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Sidebar with Sindi is an extension of the vibrant personality that is Dr Sindi Van Zyl. While Dr. Sindi is known for her work as a medical doctor, this show will explore multiple facets of life with the overarching theme of family.
Sidebar with Sindi is about having and facilitating empowering, insightful and inclusive conversations between listeners and subject experts for lasting and holistic impact on those who participate in the conversations without fear of judgement.

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How the Presence or Absence of a Will can Impact Your Family

The presence or absence of a will can be the source of conflict within families. In recognition of National Wills Week, Dr Sindi van Zyl discussed the impact that having a will or not having one can have on families. She spoke to attorney, Tebello Motshwane, psychologist Khosi Jiyane and attorney, Tarisa Gonyora.

The Effects of Watching Porn on Your Sex Life

Watching porn can give an individual ideas about how to pleasure themselves and others. But it can also affect how you relate to your partner and think about sex, in a negative manner. To discuss this, Dr Sindi van Zyl spoke to Dr Mpume Zande who is an OBGYN sexologist and clinical psychologist, Anele Siswana.

Covid-19 Update & Check In

Mia Malan – Editor-in-Chief of Bhekisha Centre for Health Journalism
Professor Tulio de Oliveira - Director KRISP, South Africa. Associate Professor Global Health, Univ. Washington. All lab & big data to fight COVID-19 in Africa
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Profile Interview With Mpho Sebina

How would you describe your musical career journey so far?
You not only wrote but also performed a song for the 2017 Netball World Cup” which was hosted in Botswana – how did you get involved with that and how did this experience impact your career?
Many young artists looking for opportunities in the industry are not sure where to look – how did you secure your music scholarship with the Goethe Institute of German and Pop Kultur Festival.
What did this opportunity mean for your career as an artist?
You were identified as 1 of 10 candidates chosen from around the globe and gained which gained you a “Goethe Talents Alumni” status – what does this mean?
What are thoughts on industry awards?
As a person in the entertainment industry, what is your opinion of ‘Cancel culture’ – the social cancelling of no longer supporting people, especially celebrities, or products that are regarded as unacceptable or problematic to society?
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What has shaped your ideas on sex & where are you at with your sex life

Dr Sindi talks to Chido Muparutsa – Pleasure Activist and Benedict Mhlongo – Counselling psychologist • Our sexual attitudes are shaped by our parents, peer groups, media and teachers. Where you are born, who your parents and family are, your culture, religion and social circumstances will all have a profound influence on your sexual attitudes. Your friends will be very influential in shaping your ideas about sex.

• Most world religions have developed moral codes that have sought to guide people’s sexual activities and practices. The influence of religion on sexuality is especially apparent in many countries today in the long-debated issue of gay marriage.
• Some religions view sex as a sacred act between a man and a woman that should only be performed within marriage; other religions view certain kinds of sex as shameful or sinful, or stress that sex should only be engaged in for the purpose of procreation. Many religions emphasize
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The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr Sindi talks to Dr Lydia Kilani – General & Breast Surgeon and Dr Josias Padi – Interventional Radiologist and Kim Gillot – 35-year-old Cancer Survivor about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
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Lesbians Free Everyone – The Beijing Retrospective

A 55min Film by Dr. Bev Palesa Ditsie Produced by Ditsie Media and Kaleidoscope International Fund 25 years ago, during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, filmmaker and activist Dr. Bev Palesa Ditsie, then Co-Chair of GLOW (Gay and Lesbian Organisation of the Witwatersrand) delivered a historical statement for lesbians on behalf of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and over 50 international Organisations. In 2020, during the global lockdown, Ditsie engaged online with some of the most incredible activists from around the world who were behind this campaign, not only to walk down memory lane, but to commemorate what will forever be known as the most successful lesbian visibility campaign in herstory.
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Getting to know Zenande Mfenyana

Dr Sindi is joined by actress, Actress, brand ambassador & entertainer for a conversation on her career in the entertainment industry, motherhood and how COVID-19 & lockdown have challenged her.
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Getting back to sex and intimacy after having a baby

The arrival of a new-born is a joyous time for many couples, but also a time for a lot of adjusting. Dr Sindi is joined by Gynaecologist and qualified sexologist, Dr Mpume Zenda to talk about the process for new parents after the arrival of baby as well as Tracy Jacobs, Accredited Intimacy Coach, on how to resume a healthy sexual life.
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What are you doing with your money?

Dr Sindi is joined by Busi Selesho, Internationally Accredited Money Coach for a conversation on what Afropolitans are spending their money on, after job losses, school closures and the new normal of lockdown level 1.
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Profile Interview With Zee Shumane

Traveller and founder of African Odyzzee brand International travel borders are now open but there is no need to rush outside just yet and local travel nomad is here to tell us why. Tonight’s profile features African Odyzzee’s, Zee Shumane who travelled across all nine provinces as a kid through watching travel content on TV and grew to later discover more gems that made her fall in love with the country and travelling as a whole. She shares some of her experiences with us as well as more detail on how the African Odyzzee platform is working to expose more South Africans to traveling and connecting travel enthusiasts.
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