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My First Time

In this episode we delve into the definition of Virginity, the misconceptions surrounding Virginity and also share a little bit about our first time.


We all have a friend who does not like talking about sex. In this episode we discuss the importance of talking about sex, and why being "prude" is associated with being a "good girl"

Cuddle Buddies

In this week’s episode, we talk “cuddle buddies”! It’s no secret that we all enjoy a good cuddle – whether it’s right after a good ol’ sexy time or to ward off the cold of winter nights. Together with two of our man guests, we talk criteria for “cuddle buddies”, “cuddle buddy” etiquette, and of course, the so-called “unintended” feelings that can result from “cuddle buddy” relations.

Baby Making Weather

Ever wondered where babies come from? In this week’s episode, we will tell you exactly how they are made and the misconceptions surrounding the act of baby-making. We explore the topic of modern baby-making techniques and if women should freeze their eggs while they are still young. We also explore some deep issues with regards to life itself! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Teaching Kids about Sex

In this week’s episode, we talk about that awkward moment when your parent(s) sit you down for “The Talk”. We discuss how “The Talk” shouldn’t be awkward at all and what the appropriate age is for parents to start having these conversations. Our special guest Nutmeg sprinkles her special spice on the show and shares her harrowing story of when her mom had “The Talk” with her.

What is a Period: Part 1

There are many names we give it and it’s something that we are a little shy to talk about. In this episode we explain exactly what a Period is and how it works. We also discuss different ways to take care of yourself during that time of the month and share our own personal stories. Listen in for more of Queen Cinnamon’s conspiracy theories and Scarlett A’s quick fact checks.

What is a Period: Part 2

In this week’s episode, we discover some interesting stories we’ve heard about periods. We dispel some myths we’ve come across throughout the years and the misconceptions that still exist today. We also chat about discussing the red robot with the opposite sex. This is a very cheeky episode filled with lots of chuckles. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and share some stories and myths you’ve heard!

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