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The SABC Disability 360 Campaign aims to empower People with Disabilities by providing on-going disability related content on-air, online and on the ground (events) through SABC various platforms which will be providing the sector with information about job opportunities, training opportunities and pertinent disability content, in all 11 official languages. This Campaign will allow maximum access to information by the Disability Sector in South Africa, thus ensuring that the SABC broadcasts not only compelling content but also content that empowers its audiences. The Disability 360 Campaign further aims at creating an online “community” where people with disabilities can go and engage and access any disability related Information.

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Go tsena mo kgolaganong ya lerato o ntse o na le seemo sa bogole le Lutendo Serumula – Neurological condition/disorder

: In life we all have dreams and aspirations, or at least most of us. This defines our inner characters and the kind of people we are or wish to be.
Many grew up believing firmly in love, they grew up being loved whole heartedly by both parents and they believed that their time to meet their soulmates, love one another and give lots of love to their children.
Unfortunately in the journey of life many things do happen, that end up derailing people from their long term dreams and aspirations, changes do occur that end up misleading many to think that they are no longer able to keep up or able to meet their dreams and aspirations.
33 years old Lutendo Serumula grew up with hopes and aspirations of one day being a family woman, a mother to beautiful children and wife to a wonderful loving man. Her hopes and dreams blinked blurry when she encountered a disability condition, rendering her to thinking that she can not be loved by any man when she is disabled.
To her surprise, she finds herself today as a mother of three and a wife to a wonderful husband, her long term dream and aspiration has occurred through the midst of her terrific ordeal of a disability life.

Go godisa ngwana wa seemo sa bogole le Mme Keneilwe Gaetsewe

In life we all have dreams and aspirations, or at least most of us. This defines our inner characters and the kind of people we are or wish to be.
Many have for many moons ago aspired to have their “hearts in a human form”, meaning their own child whom they will see as a reflection upon themselves, being their duplicate, doing many other things with them and even going to an extend of becoming friends.
Unfortunately upon the journey of conceiving and expecting, many things do go wrong, not as per expectations. Though researches state that only 1 in 25 pregnancies may result in the birth of a disabled child, rare as it is, it does happen to those few unfortunate ones. Birthing a disabled child may be nothing unfortunate, but having to nurture and upbringing them, that’s just where an unfortunate task might emerge.
Mrs Keneilwe Gaetsewe has been at that unfortunate task for the past 18 years now. The mother of 3 gave birth to a cerebral palsy child 18 years ago who had speech impairments and no control or use of both his arms. The task has not been any easy but she has been holding the fort very well up to thus far.

Go itse le go tlhaloganya bogole jwa gago le Rre Koketso Mankge

Disability is a condition that has grown to be accepted by many, and embraced it to the fullest in the most positive attitude ever.
Whether one is born with a dissability condition or it is something they encountered in the course of their lives, coming to terms with it and pursuing a happier and successful life has become the common norm in the dissability community.
The very same is the life story of Mr Koketso Mankge. The 29 years old physically challenged born young man who was born and bred in a village of Tafelkop.
Mr Mankge had a tough time learning and understanding his disability well, but eventually he did get on with it. Upon realising how many were struggling to come to terms with their disability condition and their close relatives also understanding more about it, he saw a need to start an online campaign to educate people more about disability.

Go se letle seemo sa bogole go nna sekgoreletsi mo botshelong jwa gago Rre. Edward Petlwane Mampane – Paraplegic

Disability is a condition that has grown to be accepted by many, and embraced it to the fullest in the most positive attitude ever.
Whether one is born with a dissability condition or it is something they encountered in the course of their lives, coming to terms with it and pursuing a happier and successful life has become the common norm in the dissability community.
The very same is the life story of Mr Edward Petlwane Mampane. The 29 years old paraplegic who was born and bred in the small mining town of Marble Hall in Limpopo grew up as a fully abled and active child, until a short illness led to his dissability.
Petlwane has not let his misfortunes dictate to his destiny; in fact he managed to accept his condition as it is and looked forward to a better and brighter future

Maano a go diragatsa ditoro tsa gago le Ms Kelebogile Morakile – paraplegic (Cerebral palsy Survivor)

We are currently at a time of the year whereby many let loose, relaxes a bit and goes out to have a wonderful time of their lives, people are going all out to relieve the hard times they experienced through-out the year. Meanwhile others are continuing to work to better their lives and those of others.
Just as others continue to work to better their lives and those of people around them, the dreamers as well go on working hard to fulfil their dreams as well.
Whether fully abled or disabled, dreams cannot be delayed or paused because it is festive season, so says 24 years old Cerebral Palsy survivor Kelebogile Morakile.
Kelebogile has been wheel-chair bound for the past 16 years after CP affected her left side both arm and leg. At school she has always been interested in poetry and in it she found a perfect way to express herself, her feeling and emotions and also how she views the world.

Dikgwetlho tsa go tswela pele ka botshelo morago ga go itemogela seemo sa bogole se tlisitsweng ke tshotlakako

Disability is a condition that has grown to be accepted by many, and embraced it to the fullest in the most positive attitude ever.
We have many kinds and forms of disabilities, visible and invincible kinds of disabilities. Some are born with their disability conditions whilst to some it emerged as a result of a certain illness or even an accident. Unfortunately to some it emerged as a result of extensive physical abuse suffered from their partners.
Today we learn from a domestic violence victim who got a disability condition as a result of extensive abuse suffered, and how she has managed to put all that behind her and move on with life.

Go samagana le seemo sa bogole se se tlisitsweng ke tshotlakako mo kgolaganong kgotsa nyalong le Mme Miranda Lephoko

Gender based Violence has been an on-going scourge in the world and in our country South Africa as well. For many many moons while ago women have been subjected to the worst in the face of humanity, limited to female reffered to or regarded work such as house hold chores whilst men worked in any kind of field they desired, and were subjected to little to no rights over their bodies as well. Men for many moons saw themselves as having authority over the female’s bodies.
Luckily in the advent of the 21st century and the evolving of the world, turning into one global village and all adapting to one universal culture, women have been afforded same or equal rights as men, the opportunity to compete and thrive in all industries as well. Unfortunately the issue of entitlement over female’s bodies is a somewhat pandemic still tormenting the phase of humanity so worse to an extend that women end up dying a the hands of men or getting permanently disabled at the hands of men.
The very same scenario above resonates well with Mrs Miranda Lephoko. A 45 years old paraplegic from Rondebult in Germiston suffered severe abuse at the hands of her then husband. Mrs Lephoko was shot cold blooded by her husband who after turned the gun on himself, killing himself at once.
Ms Lephoko has been wheelchair bound for the past 14 years. She was able to braven up and face the situation from the earliest onset, she even manage to go to an extend of founding an organization that advocates for disability rights, called Bring Change In Me.

Lerato la go dira le go thusana le batho ba tshelang ka bogole gotswa Mr Mzwakhe Mofolo - The Love Of God Dissability Fo

Challenges and hardships are what we have all grown to accept and learn to live with on a daily basis, we all know people who are directly affected with various hardships and try by all means to pursue their lives to the greatest fullest regardless of their hardships, and we all know those who are indirectly affected, living close-by with someone directly affected.
Of all the hardest hardships we know and encounter with on a daily basis, the hardest is ones that change your life completely, even go to an extend of changing your ability to live your life or pursue your dreams, like dissability. Dissability conditions affect many in various ways, and to our disbelief there are still those out there still not very familiar with dissability life, still prejudice disabled people and to a certain extend belittles and not render the necessary support to them.
Well luckily because this world is forever filled with good Samaritans, there are those who always see the need to go an extra mile in helping others, including disabled people, like Mr Mzwakhe Mofolo. The 27 years old has been working with disabled people on a daily basis for the past five years with an organization named The Love Of God Dissability Foundation, which was founded five years ago by her mother in Ivory Park. The need for the organization was formed after her mother having realised that there was a growing number of neglected disabled people in and around their area.

Dikgwetlho tsa seemo sa bogole mo mokgweng wa go tshela wa borre le Rre Bongani Ntuli - Paraplegic

After all the many years humanity has been in existence, one lesson that has never been left out but always handed from one generation to the other is that problems or challenges should not define one or how they should live their life, but their response to the said problems or challenges is what should stand out and give people a defining character of who they really are, their possessed skills and overall abilities.
Challenges are what has come to be accepted as our daily challenges or struggles in life. Challenges form a phenomenal part of our lives so much that without them, there seems to be less growth or development as it has been repeatedly said that growth happens in the greatest times of discomfort.
While we have faced our various times of discomfort, others emerged victorious and conquered the challenges whilst others sadly did not. For Mr Bongani Ntuli, a Vereeniging born and bred young men the greatest time of discomfort emerged when he learned that his Polio condition had worsened, leading to him being permanently wheel-chair bound. For someone strong spirited as he is, this was no end of his life and shuttering of his dreams, but a mere challenge he had to come up with ways and means of overcoming it.

Rre Ntutu John Mogodiri – Multiple Sclerosis Survivor ka dikgwetlho tsa seemo sa bogole

Challenges are what we have come to accept as part of our daily lives, they come out as a major part of our daily growth in life. Without challenges life would seem as to not be progressing and not offering any potential or opportunity for growth anyhow. Through challenges and other hardships it’s when one grows and acquires experience.
There are many various obstacles that may bear challenges in our daily lives; it’s up to us as humans on how do we view the challenges and push them to work on our side or our favour. Hard as the challenges might be, they always re do-able and easy to triumph over, like having to face a daunting challenge of succeeding in life in a surrounding or environment fully favouring the fully abled ones.
35 years old Mr Ntutu John Mogodiri grew up with a very rare disorder that was hardly known by many, Multiple Sclerosis. The condition affected both his arms and limited his free use of the arms/hands. Like many young ambitious men always up for challenges, he took the challenge on ad did not let it to define his way of living or even his destiny as a whole. Mr Mogodiri has been living his life to the fullest and has went all out to archieve his dreams as well.

Botlhokwa ba tshegetso go batho ba tshelang ka bogole le Mrs Lita Jabane – Mosawathuto People Living With Disability

In life we all do need support in all our various ventures we constantly pursue and in life in general. Support is good in a sense that it encourages one to come to face with their worst fears and pursue what may seem as undoable or impossible.
Of the various tough challenges we encounter in life, support from nearest next of kins and loved ones always means a lot and it ensures that we do make it. Like after having lived your life freely and to the best of your abilities, then suddenly you have to cope living with a certain type of a disability condition.
47 years old Mrs Lita Jabane from Meadowlands lived half of her life as a freely and fully abled person until fate decided to have its unfortunate way which led to her being paraplegic, a condition which she has since been pursuing her life in. knowing the importance of support and encouraging one another to do better in life, leading to her starting Mosawathuto people living with disability organization.

Bogole le itekanelo ya tlhaloganyo

In today’s world mental health challenges has lately turned into a more common issue for many resulting in various socio-economic challenges of today’s life, though there are many who still don’t acknowledge that such exists especially amongst the youth and young adults, mostly because of cultural beliefs and myths.
Many people might currently be finding themselves in not so good mental health states after what they have all been through, and have thus triggered a variety of mental disorders which comprise a broad range of problems, with different symptoms. However, they are generally characterized by some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behaviour, previous traumatic experiences and relationships with others.
One of the life changing challenges that may contribute hugely to one’s mental health is a situation whereby one encounters and has to accept their dissability condition. This can be extremely hard for those who had half or all their previous lifes fully abled and had no reliance non-so ever on any assistive methods to dissability conditions.
The phase of having to come to terms with the new condition, accepting themselves as they are and exploring a new way of live and living with a dissability condition can be twice as hard and mentally straining, thus inviting various forms of mental conditions.

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