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The Investment Case for Capital Appreciation

Building on the current small-cap webinar series, Decuatio will be presenting the investment case for yet another JSE listed company: Capital Appreciation (CAPPREC).

CAPPREC provides payment terminals as well as technology that banks and other financial services companies use to add more features to their digital platforms, such as integrating loyalty programmes and the sale of prepaid vouchers. It also offers highly specialised software development, Cloud services, machine learning and AI-services to a broad range of financial institutions and retailers. Its blue-chip clients include the big four banks as well as Discovery Vitality, TymeBank and a number of asset managers and retailers, locally and abroad. Given the increased uptake of digital payments driven by the Covid-19 crisis, Capital Appreciation had the opportunity to grow its business during a difficult 2020.

Join Marc Ashton as he hosts the top management team from Capital Appreciation: Bradley Sacks (joint CEOs), Michael Shapiro (Executive Director and MD of Synthesis) and Alan Salomon (CFO). Together they will give investors insights into who CAPPREC is and allow investors to engage to better understand the outlook for Fintech in the future.
Decusatio - Helping Africa Invest Smarter

Slicing Pie: The world's only fair startup equity calculator

How do you value equity in an early-stage startup? What is more valuable - cash or relationships?

What metrics can you use to value the equity contributions from different shareholders or funders?

These are some of the age-old questions that create unique challenges for SMEs and there may just be an answer .... Slicing Pie!

Slicing Pie is a formula for creating a perfect equity split in bootstrapped startups. It's the only model that guarantees that every founder, investor, partner and employee gets exactly what they deserve... no more and no less!

Join Mike Moyer, the US-based entrepreneur and inventor of the Slicing Pie methodology for this webinar where he will take entrepreneurs through the methodology and how to tackle some of these challenges.

This webinar will be supported by Addison-Comline who are the local agents for Slicing Pie in South Africa.

Webinar participants will also receive:
- An SME Snapshot license for 12 months (

- 90% off our "How to Find Clients and Grow your business" course valued at $350

.... and one lucky webinar participant with the best question will get a copy of the Slicing Pie book.
Decusatio - How to value my business for sale SME Snapshot Addison-Comline Slicing Pie

Not all solar is created equal

South African consumers and business owners have one thing on their mind as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic: Can we keep the lights on and get our businesses up and running again?

While the challenges at Eskom have been well documented, South Africans have been given a boost with the announcement that municipalities in good standing will be able to purchase their own electricity and take charge of their own power supply.

But what is the most appropriate form of electricity supply?

Solar energy is incredibly topical at the moment and there are a number of options on the market. How does one select which solar implementation is the most appropriate for their needs? What are the common mistakes that people make when installing solar.

In this exciting webinar, financial journalists Nastassia Arendse and former Finweek editor and Moneyweb MD Marc Ashton chat to the team from Solec on the subject of:

"Not all solar is created equal"
Solec South Africa

The investment case for Calgro M3

Listed property groups in South Africa have been under enormous pressure in 2020, particularly as the impact of COVID-19 has started to reach the real-economy and impact on the South African middle-class.

JSE-listed Calgro M3 arguably offers something a little bit different and has long been regarded by analysts and portfolio managers as one of the premium small-cap shares on the bourse.

Marc Ashton hosts Wikus Lategan (CEO) and Waldi Joubert (Financial Director) as they unpack the investment case for their business and its unique turnkey business model which has three operating segments: namely Residential Property Development, Memorial Parks and Residential Rental Investments.
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

Innovation in Executive Remuneration

Current share incentive schemes are largely redundant due to poor equity market performance coupled with a changes to tax regimes. Many schemes are no longer fit for purpose as they will not achieve the objectives for the organisation concerned. This has led to persistent underperformance and deep structural weaknesses at companies with professional management teams. The result of inefficient incentive schemes is likely to result in a dramatic shift in executive remuneration strategies and structures, both here in South Africa and internationally.

Addison-Comline in association with Curle Securities has developed a new structure that complements corporate governance best practice while as the same time aligning management more effectively with existing shareholders and the growth of the company.

York Zucchi is talking #AccessToMarkets

The ability to secure new clients is a critical part of the entrepreneurship journey but how does a small business secure these clients?

Swiss investor and experienced entrepreneur York Zucchi is in the process of rolling out a variety of new entrepreneurship courses helping entrepreneurs break into new markets.

This webinar is ideal for entrepreneurs, SME owners, incubators, accelerators and Enterprise / Supplier Development program administrators who are looking to re-imagine how they build out new markets.

Join Nastassia Arendse and York as they walk entrepreneurs and small business owners through some practical-to-follow tips and tricks that can be applied to your business today.

BONUS: Just for registering for this webinar, you get a 50% discount on the new course that York will be launching - that's a R3000 bonus just for your support!

Presentation of Firejuice SME Marketing Survey Results

87% of small businesses profiled by marketing agency Firejuice say that they spend money on marketing.... yet only 37% are able to keep track of their results.

90% of those surveyed, plan to do marketing in the coming months yet 56% don't have a documented plan.

This highlights a huge disconnect between intent and execution.

Join Firejuice founder Bernard Jansen and Nastassia Arendse as they take small business owners through their research and recommend strategies for business owners who are planning to increase marketing spend in the coming months.
Firejuice - Marketing Strategy for Business Results Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter

The Investment Case for Dale Capital Group

Our next featured ZARX company is Dale Capital Group.

Dale Capital Group is a publicly-quoted Private Equity Investment Holding Company, which has had a successful private equity track record in Southern Africa with a history of principal investment dating back to 1996. In 2007, the company was listed on the official market of the stock exchange of Mauritius. Its core focus is now the Sub–Saharan Africa region. The strategy of the company is to invest from its own balance sheet and also with the funds of partners and co–investors.

Meet the management of this business and get a keen understanding of what makes this investment portfolio tick. Financial journalist Nastassia Arendse will talk to CEO and Founder Norman Noland and Executive Chairman Mark Foulds.
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter Dale Capital Group ZARX - Dale Capital Group

Youth Employment Service (YES) - July Update

The South African economy has been rocked by the COVID-19 lockdown and this has had a material impact on job creation initiatives in South Africa.

Once again South Africa is being forced to reconsider the world of work.

The Youth Employment Service (YES) has created over 36 000 jobs over the past 12 months and remains one of South Africa's most successful partnerships between government, labour and the private sector.

Join the YES team for this webinar where we look at:

- YES and the COVID-19 lockdown and the impact on YES Youth

- The YES Clarification Statement issued by the dti in February 2020

- Integrating YES into broader Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives including new jobs related to technology, coding and e-commerce as well as capacitating healthcare jobs to cope with the COVID-19 crisis.
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter Youth Employment Service (YES)

The Investment Case for 4Sight Holdings

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of small and medium capitalisation shares on the JSE, we will be giving investors the opportunity to engage with management at a variety of JSE-listed businesses.

The next business that we will be profiling in this series is 4Sight Holdings.

The company is focused on a portfolio of Industry 4.0 technology solutions, to create impact that empowers customers to make better and more informed decisions in the modern digital economy.

With a shortage of technology options on the JSE, there is much interest in organisations that give investors the opportunity to invest in this exciting sector.

The company is focused on a portfolio of Industry 4.0 technology solutions, converging Operational Technologies (OT), Information Technologies (IT) and the Business Environment (BE).

Join Nastassia Arendse as she unpacks the investment case for 4Sight Holdings
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter 4Sight Holdings EasyEquities

The investment case for Renergen

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of small and medium capitalisation shares on the JSE, we will be giving investors the opportunity to engage with management at a variety of JSE-listed businesses.

The third company we are profiling is dual-listed energy business Renergen which has been identified as one of the most exciting listings in recent years.

The company gives you access to a renewable play and a Helium deposit in the Free State.

Join Renergen CEO Stefano Marani and financial journalist Nastassia Arendse as they un-pack the investment case for the company.

A playback facility will be made available for all delegates who register but are unable to attend.

Retail investors will receive a sponsored voucher from the team at EasyEquities.**

This webinar is brought to you by Decusatio - Financial Problem-Solving Resource. Follow us on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Renergen Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter EasyEquities

The Investment case for Purple Group

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of small and medium capitalisation shares on the JSE, we will be giving investors the opportunity to engage with management at a variety of JSE-listed businesses.

The second company we are profiling is Purple Group - the highly disruptive financial services group that has been on a mission to democratise share ownership in the country.

Despite the COVID-19 disruptions, Purple has continued to acquire clients through its EasyEquities (Fractional share ownership business) and has extended its model to include US and Australian equities.

Nastassia Arendse talks to CEO Charles Savage about the investment case for Purple and where he sees the group businesses headed in the next few years.
Decusatio - Helping Africa invest smarter EasyEquities

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