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Laura Holloway

A woman who decided not to let motherhood slow her down, Laura describes her journey through the Storyteller’s Agency and how her company has transformed over the years. Not limited by the rural area of the Upper Cumberland, Laura describes how she is able to help companies across the country reach their potential through telling their stories.

Kelly Sullivan

There is often a large debate on if direct sales companies are, in fact, entrepreneurs. Kelly Sullivan, an Upper Cumberland Mary Kay guru, has been building her business and more importantly building her team. Listen to Powered By Her to hear how a background in finance has led to building a successful MLM business.

Cassidy Phillips & Amanda Kail

Cassidy Phillips & Amanda Kail - Two young entrepreneurs who started Foxtrot Branding a year ago to help other small business owners brand their company and really allow them to grow! Learn more about their past that allowed them to do what they love.

Emily Newman

Mother, Artist, and now... Entrepreneur. Self-taught, Emily Newman, did not always have the confidence it takes to run a business. After a trip years ago to New Orleans, Emily felt inspired by artists who were doing just that. Now, Emily is hoping to inspire others to love themselves and go for their dreams! Listen to her full journey on Powered By Her.

Becky Davidson

When Becky Davidson and her husband, Jeff, had a child with profound special needs, they felt alone and isolated.  In 2005, they decided to start what they thought would be a small ministry in the Upper Cumberland. Today, Rising Above Ministries supports hundreds of families not only in the Upper Cumberland but throughout the country.  Listen to Becky’s story and learn how she decided to redefine her life through leading an impactful non-profit organization in this week’s Powered By Her.

Patti Purdy

Patti Purdy entered the world of entrepreneurship at a young age when she decided to open a dance studio in her early 20s. After some years in the corporate world, Patti has found a knack as a PR consultant working with area business people. Hear how this single mom finds inspiration from her kids and pushed through a tough year to come out on top on this week’s episode of Powered By Her.

Angie Edgington & Kim Wise

When three families decided that a screen printing company was needed in the area, Angie Edgington & Kim Wise decided it was up to them to start one. With Kim’s background in starting and expanding a non-profit for children with special needs to play sports and Angie’s “we got this” attitude, the pair we unstoppable. Now, over a decade in, hear when Kim & Angie plan to do next in this week’s episode of Powered By Her.

Abigail Johnson

Being a singer/songwriter herself, Abigail Johnson knows a lot of people in the music industry.  She decided to start “To Have and to Hold” as a way to help people put a special touch on their special day. Listen to this week’s Powered By Her to find what keeps Abigail moving forward!

Serina Wells

Growing up with entrepreneurs around, Serina Wells has the passion in her blood! She has spent the last 10 years in construction and design but recently has decided to pivot a bit. As a master gardener, she has recently ventured into a farm flower business as well as a kombucha venture. With all the different hats (or shoes) she wears, one would think she might wear herself out. On this week’s Powered By Her, listen to what Serina has going on now and her future plans!

Andrea Camacho

Growing up in the dance world, Andrea Camacho was surrounded by her craft for years. When she became an adult, she decided that opening The Centre School of Dance would fill her soul. Now in it’s 10th season, The Centre is much more than a dance studio. Hear how Andrea took a small dance studio and transformed the community to support dancers in their trade as well as their personal growth as well.

Kellie Fitzpatrick

Born and raised in a small town in the Upper Cumberland, Kellie Fitzpatrick had a great for others.  As a young mother, she decided to create a jewelry line that would allow others to wear a quote that would remind them of certain things throughout their day.  That was just the beginning for Kellie. Listen to this week’s Powered By Her to learn more about what Kellie and done and more importantly, where she is going! 

Tyna Bryan

Working in the trucking industry, Tyna Bryan learned a great deal about Department of Transportation regulations. After a tragic event with her own business, she decided that things needed to change. After quite the journey, she found The Biz Foundry and people to help her develop an app that would allow trucking companies to easily follow regulations. Learn more about what it took for Tyna to launch a software to change the DOT standards in this week's Powered By Her.

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