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A hard-hitting, factual podcast that seeks to undermine modern narratives with the use of evidence, facts and statistics.

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Anthea Jeffery

Dr Anthea Jeffery is a human rights lawyer and researcher well known for her work and understanding of South African politics, most especially as they relate to the ANC. Anthea describes the fighting between the ANC and the IFP in the 80’s and 90’s as detailed in her book “The People’s War”, explains why Soviet ideology is so infused into the ruling party’s actions, and details where we’ve come and where we’re going according to the National Democratic Revolution’s plan.
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Dragging Along The Bottom

In their monthly YouTube livestream the Renegades discuss whether South Africa is past the point of salvation, why Parliamentary violence has found its way onto the streets of Cape Town, and how to state-proof yourself against the ANC’s utopia. Roman explains why the podcast is being sued for the Graeme Joffe episode, and Jonathan digs into the move to disarm private security providers.
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Journalist In Exile

Veteran sports journalist Graeme Joffe is this episode’s guest.
Graeme explains the circumstances which forced him to flee the country, how various South African sporting bodies and federations have been corrupted, and provides insight into the corporate corruption at play. The rot spreads from ministries, corporations, sports federations and news organisations. This is a riveting discussion about State Capture in South African sport.
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Pikkie Greef

Pikkie Greef is the National Secretary of the South African National Defense Union, and is this episode’s guest. Pikkie explains why he believes there is a need for a union which represents members of the military, provides some insight into SANDU operations, and defends controversial protests in which they’ve been involved. Roman naturally doesn’t think we need a military and Jonathan raises the issue of using the army to patrol suburban areas.
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Frans Cronje

This podcast was released but the quality of the recording was severely compromised - this is a superior version of the same conversation.

Frans Cronje is a popular guest and is best known as the CEO of the IRR. Frans spends an extended podcast providing incisive insight into the outcomes of the 2019 elections in South Africa including:
- What next for the ANC?
- Why the DA performed so poorly
- Whether there really is a shift to the “far right” as the mainstream media would
have you believe.
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Russell Lamberti

Economist and political thinker Russell Lamberti is the erudite guest on this episode. Russ gives his take on the upcoming elections and much of the policy underpinning many of the opposition parties, explains why he’s not a fan of the capable state, and bravely delves into the Caster Semenya debacle.

Find Russ on twitter at: @RussLamberti
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Pre-Election Special

The Renegades talk about the IRR poll and their thoughts about the reasons for the results. The conversation pivots into possible scenarios after the elections. A few questions are answered in the process.
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Michael Shellenberger

Much controversy surrounds the industry of energy generation in the age of climate change. It is considered common knowledge that fossil fuels are bad, nuclear is dangerous, and that renewables are the answer to our energy needs.

President of Environmental Progress, Mike Shellenberger, joins the Renegades to dispel many of the myths around nuclear power and discuss why a clean environment is more likely to be delivered by nuclear energy than by renewable energy.
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Paul Berkowitz

Paul Berkowitz is a researcher, data analyst and journalist currently focusing on the 2019 national elections in South Africa. The Renegades pick his brain on how the major parties look coming up to the election, why polling sometimes fails, and what might happen after May 8th. Paul also expresses his concerns about the Capitalist Party and explains his doubts about Libertarianism.
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