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Step aside mom bloggers, there is a new Super Dads blog in town. James is a National Government researcher involved in cutting-edge work in medicine, law and longevity. Recipient of numerous national awards he firmly demonstrates how academics must have practical application.
A father of 3 children he hosts the show SuperDads, dedicated to empowering Men, and encouraging “boys” to learn how to become Men. The outcome, to reintegrate fathers as protectors and participants in the beginning and developments of their families. There is no “lip service” in this show, you learn to lead by example by changing yourself first (man or woman). It’s called male authenticity and is definitely under attack for the lady decades of the ascendancy of redefining masculinity to weaken this.
James uncovers and explains the science, discusses some products, services and available adventures out there for Dads and families to experience in South Africa.

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Irene Dairy Farm

Irene Dairy Farm, why their milk process is useful for attending to dairy-related allergies and helping young children with their growth spurts

Since you have been following my SuperDads adventures on FB and Instagram, I finally had a chance to sit down and discuss some of those interesting posts. To catch you up, Pharma Dynamics [ FB ] contracted me to give CPD talks to GPs across the country at their symposiums. The focus of the talks is in the realm of my research in sub-molecular medicine and biophysics elaborating on the non-linear effects artificial light and IMF has on health and performance.

One of our recent talks were held at the Irene Dairy Farm [ FB ]. Getting there, you may have checked out the photos and videos of Pebble, River (our son) and I traveling through the airport on our super durable and lightweight Samsonite luggage [ FB ]. Usually for Pebble I like to cook food for her and give her leftovers, however, with all this flying we were using Field and Forest [ FB ] by Montego. A grain-free food along with their fun biscuit treats. River loved them too. However, driving around would not have been possible if it were not for the friendly assistance of Bidvest car rental [ FB ]. It was helpful getting a safe car that could safely have both River and Pebble in seat belts, securely fastened.

Say no to Kombucha and yes to a Spritzer instead - Capeapple - prize giveaway

Cape Apple / Berry Spritzer [ FB ], after visiting their site and seeing their scenery picture, if you don’t get an idea of what I will be talking about then you must be new to the show.

I talk about if you are a 90% in-door person why kombucha is a bad idea to involve in your daily consumption. I then discuss why this German quality intuitive product is a better alternative for multiple reasons.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for Simply Bamboo prize hampers. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].

The 6th best healer in the world - The Big Bay Waffle Company

I am sitting at The Big Bay Waffle Company [ FB ], at Eden on the Bay Cape Town. In this episode I sit down with the owners and talk about what they have been naturally as a family, been practicing day-after-day, generation-after-generation the 6th best healer in the world. Who your friends are, in this case, your family members and unity.

Because it is a waffle carb eatery, I also discuss why one shouldn’t blame sugar and salt for what artificial light and nnEMF did to your health, obesity and or diabetes. I also share the unique practice my family and I do at the Eden on the Bay so that we can eat waffles, ice cream, bacon etc… and has no impact on us.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a Waffle eating experience as I did. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].

Bacteria used in effectively replacing cleaning chemicals - ProBac Prize Giveaway

PROBAC Biologicals [ FB ] 'Beneficial Bacteria' to actively biodegrade dirt in the process of cleaning, eliminating chemical and dirt transfer to the environment. PROBAC achieves on-going deep cleaning and odour control at a microscopic level, keeping surfaces clean for days after the actual cleaning process. PROBAC mimics the natural process of biodegradation, establishing healthy bio-stability in your home or business, while cleaning in a safe and sustainable manner.

The toothbrush protocol to combating intuition atrophy - Simply Bamboo - prize giveaway

Simply Bamboo [ FB ], product messages a way of living in harmony with our environment and preserve it. With the corporate social responsibility marketing aside, I personally enjoy the organic texture and feeling of a wooden toothbrush handle. Something novelly fun and retro but more importantly, stimulating to the development of one’s neurons.

In an artificial world our intuition enters into atrophy. Use of the toothbrush protocol is one approach to combating the atrophy. In this interview I talk about how grounding works, when it doesn’t work and more about the toothbrush protocol. Something I love practicing with my kids.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for Simply Bamboo prize hampers. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


Why a wool blanket is ideal for our new born daughter Winter - Blankets from Africa - prize giveaway

Blankets from Africa [ FB ], from harsh environments, can come beautiful things. A vast semi-desert was known as the Karoo, a land of stark beauty, natural light and darkness enabling an intuitive touch and connection to the electric and magnetic fields of nature.

Why is lamb amazing, apart from its consumption of being the second richest source of DHA (Omega 3 life source for our semiconductors), apart from seafood, the wool holds an additional photon barcode relationship to the Sun. This is partly why the fabric is such great material at helping entrap infrared light emitted from our bodies while allowing it to breathe.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a Blankets from Africa prize hamper. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ]

Why seaweed is needed in your chocolate in a 5G world - Nova Chocolate a prize giveaway

Nova Chocolate is a sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly chocolate. However, in this episode, I discuss why the epigenetic consumption intake requires the liberal use of seaweeds.

Marine vegetation can mitigate ocean acidification, study finds. The reason, however, eludes them: Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in marine vegetation have a lot of deuterium in them (Seafood/DHA does not) and this deuterium indirectly affects the salinity of seawater to affect the pH scale. Deuterium is capable of shifting pH because of its extra neutron compared to acids with H+. It turns out the oxygen isotope Oxygen-18 (O18) is linearly related to deuterium content in the water on Earth. The concentration of O18 in precipitation decreases with temperature.

The coldest sites on Earth, in locations such as Antarctica and Greenland, have about 5 percent less O18 and deuterium than ocean water. When this water melts into seawater it dramatically affects the salinity of the sea. The same is true of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in your brain. When you liberate O18 and deuterium in your body it has a radical effect on your salinity. We see this in neurosurgical conditions like Diabetes Inspidus, SIADH, and ANF. Does this relationship in nature scale to nature? It does. Many of the most important records of past climate variability from the tropical oceans are based on proxies linked to the stable isotopic composition of seawater.

In particular, carbonate records of 18O derived from fossil corals and marine microfossils and shells of seafood are key indicators of past changes in ocean temperature and salinity. What are the implications of this? As we live in a 5G blue light world resulting in us to collect more deuterium and O18. As it accumulates in our tissues it will decrease our intrinsic salinity and we'll need more salt not less as we irradiate ourselves with nnEMF to maintain our bone mass.

The Cannabis Expo 4 - 7 April 2019 - Cape Town - tickets giveaway

The Cannabis Expo 2019 [ FB ] 4 - 7 April 2019 at the Grand West, Cape Town. Soon the Mother City plays host to the largest cannabis event on the African continent, set to take place at GrandWest from 4-7 April and today I have a discussion with Silas Howarth, Director and Co-Founder of the Cannabis Expo.

In this episode I discuss how smoking weed as a primary treatment to any circadian disease is dumb. Why? It is not the pot that is essentially unhealthy its the lack of oxygen that matters delivered to mitochondria. Anytime you smoke anything NAD+ drops and pseudohypoxia is the result and your wellness is under assault. Smoking anything with another sac of cells inside of you, chronically drawing energy from your own body is just not natural or a wise thing to do. Smoking weed is not wise due to the lung damage and lowered O2, but CBD oil has a role for some. It is more wise than smoking. They key is use of CBD needs specific epigenetic exposures. From the workshops I’m putting together in training doctors one will learn the points well. Most people using pot in a circadian mismatch. Not wise.

Literature has been useful in using marijuana to explain cancer, apoptosis to describe how the process works. Glucose in controlled amounts lead to controlled swelling inside of the cytosol and mitochondria to stimulate the M phase of the cell cycle to change the size and shape of the things in a cell. When this change in volume is controlled we get normal growth and metabolism. When it becomes uncontrolled because of two specific changes in mitochondria, we lose the volume control because of deuterium fractionation. That is how the biophysics of uncontrolled growth begins. Understanding the change is a quantum thermodynamic mechanism related to the spin of a proton. When it goes awry everything goes awry because the biochemistry in your medical books can no longer operate that way any longer.

Our daughter Winter has been born and Carriwell is sharing the celebration with their prize giveaway

Carriwell [ FB ] is a Maternity Lingerie & Nursing Underwear for dad and mom’s Growing Needs, designing and developing comfortable and supportive underwear for both expectant and nursing mums since 1996. It has always been our undertaking to enhance the breast feeding experience between mother and baby wherever they may be.

In the show I talk about some interesting science, what causes a baby’s brain to grow and develop, along with the needs in packing a hospital bag for dad.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a Carriwell prize hamper. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


Prize giveaway - Earth Probiotic - the bokashi bin

I sit down with Earth Probiotic [ FB ] to discuss their Japanese Bokashi Bin. An on-site food waste composting solutions scalable from household to industrial volumes. A way of turning your food waste back into soil food. I a previous episode I discussed the GroPro, an amazing and best solution I found of combing a worm farm and vegetable garden in one vertical tower, amazing for small and large scale living.

There was just one problem with the worm farm system benefits, the restriction on what you can feed them. Here comes the solution, the Bokashi Bin. Everything you can’t feed to your worm farm, you feed to your Bokashi Bin. Meats, left overs, citrus etc…. Best of all, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, uses bacteria to breakdown the leftovers, resulting in a byproduct that can actually be fed into your GroPro worm farm or local garden.

To be a possible winner of a domestic Bokashi Bin solution, listen to the show and submit your answer to Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].


Prize Giveaway - Nude Foods - Plastic Free Supermarket - first one I really enjoyed and recommend

Nude foods [ FB ] is a plastic-free supermarket. I was treated to a plastic-free shopping experience for myself and family. It involved filling our pantry with some high-quality, sustainable, delicious foods and products, without filling the bin with wasteful packaging.

I then had a sit-down with owner Paul on their bulk wholefoods, health foods, and earth-friendly products are all non-GMO, plastic-free and sold by weight. He tells me about their goal is to make plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to the everyday shopper, whilst supporting local suppliers and other waste-reducing initiatives.

Admittedly, when my producer first put this show together I was sceptical. Why? I have visited a couple of these zero waste stores in South Africa and I really was not impressed by the experience nor by the hypocrisy where the environment itself was an epigenetic disaster.

I talk about some of these experiences along with the epigenetic challenges now facing Vegans and Vegetarians in a blue-light bi-directional microwaveable nnEMF world. How India has the fastest growing rate of diabetes and how this is all linked.

Paul is a thumbs up guy, and he definitely makes you feel welcomed within the store and has a demonstrable pride on his concept for a plastic-free Supermarket.

Listen to the show and submit your answer to for a R200 shopping voucher experience as I did. Patreon members, get an additional two entries, plus access to loads of specials and special elaborations into the science [ ].
Nude Foods

Jared and the Paternity Test

I have Jared on again from Stasher, during the Stasher episode there was an uncovering of Jared’s child, not his child scenario. I thought it valuable to have him on again to discuss what it means to go through the issues of a paternity test when the other person is in another country and what support system you need in order to tackle such a mountain.

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