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Influential Fridays is a platform for the quintessential Afropolitan to take over Kaya FM. It’s one thing to interview an influential guest, but another for them to set the agenda and conduct interviews with people that will positively contribute to various issues that are deemed as important. Influential Fridays will be hosted by Afropolitans in different sectors and industries, ranging from the arts, medicine, agriculture, banking to sports and more.

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Actress Nomsa Buthelezi - Things you never told your best friend and why?

Occasionally, we keep certain things from our friends, not always for terrible reasons (although this can be the case), but more often because we just don’t know how speak up - and so the downward spiral begins.

• Why do keep you secrets from your friends?
• Types of random secrets you can tell your best friend
• Dealing with secretive friends
Kaya FM

Nadia Bulbulia - How do you outsmart your children in this complex era of easily accessible information

How do you outsmart your children in this complex era of easily accessible information, devices and on demand content?

GUEST: MANDLA MSIMANG - Chief Executive of Nozala Investments and recently appointed onto the Global Board of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

- How do you keep up with the technological changes and advances your kids are exposed to?
- What is proving to be the hardest technological advance to adapt to and why?
- Does it scare you that your child could know more than you that you don’t want them to know about?
- Do you feel like you are being left behind on the parenting journey?
- Do you feel like your kids still have a reason to rely on you as much?
Kaya FM

Nadia Bulbulia - Who are the women that have made you?

Who are the women that have made you?

I want to know all about the women that made you, the women that shaped your life.

Join the conversation using the hashtag MadeByWomen.



• PROF ALISON GILLWALD – Executive Director of Research ICT Africa

- Who are the women that have made you?
- What sort of impact do you think you are making right now in your respective field, on young girls?
- What sort of influence do you think young girls need today?
- How can the average women make an impact in her own community on young girls and other women?
- Why is it so imported for women to be inspired by women?
Kaya FM

Zanele Morrison - What are you doing with your money?

What are you doing with your money?

GUEST: Bradlee Holcomb, Life Coach

We all have different kinds of relationships with money and this is mainly because of how money was introduced to us and how we relate to it.

• In the last month, what was your biggest purchase and why?
• How do you allocate spend for your non-essential spends?
• How do you manage your savings? Investment account or just in a savings plan?
• What is the one thing you refuse to spend your money on?
Kaya FM

Zanele Morrison - How to make work, work for you

How to make work, work for you

Guest: Allegro Dinkwanyane – Orgella media founder & CEO

• What does work look like for you?
• What factors contribute to you performing at your best at work?
• Performance management – what’s the best way to do this?
• Manager vs. Leader?
• Micromanagement – does it work?
• New work trends – working remotely, working from home
Kaya FM

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