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Accessing the Mauritian property market from $100 000

Many South Africans have become disillusioned by the economic prospects for the domestic market and have begun to look abroad for better opportunities.

While some are looking for a more permanent move, others are just looking for ways to diversify their assets and de-risk their portfolios.

One of the most attractive investment destinations at the moment is Mauritius which offers both lifestyle, tax and property benefits.

Until recently, accessing this market was largely only for the super rich but there are new opportunities springing up and many can now access this market from just $100 000.

Tyronne Nel from SME.Tax unpacks some of these benefits.
SME.Tax Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter SMESnapshot

Owe SARS money but don't know where to begin?

"You don’t pay taxes–they take taxes." - Comedian Chris Rock

Many South African tax payers are stretched to their absolute limits as they find the cost-of-living continues to rise and salaries don't keep pace. The last thing your business needs is to go into a dispute situation with SARS.

Many business owners are unaware of the Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) that SARS offers. Businesses and individuals who owe SARS money but have not declared it (i.e. by not submitting PAYE, VAT or Income Tax Returns) can now do so under the VDP and save by not being charged interest or penalties for late filing.
Similarly the Tax Administration Act which deals with the waiving of Taxes owed to SARS and also Compromises on Debt owed by Individuals, Trusts, Close Corporations and Companies. SARS may be willing to write off or reduce taxes, penalties, interest and even additional tax owed to SARS.

The term “compromise” is defined as an agreement;
that is entered into between SARS and the taxpayer
where the debtor undertakes to pay an amount which is less than the full amount of the tax debt due to SARS in full settlement of the debt
SARS agrees to write off the remaining portion of the debt permanently.

The basis for the compromise is that, where a taxpayer is unable to pay the debt, SARS will secure the highest return from the recovery of the taxes due, provided that the process was initiated by the taxpayer / registered tax practitioner.

The content team hosted the SME.Tax experts as they unpack the process for you.
Decusatio - Do you need assistance with a SARS dispute? SME.Tax SME Snapshot

Strategies for winning SAs talent war

“The illiterate of the future will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” - Alvin Toffler

Without question, one of the single biggest challenges that high-growth South African businesses face is the war for talent.

A combination of a sluggish economy and an outflux of skilled professionals has meant that many businesses are having to work hard to hang onto their talent.

What strategies can be implemented to help your organisation retain talent? How can you reduce your risk by finding the right people for your organisation?

In this webinar, Jessica Hubbard talks to Crayon CEO Derrick Carolin looking at:

- The war for SA's talent
- The challenges SA recruiters face and the tools they are using to reduce their risk
- The cost of recruiting the wrong people
- Measuring and capitalising on an employee GRIT score

This webinar is ideal for:
- HR managers
- High-growth entrepreneurs

... all trying to navigate the talent war.
Crayon - Africa's fastest-growing talent platform Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

B-BBEE and the SME

Navigating the South African B-BBEE landscape can be a minefield for many small businesses who are trying to comply with scorecard commitments while keeping a close eye on their bottom-line.

B-BBEE done right can be a fantastic catalyst for finding new business and changing the South African economy while B-BBEE done wrong can be expensive mistake for SMEs.

Join Nicolene Schoeman-Louw from SchoemanLaw and Jessica Hubbard from our content team where they look at:

- Some of the recent changes in B-BBEE sectoral codes and why they matter
- How to navigate the world of B-BBEE consultants and verification agencies
- Turning your B-BBEE spend into a source of new business for your enterprise
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter Schoeman Law - SME Self Service Desk

Smart Contracts and the SA Entrepreneur

The world of contract law is rapidly changing and the introduction of so-called “Smart Contracts” could change the way that entrepreneurs interact with their stakeholders.

Investopedia defines a “Smart Contract” as a:

“Self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network.”

But are “Smart Contracts”, taking off in South Africa and how exactly does an entrepreneur integrate them into their business processes?

Jessica Hubbard from our content team talks to Nicolene Schoeman-Louw from SchoemanLaw about the rise of this new technology and how it will impact SA entrepreneurs in their engagements with clients and other stakeholders.
Schoeman Law - SME Self Service Desk Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Why Virtual Office Assistants are the way to go in 2019

For time-starved entrepreneurs, Virtual Office Assistants can be a critical tool for improving their productivity and letting them focus on running their businesses.

But what should you look for in a Virtual Office Assistant?

Rosemary Adogo from Allin-1 joined Marc Ashton to discuss this trend and looked at:
- Why Virtual Office Assistants go far beyond admin
- Some of the projects they are working on in Africa
- Why local knowledge is a valuable asset

Allin-1 Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Preparing your business for sale - practical advice for the entrepreneur

We are once again joined by Guy Addison from Addison Advisory and we take listeners through some of the things you need to consider when selling your business.

In this episode, Guy and Marc look at:

a. Questions to ask yourself before looking to sell your business.
b. How to do it properly: the best process for putting your company ‘on the market’
c. Hints and tricks about the art of negotiating a sale.

Don't forget to join us at our Value Forum event on 3 July.

Just by registering for the webinar, you receive a free 6 month trial to the SME Snapshot product which gives you real-time data analytics on your business and industr
Addison Advisory Decusatio - Looking to value / sell your business Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Non-Disclosure Agreements and the Entrepreneur

In this episode, we are joined by Nicolene Schoeman from SchoemanLaw who takes us through:

- Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in buying / selling a business, client / supplier relationships
- NDA's and directors / your employees
- The relationship between NDAs, Restraint of Trade agreements and intellectual property protection

We also highlight how entrepreneurs can use tools like the SME Self-Service Desk ( to help keep costs down while protecting their most valuable assets
Schoeman Law - SME Self Service Desk SchoemanLaw Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

How to improve the valuation ascribed to your business

Following on from our recent "Preparing your business for sale" webinar, we bring you the next webinar in our series.

Guy Addison from Addison Advisory again joins us to look at practical steps that entrepreneurs can take to improve the value of their business.

Guy takes entrepreneurs through 20 mechanisms to improve your business’ valuation and some tips and key insights gained over 2 decades.
Decusatio - Looking to value / sell your business Addison Advisory

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