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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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What is that ONE thing about you? #OneThingAboutMe
What frustrates you about Yourself? #OneThingAboutMe
Who gets you? #OneThingAboutMe
Kaya 959

Producer, DJ and radio host DJ LeSoul real name Nonkululeko Mdlalose

DJ LeSoul real name Nonkululeko Mdlalose is a producer, DJ and radio host born and raised in Kwamashu, KwaZulu-Natal where she grew up popularly known as a pastor's kid. Her musical influences began at church with playing the piano and it developed her overall love for other musical instruments. The producer refers to herself as a musical Einstein, forever trying to discover something new. Over the years DJ LeSoul has since fallen in love with Afro Tech. On weekdays she hosts the popular lunchtime show "Nomayini" on Gagasi FM, a show that boasts a listenership of more than 1 million

She has consistently harnessed her craft and stayed firmly focussed on her throne, having had worked with Ralf Gum,Monique Bingham, Black Coffee, Harrison Crump- it is no surprise that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. The DJ believes nothing is more important than being true to your art, investing time and showing others the process. Musicians who share their process with honesty keep me going. She has shared her process through the Redbull Music Academy called the Redbull Dubane Connect. She released her debut album "Unorthodox Sounds" IN 2017. In 2020 DJ LeSoul was celebrated for her incredible performance on shows like Africa Is Not A Jungle and The Lockdown House Party. She's recently joined Black Coffee's Soulistic Agency, received a nomination at the Kwa-Zulu-Natal Entertainment Awards for the Best Club DJ in the female category, released a single titled “Amabele” featuring TNS, Blaqrhythm and Deep Narratives and continues to kill it on the decks and airways.
Kaya 959

Knowing that we come from a mix of cultures could be the #CureForTribalism

We all have a blended past, we are products of mixed tribes.

What's your mix?
(Me: I'm Pedi, South Sotho and a quarter Zulu/Swati)

Do you think if we normalised mentioning the number of tribes in our families, this may be the #CureForTribalism?

O mang? (What's your lineage?)


Knowing that we come from a mix of cultures could be the #CureForTribalism.
Kaya 959


So, how far have you travelled for sex? Was it worth it? #HowFarYouTravelledForSex

What happens when you get there and you were meant to spend the weekend, but the sex is boring?

Do you stay or cut it short? #HowFarYouTravelledForSex
Kaya 959


How did you find out? Do you want an explanation?

It is how your relationship started, you were a substitute: from the minute you started dating your “partner” you knew oside piece and that there is the main, so why you sad your partner chose their main? I mean just accept hore you will always be the side
kaya fm


However, we need to understand accepting truths will make life
easier for many of us.

I mean if you think about it, we all know that we are all going to
die and that our loved ones will leave us too but it’s a truth we
all like to avoid for whatever reason.
kaya fm


#AreYouSexuallyHealthy: Do you love your body? Are you in a happy and healthy relationship? And are your sexual needs being met?

If you were to die today, would you die sexually happy?

Are men honest about their sexual health? What's stopping them from opening up? #AreYouSexuallyHealthy
Kaya 959


Why is it that People can date for years only to get married and divorced within a year? What changes? #WhatChangesAfterCommitment

#WhatChangesAfterCommitment...Why le ba serious after getting married? Rules and restrictions, why?

Is marriage serious?

#WhatChangesAfterCommitment...Why le ba serious after getting married? Rules and restrictions, why?

Is marriage serious?
Kaya 959

#KeShapBut...(something is missing)

Sometimes we are in a good place in our lives however there is always that BUT, something is missing. What's that one thing missing in your life, right now?

Can you deal with it or do you have to live with it?

#KeShapBut...(something is missing)
Kaya 959


Those raised before 1994 knew that you were guilty and punished, as long as an adult says so. This system was also abused.

Were you a victim of this, you were wrongfully accused?

#DoesItStillTakeAVillage to raise a child? If not, Why has it stopped?

Do you act or intervene when you see your neighbours or friend's child do something wrong? Or do you just look the other way because it’s not your business?
Kaya 959


The "new" dating rule is: Sex First, Romance After. But men are spoiling the game. Men still think romance is first.

Ladies, what happened the last time you gave a guy a sex signal? #MenAreSlowTheseDays

And when it is just about sex for you, what are the DOs and DONTs?

Ladies, some men say you are sending sex signals to the wrong types? In other words, make sure he is your type before you say #MenAreSlowTheseDays.
Kaya 959


All that she wants is a wedding day and not a marriage. She wants to tick that box and that’s it.

#SheWantsAWeddingNotMarriage – are you this woman? Does your partner know?

There are men that got married because it was a condition to their inheritance or pushed by family to do it, but deep down they didn't want to.

Why is it wrong when #SheWantsAWeddingNotMarriage?
Kaya 959

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