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Enjoy a refreshing evening as you listen to Papas.
This show is all about receiving inspiration and guidance as Papas discusses all the obstacles and daily issues we are constantly facing.

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Food Security

Are you being wise with the food you are buying and consuming?
Papas talks about ensuring you're buying the right meals that are within your means.


Papas talks about living a life with good hygienic habits and the importance of good hygiene.
He provides some awesome tips and also takes us through what could cause us to get sick more easily and frequently.


DJ Papas speaks about the effects of discrimination.
Where does discrimination come from?
And why is it so common?
DJ Papas has some brilliant advice for you.

Parental Pressure

Is parental pressure good or bad for children?
What is parental pressure?
DJ Papas gives some brilliant advice on ensuring you don’t cause damage when bringing up your children and how you should handle your kids.
Are our youth disadvantaged?


In this month of love, Papas features the love queen on today's show as they talk about love and marriages gone wrong.
What is wrong with divorce?


Papas discusses this massive issue that is affecting the whole world.
He goes through some disturbing unemployment stats recently released.
Why are so many people unemployed?


How do we end up being in conflicted situations? And how do we prevent them?

Human Trafficking

Papas takes a look at human trafficking from a different perspective on this show.
He goes into the details about what human trafficking really is and how people get trapped in that world.

Teenage Pregnancy

Today Papas shares more wisdom as he talks about solving this problem of teenage pregnancy.
What are the effects it has on a society and what has led to the increase in this problem?


Did you know that people in a homeless state affect us?
Why do some people have no where to go?
And why do some people end in such poverty?


Since we are still at the beginning of the new year, DJ Papas inspires us by giving us the perfect tips on how we can get rid of the doubts that hold us back.
To be someone great, we need to stop doubting ourselves and our abilities.
What is stopping you from achieving your goals this year?

2020 Preparations

On this show DJ Papas helps us to prepare for 2020.
He takes us on a journey today as we look at all the goals we had set in previous years that we never achieved. How do we actually reach the end of 2020 having reached all our goals and dreams?

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