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Find out more about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy from one of South Africa's leading Hypnotherapists, Hendrik Baird.
Find out more about Hypnosis Works! by visiting the website https://hypnosisworks.co.za

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How can people who suffer from dementia benefit from hypnosis?

Petra Nicol is a South African hypnotherapist who works in KwaZulu-Natal. She speaks to me about her practice. She has many years experience, having also taught hypnosis.
Interestingly, she works with people who suffer from dementia. We chat about how people like this can get help through hypnosis.
We also chat about the various other issues that she addresses using hypnosis. She works with children and teenagers, and how she got started in hypnosis is especially interesting. We investigate how people can get in touch with their spiritual side using hypnosis.
Petra talks about how she approaches online Zoom sessions and how that works.
Such a well-spoken guest who has so much wisdom, I found this interview really insightful. I trust you will too.
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Is hypnosis magic?

Stuart Heale chats to me about his journey. He started believing there was real magic when he saw a magician when he was young, soon to be disillusioned when he learned the secrets of magic. His belief in magic was re-established once he learned how to help people with hypnosis. He has an interesting way of approaching the business side of things, and in our conversation he also reveals how he has gone viral on TikTok.
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Why is SA's top stage hypnotist working in a call centre?

Andre Grove, also known as Andre the Hilarious Hypnotist, works in a call center. Why is he not on stage entertaining audiences? How did he learn how to do stage hypnosis? What makes his shows so funny?
He answers these and many other questions in this interview. He also speaks about losing weight using self-hypnosis and what his plans are for the future.
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Can Hypnosis lead to a spiritual awakening?

Meet Natalie Candela, a Hypnotherapist from the USA. We chat about how Natalie got interested in hypnosis. Coming from an educational background, she feels that hypnosis is another method of training people, albeit a very personal one. It is interesting to me how hypnosis practitioners worldwide use the same language when talking about what they do; it seems we are all on the same page and doing the same good work, no matter where we are.
I really enjoyed meeting Natalie and getting to know her better, sharing ideas and insights and trading some secrets. I trust that you will too.
Natalie Candela's website Learn more about Hendrik and visit his various websites listed here Book a hypnosis session with Hendrik Find a Hypnotist

How is hypnosis accepted in a small rural town?

Susan Kruger is a hypnotherapist who works in the rural province of Limpopo in South Africa. There are not many hypnotists who work in small town as she does, most are in or close to large cities.
She talks to me about the challenges she experiences, also because she was trained in English yet her home language is Afrikaans. Most of her clients are Afrikaans-speaking too, so translating scripts and finding the right word patterns can be a challenge.
How does the local community react to her services? Is she accepted or shunned? These and more questions are part of our discussion.
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Can you manipulate somebody using NLP?

Grant Hamel is a South African who has recently relocated to the UK. In this episode, he speaks with me about Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). How do we create a model of the world? How do our senses influence the experience of the world? How do we delete, distort, and generalize and what role does language play? And can you manipulate a person using NLP techniques?
This fascinating insight into how we shape our world and how a therapist can use NLP to reframe a client's experience.
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Can hypnosis help you get more self-confidence?

Gary Watkins is a hypnotherapist from KwaZulu-Natal. In this interview, he chats with me about his practice and the kind of clients that he helps. Hypnosis is slowly but surely becoming more mainstream, but there are too few people who are in full-time practice, especially outside of the big cities. Gary is an expert in helping people get more self-confidence, especially during this difficult time, when the pandemic has taken its toll. People are starting to look for more spiritual answers and hypnosis is a tool to help people find the answers they require.
Gary Watkins Thought Field Hypnosis Hendrik Baird Hypnosis Works! Baird Media - For your content needs Find a Hypnotist

Can hypnosis help you renew your thinking?

There has been much criticism against hypnosis from some religious quarters. In this episode, Hendrik chats with Tamara Taggart from the US. They talk about how there are similarities between what the Bible teaches and how hypnosis can help people to renew their thinking. They also chat about why hypnosis is not first choice for people who have issues to solve and why it is usually last in the queue of choices.
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SPECIAL EPISODE: Hypnosis Masterclass

Two of South Africa's leading hypnotherapists, Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi, have plans to present a Masterclass in Habits and Addiction. The five-day workshop was planned to debut in South Africa in September 2021 before travelling to the rest of the worl, but Covid-19 has forced a change in plan.

In this episode we hear about their research and experience that informs this unique workshop aimed at qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. They talk how their combined knowledge has been brought together in their book and how they are planning to present this workshop.
They discuss the difference between habits and addictions, as well as how the workshop will benefit not only hypnotherapists, but their clients too.

Then they reveal the special plans they have made to accommodate the Covid-19 concerns, still giving hypnotherapists the opportunity to participate, yet keeping them safe.

Learn more on http://hypnosismasterclass.pro and book today.
Hypnosis Masterclass Hendrik Baird Hypnosis Works! Find a Hypnotist Baird Media

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