtful young lady who is hoping to change the narrative in Africa, especially for women. She is hoping to start an NGO for education and small enterprises to empower women. She is a Financial Accountant for the Group Transformation team at Alexander Forbes, which is in charge of all the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), the company funds and their surrounding communities. The team runs a lot of charitable events and fundraising. Mutinta is responsible for managing the budgets and also helps plan the events. She currently has a BSc Honours in Accounting and Financing. She will be pursuing her MSc in Accounting and Finance in the UK from next year.

Dorothy Muleya Interview - ZASA Magazine

Dorothy is a young vibrant, veeeery talkative law graduate currently serving her articles of clerkship at a Johannesburg based law firm. She says her life revolves around her work, but we have seen this lady shaking things up enough to know better😉. Dorothy plans to pursue her masters soon in either Petroleum and Energy Law or Income Tax Law. At the moment she is not considering pursuing her PhD in Law, but she has always been very keen on economics and will definitely pursue that in the future.

Chichi Miti-Longwe Interview - ZASA Magazine

Chichi is a 25-year-old legal practitioner/lawyer. She just finished her articles and will be admitted as an attorney of the High Court on the 3rd of October. She also just started working as an Associate at an all-black firm in Kyalami. She describes her journey to this point as hard work… but hey she prospered! She is also currently completing her masters degree (she’s at dissertation phase) in Comparative Child Law, which she will complete this year. No further plans for education for now, she might be back though she’s still young!

Nyatowani Mumbai Interview - ZASA Magazine

Nyatowani describes herself as a 22-year-old Zambian creative and artistic woman. She is very interested in designing and creating, and says that her motivation to study architecture came from this passion for creativity. She describes Architecture as a form in which she finds the best expression of herself. She says she has always been artistically inclined. Architecture is not all she does though, she is also into photography, drawing and painting. Nyatowani finished her bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2017 and worked in 2018. She is now back at Wits doing her honours, and then will do her master’s degree in 2020. {Talk about life all figured out young lady!!}

Kalusha Bwalya Interview - ZASA Magazine

It was 25 years ago, I remember as a 10-year-old feeling this gripping depressed mood sweeping through the nation as news confirmation of the plane going down trickled in. My parents, uncles and aunts were glued to the TV and the more visuals came in, the more we saw the adults go from depression to anger and confusion to despair. The hopes of the nation had been dashed in one cruel turn of fate as a team that was destined for greatness was wiped out.

This would have been the end of the road for many but Zambia refused to be that. A team arose from the ashes to push to the final the following year only to be halted by Nigeria. 18 years later the Zambian national team was lifting the cup that was ripped from our hands 7kms from the site of the deadly crash. This new team had, a day earlier, been taken to the crash site to pay respects by a man who with a few defiant men and women had decided Zambian football would not fade into obscurity. With the 2018 World Cup just days away, it is fitting that we got to talk to a man that has become celebrated for his contributions to football in Zambia and the rest of the world.

Kalusha Bwalya began by telling me about the root of his passion and the things that have helped propel him to the pinnacle of Zambian Soccer.

Link to Edition -

Katongo Temba Interview - ZASA Magazine

We first came across her early 2017 and fell in love with her music right away. We went on to publish her bio in the Zed Artist Profiles column of the April 2017 edition and have followed her career since. She was based in the UK at the time and you could tell her influences were more western than they were rooted in Africa but her progression has seen her embrace Mother Zambia which shows in her more recent projects.

She has gone on to produce music with the likes of Slap Dee and is currently in Zambia working on her next album as well as doing some charity work around children and female empowerment. We thought it was about time we sat her down and talked about her journey as well as find out what her plans are, especially with a new album in the works this year.

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Kaleo Sansaa Interview - ZASA Magazine

It’s a different sound. It was the first time I had ever heard anything like it, some sounds do come close to it but there’s no denying it’s unique. A mixture of jazz, hip hop, RnB and soul held together with poetry that seemed more like meditation – but - you’ll have to listen for yourself because I don’t even think I’m doing this description justice. This prompted me to click through to her website and pages. I was intrigued and at first, didn’t even know she was Zambian until I heard Bemba in one of her songs. What made it even more interesting was that she’s based in Germany.

I played her music for a friend and got the same reaction – intrigue (with a whole lot of questions). That’s when I knew we had to hear her story and bring her to you. We reached out and about a month or so later she announced tour dates for South Africa and Zambia – our chance had manifested.

We met in a rustic coffee shop in the arty section of Johannesburg, Maboneng Precinct. She had just come off the Cape Town leg of her tour and was kicking off the Johannesburg leg the same day. She will be performing in Lusaka in the 4th week of July before heading off to her home village, Senga Hills near Kasama for a much-needed break.

Edition download page (free)…2018-free-download/

Rob Simbowe Interview - ZASA Magazine

We interviewed Rob a few months ago, that was just before he got into the ring and knocked his opponent out in less than a minute. This time around was a bit different. He was brought to submission through a choke hold. His story is one that everyone can draw parallels to life from. Things don’t always go your way and life will bring you to submission – the question is; are you ready to jump back into the ring?

This match was actually the main card fight as opposed to the preliminary matches he was in before – main card matches go live on TV.

We sat down with him again for a chat before this second fight and got a bit deeper than we did in our last interview.

Mwangala Ikacana Interview - Part 2 of 2

[CONTINUED] We had been trying for some time to get her to talk to us but had been unable to due to some complications between Miss Zambia Pageant’s management company (Platinum Events Productions Africa) and the previous title holder Louisa Chingangu. The crown was contested in December 2016 and Mwangala got promoted from first princess to title holder in May this year after Louisa was dethroned due to a controversy that went viral on social media and made headlines in Zambian mainstream media publications.

We finally got a chance to chat to her when she came to South Africa to contest the Miss Africa Continent Pageant 2017. We found her deep in rehearsals and managed to get her away for an hour – the competition was taking place in 4 days.

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