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Building a Customer Success Team Your Customer Actually Trusts

In this episode hear how Peerscale member Mike Baggley, the Chief Customer Officer at Intelex Technologies has built a team that's set-up for customer success!

Mike shares with us what it takes to get started with customer success as a leader of an organization. He also elaborates on the intricacies of earning a customer's trust and how to drive your team towards the right goals. Learn his practices and why he believes quotas have no place in the customer success department.
Connect with Mike! Contact Peerscale to learn more!

Building High Performing Team Cultures With Doxim CEO, Chris Rasmussen

No matter what stage of growth a company is in, the people supporting the business are key to overall success. Peerscale board and CEO member Chris Rasmussen walks us through what he's learned about building high performing team cultures while growing his business from 0 to over 500 employees.

If you want to join the discussion with tech leaders like Chris Rasmussen, visit our website and apply to be a member!
Learn more about Doxim Join a Peergroup

Sensibill CEO Corey Gross | Important Lessons From Fundraising

The announcement of a $41M Series B at Sensibill caused a wave of excitement in Toronto's tech community and rightfully so! As we read the stories of what's next for Sensibill, we couldn't help but wonder how they did it and what it was like as a Co-founder/CEO/Fundraiser. In this candid discussion with Peerscale member Corey Gross we dive into the lessons and insights from this tech leaders journey.
Connect with Members Like Corey! Learn more about Sensibill!

A CEO's Journey with Neil Wainright

Peerscale member Neil Wainright Founder and CEO of UpHabit took the stage at the CEO & COO retreat 2018 TechTalk sessions to bring you powerful insights. Going from Bootstrap to Private Equity to Exit to Startup Neil has experienced the full cycle and repeated it. In this podcast, follow the journey of a CEO and learn from unfiltered experiences.
Peerscale Neil Wainwright

Building World Class Technology Teams with Bohdan Zabawskyj

Peerscale member Bohdan Zabawskyj, Co-Founder and CTO of Fortay took the stage at the CEO & COO retreat 2018 TechTalk session to share a powerful message. For many entrepreneurs and leaders, managing employees and creating successful teams is a huge hurdle that must be overcome. In this actionable podcast, Bohdan shares his advice on building a world-class technology team so your business can run smoother.
Peerscale Bohdan Zabawskyj

Exit Strategy Essentials With Founder Jeff Wiener

In this episode we’re sitting down with a wise and seasoned executive - Peerscale member Jeff Wiener, Founder of Digitcom and Kickass Entrepreneur.

Peerscale interviewer Stefan Palios has an in-depth conversation with Jeff from his fast-paced beginnings to finally finding his freedom. This insightful podcast shows the tough reality of entrepreneurship, common mistakes and how to find your next step.
Peerscale Jeff Wiener

Taking The Lead On Life And Business With Sonia Couto

In this episode we’re sitting down with a leadership powerhouse - Peerscale COO member Sonia Couto, Director of Konverge Software and Founder of MenuSano.

Peerscale interviewer Stefan Palios has an unfiltered conversation with Sonia around health, entrepreneurship and the importance of the people around you. This thought-provoking podcast disucsses the reality of what it’s like to run your life and two businesses as an effective leader.
Peerscale Sonia Couto

Find Your Park Bench with Jeff Wiener

In this episode, we discuss mental health among entrepreneurs with Peerscale member Jeff Wiener. Jeff sold his telecom company in 2017, but the reasons why he made this decision are not what you would expect. In this episode, Jeff talks about the event that took place in his life that caused him to re-examine his career, develop a personal vision statement, and become an amazon best-selling author.

Jeff is an entrepreneur who ran a profitable company for almost 30 years. His business was named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Canada five years in a row. Now semi-retired, Jeff spends his time on the board of both profit and not-for-profit companies and helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses.

Buy Out Equity with Joel Lessem

Private Equity now has a trillion dollars in dry powder. Buy out funds are common liquidity vehicles for many organizations. In this episode, Joel will discuss eligibility, the must-knows, the must-dos, and the value of buy out equity as he draws upon his own experience.

Joel is a peer group Leader at Peerscale, and the President & CEO of Firmex. He has over 25 years’ experience in successfully accelerating revenues of growth businesses. Under his leadership, Firmex is rapidly becoming a standard for sharing large volumes of highly confidential and sensitive documents for corporate transactions, litigation and compliance.

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