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Side-by-Side is a heartfelt new drama series about pregnancy, parenting, finding love (and keeping it!) and the family ties that bind us. Side-by-Side was launched by the National Department of Health in 2019 to ensure that all children receive the nurturing care and protection they need to reach their full potential. Every episode is followed by a discussion with an expert health guest to answer any of your childcare questions

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Side by Side - Episode 34

Episode 34 Joyce explains to her sister how important she is in her child’s development. BraSteps and Siviwe have a fight over Joyce.

Side by Side - Episode 32

Episode 32: Khayone is very sick. MamSindi spots the danger signs and helps Lerato take him to the clinic. Joyce rejects Siviwe’s proposal.

Side by Side - Episode 31

Episode 31: Gogo plots to set Joyce up with the local shopkeeper BraSteps but Siviwe is back on the scene and he asks Joyce the question she has been waiting for so long to hear. But there is a crisis because no one can find baby Rathabile.

Side by Side - Episode 30

Episode 30: Gogo smacks naughty Litha and she gets a dressing down on better ways to discipline. Gogo is very worried that Joyce is going to get back with cheating Siviwe so she comes up with a sneaky way to distract her.

Side by Side - Episode 29

Episode 29: Ayanda is worried about Bandile, he can’t do the physical things his peers can do so she takes him to the clinic for a check-up. Siviwe tries to get back into Joyce’s good books.

Side by Side - Episode 28

Episode 28: MamSindi teaches Joyce and Lerato about how to feed their children so they develop best. But she and gogo clash again.

Side by Side - Episode 25

Episode 25: Joyce is extremely hurt. Lerato persuades to get out of the house by coming with her to the clinic for Khayone’s immunizations.

Side by Side - Episode 23

Episode 23: After learning about language development, Joyce is worried that Rathabile may have a developmental delay. Lerato bumps into Ayanda at the clinic, and Ayanda introduces her to her boyfriend – it’s Siviwe!

Side by Side - Episode 22

Episode 22 Little Khayone is babbling and the women learn that this is the signs of language development. Lerato and Joyce are dying to know who Ayanda’s boyfriend is but she tells them that he doesn’t live in town.

Side by Side - Episode 21

Episode 21 Gogo’s brother Wongama comes to visit and he is an absolute brute. The women tolerate him but when he hits Litha, they all take a stand against him.

Side by Side - Episode 20

Episode 20: Lerato, Joyce and Ayanda get their kids together for some playing. Playing is learning after all! Everyone is amazed how alike Rathabile and Ayanda’s boy Bandile look.

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