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The Investment case for Purple Group

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of small and medium capitalisation shares on the JSE, we will be giving investors the opportunity to engage with management at a variety of JSE-listed businesses.

The second company we are profiling is Purple Group - the highly disruptive financial services group that has been on a mission to democratise share ownership in the country.

Despite the COVID-19 disruptions, Purple has continued to acquire clients through its EasyEquities (Fractional share ownership business) and has extended its model to include US and Australian equities.

Nastassia Arendse talks to CEO Charles Savage about the investment case for Purple and where he sees the group businesses headed in the next few years.
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter EasyEquities

Introducing Orion Real Estate Limited

The Company is a REIT with a property portfolio in the retail, industrial and office markets. The company was originally founded by Franz Gmeiner in 1991 with the purchase of a high rise office building in downtown Johannesburg.

Over the years the company evolved and grew by acquisition and the reverse listing in 2005 on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) main board.

The migration to ZAR X stock exchange opens a new chapter in the history of Orion. From inception the company has as its core business activities the investment in commercial, industrial, retail and hospitality properties. Orion’s business model also has as a core element of its management philosophy the concept of in-sourcing. This means where at all possible the company executes all aspects of property management in-house.

Nastassia Arendse interviews group CEO Franz Gmeimer about the business, the state of the property market in South Africa and the experience of being listed on both the JSE and ZARX
ZARX - Orion Real Estate Limited Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Share Incentives in listed organisations…are they a scheme of arrangement or a scam?

Current incentive schemes been rendered useless due to poor equity markets coupled with increasing regulation, tax and ineffective implementation. Many schemes are no longer fit for purpose as they will not achieve the objectives for the organisation concerned. This has led to persistent underperformance and deep structural weaknesses at companies with professional management teams.

These derivative-type instruments are likely permanently impaired and require a re-set or at the very least a review by the Board and related stakeholders. If anything, a reset of the strike prices could be seen as ‘gaming’ the incentive structures and unfair to ordinary shareholders.

Join Guy Addison from Addison Advisory and former financial journalist Marc Ashton as they unpack this topic.
Addison Comline Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Helping Black Umbrellas Entrepreneurs Access The Media

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted a number of traditional industry players - creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to break into new supply chains and markets.

- How do entrepreneurs positions themselves as experts in a sector?

- How do innovators share the news of their products or services?

- What are the non-traditional avenues that entrepreneurs can follow to get access to media exposure?

In this webinar, Marc Ashton will take Black Umbrellas entrepreneurs through some of the tips and tricks for accessing the media.

Marc is an experienced financial journalist having worked for Succeed Magazine,, Finweek (Editor) and MD of Moneyweb until it was de-listed from the JSE in 2017.

Marc now runs Decusatio - a consulting company helping entrepreneurs tackle the twin challenges of:
- Access to Finance
- Access to Markets (PR / Communications, Market Research, Business Development Strategies)

Delegates will receive a workbook and a free license for the SME Snapshot tool.
SME Snapshot Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Introducing the Canna-Q project in Lesotho

The cannabis industry worldwide has exploded and a number of emerging markets are ideally positioned to enter the global supply chain.

Canna-Q, a transformative Lesotho based medicinal cannabis project will be engaging international stakeholders around opportunities to partner with this exciting GMP certified operation.

In this podcast, the Canna-Q management and transaction advisors (Uzenzele) engage on how to partner with the company.
Canna-Q website Canna-Q LinkedIn Uzenzele Holdings

Youth Employment Service (YES) - Beyond The Job

The Youth Employment Service (YES) is one of the highest impact social initiatives in the world and a number of businesses are now entering their second - and even third - years of participation.

With COVID-19 disrupting economic activity in South Africa, it is clear that it will no longer be business as usual and businesses are going to need to re-imagine how they integrate the YES B-BBEE incentive into their strategy going forward.

YES is rolling out a number of exciting opportunities to integrate your YES youth Implementation with Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives including:

- Practical examples of YES youth being absorbed their own small businesses as per the Clarification Statement released by the dti in February 2020

- A YES mask manufacturing and distribution project

- An update on the YES hub model and opportunities for businesses to participate in this roll-out

- YES creating technology jobs through a dedicated youth team and Implementation Partners

Questions can be pre-submitted on
Youth Employment Service (YES)

#LockDown - Healthier human workplace relationships

While the COVID-19 lockdown has been greeted with much enthusiasm by supporters of remote working, the novelty factor is rapidly wearing off and this is having an impact on both employers and employees.

- How are staff coping with a technology overload as they are bombarded with Skype / ZOOM/ WhatsApp and e-mail?

- Despite technology making us more connected, the lockdown is impacting the human interaction, leading to uncertainty in some cases.

- For many employees, there is uncertainty around whether there will be a salary at the end of April and many employers are watching years of investing in their businesses collapse

Join Paula Quinsee for this upcoming webinar where she will discuss ways to have better and healthier human interactions in both their personal and workplace relationships.
Paula Quinsee - Website Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Youth Employment Service (YES) - April update

The South African economy has been rocked by the COVID-19 lockdown and this has had a material impact on job creation initiatives in South Africa.

Once again South Africa is being forced to reconsider the world of work.

The Youth Employment Service (YES) has created over 34 000 jobs over the past 12 months and remains one of South Africa's most successful partnerships between government, labour and the private sector.

Join the YES team for this webinar where we look at:

- YES and the COVID-19 lockdown and the impact on YES Youth

- The YES Clarification Statement issued by the dti in February 2020

- Integrating YES into broader Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives including new jobs related to technology, coding and e-commerce as well as capacitating healthcare jobs to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.

If you would like assistance in integrating YES into your business, please e-mail
Youth Employment Service (YES)

Incentive Schemes for high-growth businesses

One of the single biggest challenges for high-growth businesses is how to incentivise key staff without losing alignment with the strategic objectives of the businesses.

In recent years, there has been much criticism of Share Appreciation Rights structures which reward executives for outperformance but there is little recourse for shareholders when the leadership of the business underperforms.

Guy Addison from Addison Inc, joins us to talk a little bit about how both listed and unlisted businesses can better align their incentive schemes with all stakeholders.
Addison Advisory Decusatio - Do you need assistance with a Share / Executive Incentive Scheme ?

Debt Relief Funds and Growth Businesses in South Africa

The South African business landscape has been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 virus, forcing many businesses to consider their survival. Both government (including the Industrial Development Corporation) and the private sector have responded with a variety of different debt relief and industry specific funds to assist entrepreneurs weather the storm.

Join Jessica Hubbard as she hosts Nadia and Zahra Rawjee from finance specialists Uzenzele on this upcoming webinar where they will unpack the variety of grants, incentives and relief funds available to entrepreneurs
Uzenzele Holdings

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