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Coveted by audiophiles for its rareness, the B-Side of a single often became popular as well because sometimes a DJ preferred to play the B-side as opposed to its A-side. The B-Side with Bridget Masinga is about the unexpected in everything, from lifestyle, to the arts, to the personal. The show will explore unchartered territory when it comes to the Afropolitan’s relationship with themselves and those around them, while touching on book clubs, cooking, films and more.

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‘At Stake’ is a protest song about femicide, the history of violence against women, and violence against the marginalised queer people.

‘At Stake’ is also a love song.

Msaki has been exploring the idea of the protest song, as a love song with her project Platinumb Heart. Road-testing these songs on stage over the last two years in order to reach creative and emotional conclusions about the questions that come with living in an #RIPwxmen nation.

Every year wxmen have to ask themselves the same unbearably surreal questions asked in different ways: ‘Sifelani’?’, ‘Am I Next?’.

In the absence of answers, these songs are Msaki’s attempt to keep a supple heart through heavy and callousing times, and the painful hashtags that are becoming part of our story as a country.

Lethabo Lejoy Mathato

Lethabo ‘Lejoy’ Mathatho is an actress, a radio presenter, a producer, a philanthropist and the newest cast member to join the second season of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. Lejoy is teasing what viewers can expect from her and why she decided to join the 1Magic hit reality series.

"For me, it was really to inspire young men and women from where I was born (Limpopo) to simply say: “dream it and you can achieve it”. I want them to see where I came from, and walk with me through the challenges of life, and see how much of a dreamer and hard worker I am and how I am living my dream," she told DStv about joining RHOJ. "That should be courage for them to say “it is possible”. My life is a movie, what better way to show it than on a reality show?"

When asked what is her favorite and worst part about being on the show, Lejoy said: "My favourite is getting to see myself grow from strength to strength and getting to know how to stand up and protect myself. It’s also getting to know that I am good enough, regardless of who is in the room. Just owning my worth."

Lejoy makes it clear that she and her castmates don't get to see the episodes ahead of the public, unlike the American Housewives, who get to preview the episodes ahead of time.

"I wish I could have a seat in the editors room, so I can say: “Not that ... please remove that ... oh damn that sounds good!” - just like I do with my talk show and other programmes I produce," she said. "But unfortunately, with Housewives I have to wait like all South Africans and watch episode by episode on Fridays."

Odysseus Shirindza

Residency@MOMO was established in 2006. The residency has two spacious work areas and can accommodate three individual artists at a time. It is primarily for visiting international artists and curators across any arts discipline including visual and performing artists, writers and filmmakers.
The residency program was founded by its neighbouring gallery to enable work and social engagement between international and South African artists as well as to encourage experimentation and exchange. Not all residencies result directly in exhibitions or events though some manifestation of work is encouraged, the emphasis being on the opportunity to live, work and connect in Johannesburg.
Residencies are non-prescriptive and process-based, allowing visiting artists to develop projects in response to their new environment, or to conduct research. The residency has a Utopian philosophy that provides a ‘big space’ for art and creation.
Over time, the Residency@MOMO aims to provide a ‘poetic world’, a place free from careers, bureaucracies and the omnipresent deadline. Through such a gentle environment, albeit hypothetical, in reality it is envisaged that resident artists will gain the space to experience valuable changes and profound inspirations while also experiencing personal networks that bind and span cultures across the ‘tyranny of isolation’ that is created by nationalism and geography.

Katharina Fink & Yavini Nadidoo


photo projects
Local photographers have a chance to expose their talents on one of the world’s greatest platforms.

Sharing the stories of Sophiatown and the rich history of its past.

mapping exercises
Documenting the past to preserve the heritage of Sophiatown for future generations.

collective curating
Engaging all community stakeholders to partake in an environment that stimulates social cohesion and growth.

Musicians have an opportunity to showcase their skills to the community and the world.

Make a mark on the creative legacy of Sophiatown by contributing your vision of this vibrant and diverse community, rich in culture and art.

Local traders and entrepreneurs will set up stalls to stimulate the local economy, we encourage all interested to contact us to find out more. 12:00

Abdullah Ibrahim

Jazz legend Abdullah Ibrahim and his band Ekaya will play two benefit concerts for the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library this week.

Internationally acclaimed musician Abdullah Ibrahim and his band Ekaya will play two concerts in SA this week in support of Thabo Mbeki’s vision of a magnificent library where the materials of African liberation leaders, including his own, will be collected.
The presidential library — to be founded in partnership with Unisa and located in Killarney, Johannesburg — is not a vanity project but an important project where Africa’s great minds can come together to share their ideas and culture, said the jazz maestro on Monday.
Ibrahim said that the library and museum could “redefine and re-establish our history and cosmology … and restore this to our communities”.
“This is urgent, especially for the younger generation. There is no way it can be passed on to them as it was done for us by our predecessors.”
The Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library has already received papers, diaries and other writings by former Ghanaian leader Kwame Nkrumah, said its CEO Max Boqwana.
Mbeki, a fan of Ibrahim’s music, invited him long ago to perform the benefit concert for the Thabo Mbeki Foundation, said Ibrahim

Alessandro Khojane

As A self made entrepreneur in the business of food ,the decision to include a basket of fruit in Alessandro's image was an obvious one. Spraying it gold was symbolic of the fact that its how he makess a living .

Jefferson Tshabalala

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts (Pty) Ltd. This company produces straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events. Recently, he has started producing game shows for the stage and screen.
Tshabalala creates works across varied fields, ranging from Orthodox Drama to Hip Hop Theatre, and was nominated at the 2014 Naledi Theatre Awards for the Best Emerging Voice award, and in 2015 his production of “Secret Ballot” was nominated at the Naledi Awards for Best Ensemble production. In 2014, he also became a director in residency at the Market Theatre, to create a new play for the senior students at the Market Theatre Laboratory, for the Student Festival in Grahamstown, and for the Arts Alive festival in Johannesburg.
As an independent theatre producer, Tshabalala has etched a unique niche for himself as both a professional director, and an experimental creative, striking a fine balance in order to cater for both an emerging, and an established market. His dexterity has also seen him work in various capacities, as a writer, director and also as a performer. At Kiri Pink Nob, he works as the Managing and Artistic Director.

Gogo Nokulinda Mkhiza

Gogo Nokulinda Mkhiza. GogoSpeaks "Purpose and Prosperity" is the 4th in the annual
GogoSpeaks series. The talk will give practical tools and guidance to
those who wish to maximise their potential, soothe internal anxieties,
and participate in positive and progressive ways in their lives,
relationships and communities. A central focus of the talk is thriving
in and with love - self love, community love and romantic love.
In GogoSpeaks, Sangoma, Mother, Wife Nokulinda Mkhize shares
her knowledge and experience of indigenous healing practices in a
modern, urban context. The series GogoSpeaks focuses on working
with intergenerational trauma and decolonising ideas around healing
and indigenous spiritual beliefs.

Dream Hampton

Dream Hampton is an award-winning filmmaker and writer from Detroit. Her
most recent works include the Frameline feature documentary "Treasure"
(2015) the HBO feature documentary, "It's A Hard Truth Ain't It, (2019), the
BET docu-series "Finding Justice" (2019) and Lifetime's Emmy nominated
“Surviving R. Kelly” (2019), which broke ratings records and had wide and
far-reaching impact. hampton is the 2019 recipient of Ms. Foundation's
"Gloria" award and was named one of 2019 TIME 100's most influential
people in the world.

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