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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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Do you have someone in your past that you have unfinished business? And should you be in the same room together, you'd lock the door and throw away the key?

What happened between you two?

What about when you go back home, especially during the holidays? What happens when you meet #TheOneThatGotAway?

Could it be a festive fling? Or it is?
Kaya 959


Do festive/dezemba relationships last? Are they all just a fling? #WeMetKaFestive
#WeMetKaFestive, it wasn't meant to last, but it did.

Do you know this couple?

Should you be shela'd now, are you going to decline because ke festive? #WeMetKaFestive
Kaya 959


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something happened but you have no evidence to prove it?

The Sun winked at you, and you got a hug from your crush...all these good things happened but, #NoProofItHappened.

How do you prove to others that you are not lying, especially when you do not have proof? #NoProofItHappened
Kaya 959


What habits (good and bad) have you adopted from your friends and those around you? #HabitsFromFriends

Which habit do you wish to adopt from your friend/colleague/partner?

Is it their discipline when it comes to food, their work ethic or their ability to say "No" with a smile? #HabitsFromFriends
Kaya 959


When you visited your bae's family, were you allowed to sleep in the same bed?

If they did, did you do it? If not, when you had the urge, what did you do?
Kaya 959


Do you care how your partner/sibling makes money?

Or it doesn’t really bother you as long as the bills are paid?  #DoYouCareHowTheyMakeMoney

#DoYouCareHowTheyMakeMoney, if they are a Mashonisa, Gambler, Forex or Sperm Donor...all legal.

Would you still have an issue?


What situation will make you look the other way? If they brought home money from...
Kaya 959

#DidYouBounceBack this year

#DidYouBounceBack this year?

After what we went through in the past couple of years has 2022 been slightly better?

#DidYouBounceBack this year, from the pain of losing loved ones?

It's still early after Covid but...are you getting better?

#DidYouBounceBack this year, with your health and body?
Kaya 959


What are the things your parents refused to buy for you and to this day it still hurts?

Did your parents give reasons why they refused to buy you certain things?

Did they buy you something and you got hurt by it?

#OurParentsSaidNoForFun, even with food.

What foods/snacks were you denied from trying?
Kaya 959


It is that time of the year when we feel exhausted. Everything is running low; patience, tolerance and most of all energy.

Is year-end fatigue also affecting action in your bedroom?

#YearEndFatigueInTheBedroom, is this you?

What do you do, when you are too tired for sex?
Kaya 959

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