Women of Movement

The Women of Movement is a platform that celebrates and profiles women doing phenomenally well in their roles.
In conversations, Amu explores different topics for women today. The podcast looks to highlight different aspects of womanhood and to build an amazing sisterhood.

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Lee Kasumba

Radio and TV presenter and writer, Lee Kasumba, is a Cuban-born Ugandan that calls the whole of Africa home. She started out on radio while studying a full-time BA Dramatics Arts degree at Wits, Lee’s career path has taken her all over Africa.
Lee Kasumba, known as the first lady of SA Hip Hop has managed to evolve over the years and she offers some insightful bars about her journey in the music business and her self-discovery.

Listen to her as she chats to Amu about her life, and what influenced her. She drops the mic a few times...

Batho Mokiti

Mmabatho started her career as a Mathematics tutor at 19 and currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Mathemaniacs, a STEM education consultancy business that creates and implements CSI strategies focused that impact rural and disadvantaged schools in South Africa. Mmabatho believes that every child, regardless of their background should have access to quality STEM education. She is also a founding member of DreamGirls Outreach and Mentoring Program in South Africa. This is a girl mentoring program which ensures that teenage girls from disadvantaged and rural communities study further after matric.

She chats to Amu about her journey in becoming the woman she is today. Grab a cup of "sumting" to drink because this one is for legends only...

I AM...

August is known as Women's Month in South Africa, Amu Hlabano is picking up where she left off with her podcast with this reintroduction episode. Get to know more about her and what you can expect from her with this podcast.


On this episode, Amu Hlabano takes you through the process of unleashing your potential to reach the next level of your life. Listen to this when you are ready to Level Up!
Don't stop moving!


Often, we find ourselves comparing ourselves, our achievements and our life to those around us. This can be detrimental to our health, mental state and overall happiness.
On this episode of the Women of Movement podcast, Amu tackle's the comparison trap and encourages you to reach higher and dig deeper for your growth.

Women's Day with Buyi Hlabano

Happy Women's Day from my mother and I.
Women's day being slightly different this year, so I decided to have a chat with my mom Buyi Hlabano to talk about everything and anything related to Women's day and still celebrate the day whilst in a pandemic.
Grab a cup of coffee, and a notebook because she dropped some amazing advice.


For the longest time, women have been labelled as "emotional" as an excuse to hold them back in their careers. On this episode, Amu tackles emotional intelligence, something she's personally struggled with before, and she shares some tips and tricks on how to break the glass ceiling as you move towards your dreams.
This conversation was not an easy one but nevertheless, we hope you learn some valuable lessons from it.


On this episode of the Women of Movement podcast, Amu Hlabano shares her story about mentorship with three amazing women who mentored her; Dr Rene Benecke, Koo Govender and Melissa Storey.
She shares the biggest lessons from each relationship, and some of the not so great moments she has experienced in other relationships.
By the end of this episode, you will know what you should look for in a good mentor and tackle the world of mentorship with confidence.
Thank you for tuning in.

Social media

Social media has evolved the way we communicate. Amu Hlabano talks about why she decided to delete some of her social accounts and are you willing to take on a challenge of being off social media for the betterment of your life.


With the current pandemic, Covid19 is not the only thing we are fighting, many households have lost their jobs and livelihood, on this episode, Amu Hlabano talks about her journey of having a side hustle and the importance of turning your side hustle to your main hustle.
May this episode encourage you to find that hustle to unleash your highest potential.

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