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Business value for entrepreneurs should be the focus of Incubators in Africa

The Education Support Forum interviewed Athi Magwebu, Founder and CEO at InfoByte Technologies. He expressed his concerned around the lack of tangible value from the various incubators he has been a part of. He also believes that support for entrepreneurs should go beyond the business aspects and even look into the psychosocial dimensions of a founder's life. #InfoByte #AthiMagwebu #StartUps @Athi Magwebu

Most conferences still follow the 1st Industrial Revolution model

Have you ever been to a conference and felt it was a waste of time because the keynote speaker and/or panelists did not do justice to the subject at hand?

How many times have people in the audience at a conference been better off discussing the issues by themselves instead of listening to som "authority" on the subject?

We need to leverage the willingness of people to share knowledge and technology to make sure that we move away from the traditional confeence configurations that were fashioned after the 1st Industrial Revolution information production, consumption and distribution model.

Goalkeepers 18 - Juliet Namujju of Kimuli Fashionability turns plastic into gold

Kimuli Fashionability creates upcycled fashion and accessories through training and employing persons with disabilities. African fabrics are blended with waste materials. In the absence of hearing, deaf people for example often have heightened kinesthetic and visual abilities resulting

Kimuli Fashainability was invited to present its work in Germany at the “Bildkorrekturen” Conference on Sustainable Fashion and Development.

in high quality products with love for detail. We give employment opportunities to the deaf and have empowered 25 persons who are now self-sustainable. Many of their peers are seen as cursed or bewitched by Ugandan society and often kept indoors due to shame of the family because of their disability. This is why our sensitization programs in schools and our fashion shows create awareness to thousands to change their perception of disability, as well as waste. With our slogan “waste is only waste if you waste it”, we also sensitize Ugandans to see waste differently: It is Kimuli’s greatest resource and we inspire others to start small and grow big through upcycling initiatives.

In mid 2017 Kimuli Fashionability held the first “Waste to Wealth” Fashion Show in Uganda, to raise awareness about waste disposal and to raise funds for employing further deaf tailors. In November 2017, Kimuli exhibited its products in Germany.

The 6 Features of Transformative Business Models

In theory, the more of the six features a new business model has, the greater its potential to transform a given industry should be.
1. A more personalized product or service.
2. A closed-loop process.
3. Asset sharing.
4. Usage-based pricing.
5. A more collaborative ecosystem.
6. An agile and adaptive organization.

#FestivalOfIdeas2018 - Clayborne Appies TouchDeaf founder raises the deafs voice

In a bid to solve the communication barriers experienced by deaf people, entrepreneur Clayborne Appies has secured the Africa sole distributorship of a turn-key hearing solution. He is determined to make sure that all the 3 million deaf people in SOuth Africa are catered for and he is also looking to spread his wings to the rest of the continent.

#FestivalOfIdeas2018 - Tshepo Mangoele outlines his eco-friendly invader plan

Thsepo Mangoele of Eco Invader Solutions talks to The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) of his innovation whereby they manufacture biodegradable pulp composites as well as Bio-fuels.

They create innovative and environmentally sustainable products for the packaging industry,
while researching and developing alternative energy generation solutions all made
agricultural waste, alien invader plants and recycled wood and paper. Currently they are
creating samples for packaging fruits and vegetables for small farmers around Gauteng, their
packaging will ensure that their produce stays fresh for longer.
Their value chain merges agriculture, technology and biochemistry to ensure that their
products protect the environment.

#FestivalOfIdeas2018 - Portia Mavhungu redefining African entrepreneurship with PRD Logical Solutions

Portia Mavhungu founder of PRD Logical Solutions spoke to Edzai Zvobwo of The Education Support Forum on her startup which is on a mission to change the experience for those on wheelchairs.

PRD LOGICAL SOLUTIONS is an innovation company that focuses on finding market GAPS that play an integral part in everyday lives which is finding a challenge and solving the issue with innovative ideas that are affordable and available to every economic class and allowing everyone an equal chance to face simple daily challenges that was once rendered a problem. Our Mission is to create a sustainable environment for our future employees and end users, combating poverty and unemployment and creating an equal usage for our innovations to each and all.

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