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"A taste of Poetic Delight"
Our spoken word is immensely powerful, it can inspire , revise and revolutionize our way of Life .Bulawayo is the cradle of Zimbabwean Art and Poetry, Uncharted Poetry is a space in the virtual sphere where Young and Old show that they are bold as they burn holes in the minds with subliminal might for the words we will hear will move us beyond our fear. Weekly we share carefully curated words, prose and literature with no fear.Uncharted !

This is within our mission and strategy to empower young people, through starting and sustaining conversations that build the Youths for the Future.If you are interested do book, share this post with a poet and lets help create a safe space for artistic expression.

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Season3 Episode 4 with Delah

"I am about human and self realization, as men and women we have a place to be, we are not in competition but need to exist amicably without any form of oppression".Delah unpacks how her beliefs put humanity above any social classification, how through her pieces she speaks on diverse issues. She also talks on toxic masculinity, the demons she has faced and comments on the "thigh for fame trend/ misconception" that often haunts woman who find themselves in positions of power and significance..

season 3 episode 3 with Poet Asa

"Me and poetry are one, i cant jump out of my own skin" Poet Asa talks about his journey as a poet and how poetry is a state of mind. He talks about the purpose of poetry and art as a whole, which is enlightenment and being agents of change. Poet Asa mentions how even as he exists in society, he does not allow society to dictate the terms, how he does not conform to society's expectation but rather exists to change it..

Season 3 Episode 2 with KeithSwic

In this episode, we dive into the life of KeithSwic The Poet also founder of Swic Management. We get to enjoy a different view of life as a poet in an industry often misunderstood. He articulates how most of the problems we focus on are or may just be the consequence of an underlying problem. Vuzu parties, Bulawayo Art Industry and the dialogue on Institutionalism. His amazing presentation will make you think of things society dares not to speak of.

Verse Con Season 3 Episode 1 with PrisCynth

A taste of poetic delight with PrisCynth who opens up the season with a heartfelt presentation inspired by her life as a Christian and a Poet. She will take you to heaven and make you look forward to eternal life.

Season 2 episode 1 with SoxThePoet

The role of a poet is enlightenment, we stand as the bridge between what is and what ought to be and therefore as such we should not be afraid", SoxThePoet speaks of how he uses his poetry to speak against social ills as an activist. His pieces are beyond politics but rather create a platform in which young people can engage with their duty bearers, legislators and government for democracy and development .

Verse Connoisseur S1 Ep 10 feat Billus the Majestic

Verse Connoisseur Season 1, Episode 10 is the hip-hop episode! The multi-disciplinary artist, Billius The Majestic joins Valentine Makoni and Stones Moyo in diving into the exciting worlds of Rhythm And Poetry. Long live the power of rhyme.

Verse Connoisseur, A Taste of Poetic Delight

Verse Connoisseur S1 Ep 9 feat Hillary Keni-Witsani

Go into the murky world of Alt-folk musician & punk poet Hillary Ken-Witsani. Joining your hosts, Sanelisiwe and Stones Moyo, this episode dives into religion, truth, identity, history, activism and everything else in between that makes us conscious beings in an evolving world.

Verse Connoisseur- A Taste of Poetic Delight

Verse Connoisseur S1 Ep 8 Featuring Limah from Random Poets

Today on Verse Connoisseur, we have an emerging poet, Limah Anne John who is part of Random Poets- a group of creatives and arts lovers. Limah shares on her journey to becoming a poet and we gain some insights on how one can be part of the Random Poets.

Verse Connoisseur Season 1 Episode 8 with your hosts Sanelisiwe Mlilo and Stones Moyo. A Taste of Poetic Delight

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