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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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Every relationship has its weaknesses, like a common cold, it keeps suffering from it.

If you could describe the illness your relationship suffers from, what will it be? #MyRelationshipHasAnIllness

#MyRelationshipHasAnIllness, is there a cure?
Kaya 959


#TheLifeOfAnIntern in SA...

Are you an intern, what has been the most challenging thing about being at work?

Are you looking after interns, what has been your observation?

As an intern, what made you walk away from that internship? #TheLifeOfAnIntern

Let's talk about mistakes you made while being an intern. #TheLifeOfAnIntern
Kaya 959

#HappyMasturbationMonth, May is masturbation month!!

#HappyMasturbationMonth, May is masturbation month!!

We know all about the benefits of masturbation but what about the side effects? Are the Negatives to self-pleasure?

It is Addictive.
It is Medicinal.
It is Mood Boosting.

But, How much is too much? Can it be excessive?#HappyMasturbationMonth

Do you experience Guilt after a self-pleasure session? Is it because it still considered a Taboo? #HappyMasturbationMonth
Kaya 959


What is the most outrageous lie your partner has ever told you? Or the lie you ever told your partner?

There are lies told by men and those told by women.

What outrageous 🙄 lie did you hear, from which gender? #TheLiesToldByLovers

#TheLiesToldByLovers...Maaka a MONATE, neh?
Kaya 959


Do you remember that point in your life where you felt like you really let yourself down?

You disappointed yourself. You dropped the ball.

What happened? #TheDayILetMyselfDown

You didn’t speak up for yourself.
You let an Ex back, hoping they changed.
You forgot an important date.
You broke your own rule.
You let your guard down.

That's #TheDayILetMyselfDown

Are you hard on yourself?

Sometimes we let ourselves down, by having high expectations. You end up with, no so much Regrets, but more of Disappointments.

Why are you so hard on yourself?
Kaya 959


We are a nation of second chances but do we give ex-prisoners a second chance?
Which crimes are forgivable in our society?
Are you dating a prisoner?
Is your sibling in prison?
Someone you care about.

Should they be welcomed back in society?
Kaya 959


What is that one mistake you made with your sex life?

If you were to give advice teens today about sex, based on your #MyOneSexMistake, what would it be?

What about sex myths/lies you were made to believe, and they spoiled the sex experience.

What were you told about sex and you followed and now wish you didn't eve try?
Kaya 959


Mother’s Day is Here.

Are there things your mother doesn’t know about you?

So, if she found out, will you still be alive? Will she be Proud? Or is Mother’s Day a trigger for you? #IfOnlyMyMumKnew

Do Mom's know how to apologise? #IfOnlyMyMumKnew
#IfOnlyMyMumKnew...Which daughter are you here?
Kaya 959


Born and raised in the streets of Soweto, Johannesburg, Mandla N heard this line and ran with it all his life. With influence from classic television shows such as Martin Lawrence, Mandla N has always known that he wants to be a trailblazing TV Producer and Director that tells authentic stories that people he grew up around can relate to.

Over the last 16 years, through his multi award-winning television and film production company, Black Brain Pictures, Mandla N has taken audiences through many examples of his hard work, creativity and heart.

Some of the words used in the industry to describe him are “a whirlwind of creative energy, a joker and the ultimate example of child-like energy”. We see these qualities come to light on some of his ground breaking TV shows such as Ses’top La, Side Dish, Abomzala, and the gritty Lockdown. 

He currently boasts over 20 SAFTA awards for his comedy and drama shows, as well as two Promax awards for his commercials. His international connects claim that Mandla N has only just begun. As he always says, “Let’s make kick ass television”.
Kaya 959


#DoYouBabySitForFriends: Do you have an age limit? For how many days would you do it?

What about babysitting their pets?
Why won't you pet sit for a friend? Which pet is a no-no?

Do you have a friend you can trust with looking after your kid/s?

Are your kids, babysit'able??
Kaya 959


Have you ever been treated badly by someone or got punished for something but instead of being mad, you knew that you deserve it?  #EishIDeservedIt

The reason people don't like admitting that they are wrong, is bcos the feel offended/embarrassed, a bit disrespected, but mostly vulnerable, hence they tend to be defensive.

Have you ever been wrong? Why is it difficult to admit you are wrong?
We have an instinct inside of us that believes we are correct. Even when we are wrong, we don’t want to consider it.

Admitting you’re mistaken takes immense strength.

Do you know someone who wouldn’t admit they were wrong no matter what? Are you that person? #EishIDeservedIt

Never easy to admit that you are wrong.

It takes a strong person to admit to it and a wise one to see their role in hurting others.
Kaya 959

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