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Let’s Talk About Love, Baby

What is love? Do we need it? Do we even want it? Mostly, do we believe in it?

In this episode, the panel defines love as well as exploring the role childhood plays in determining how one loves and why an emphasis on intimate relationships versus other forms in which love manifests.
When faced with the limitations of people what role do expectations play where love is concerned?
Zoning on intimate relationships, the panel discusses the side-dish and cheating culture and whether monogamy is still a thing.


The F Word

In this episode, the panel unpacks what feminism means to them as well as its relevance in today’s society characterised by powerful movements such as #metoo and #menaretrash. They also explore possible explanations behind why some women still shy away from being called feminists. White feminism and Black feminism? Is there a difference? The panel delve deeper.


Re-imagining Education

Is the current education system obsolete?
If so, what should a re-imagined educational system look like and what purpose should it seek to serve?
The panel discusses the impact of an industrial revolution-inspired educational model within the context of the fourth industrial revolution and decoloniality.

Debunking De-colonization

The Fees Must Fall movement brought about a resurgence in decolonial discourse. But what does it mean? The panel unpacks the shortcomings of decolonization being defined purely in terms of external circumstances without giving adequate attention to internalized colonization along with the failures of the current education system and why navigating within a capitalist framework might be limiting. And where progress is concerned, why is the western model, in spite of the very visible cracks, still considered relevant? Does capitalism cease to be dysfunctional due to African adoption? And lastly, what does a decolonized Africa looks like in a practical sense?

Let’s Talk Mental Health

It is estimated that over a billion people currently suffer from a mental health challenge, placing mental issues among the leading causes of ill health and disability worldwide.
In this session, the panel unpack the contributing factors towards mental health challenges and, lined with their own experiences, discuss what help and support looks like.
In addition, in the context of getting help, other narratives on mental health existing outside of western definitions are explored.
And bringing it closer to home – why does stigma on mental health persist within our communities that are still reeling from a traumatic past?

Gender Based Violence & Abusive Relationships

In this episode, the panel discusses what gender-based violence (GBV) is and some of the forms it takes, while exploring different ways of responding to this type of violence that is prevalent not only in interactions with strangers but also in intimate structures, such as relationships.

A Feminine Take On Capitalism

Feeling like the status quo is killing your vibe and suffocating you?
In this episode, five women provide a feminine lens around capitalism, unpacking the role that this corrosive system plays in the lives of women while navigating the great demands from society, all the while maintaining compassion and empathy. The panel posits the following – is capitalism reedemable and what does a post-capitalist world look like?

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