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The SABC Disability 360 Campaign aims to empower People with Disabilities by providing on-going disability related content on-air, online and on the ground (events) through SABC various platforms which will be providing the sector with information about job opportunities, training opportunities and pertinent disability content, in all 11 official languages. This Campaign will allow maximum access to information by the Disability Sector in South Africa, thus ensuring that the SABC broadcasts not only compelling content but also content that empowers its audiences. The Disability 360 Campaign further aims at creating an online “community” where people with disabilities can go and engage and access any disability related Information.

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Mokgwa o seemo sa bogole se ka amang kateng motho wa rre le Zachariah Mothobi

Dissability condition has to somehow have an effect on people, either the disabled themselves or those related/close by to the disabled person, it can either have it's own effects be it emotionally and psychologically.
Men are generally known or presumed to be the toughest as compared to their female counterparts.
Now for a man to have to adapt to and live with a any form of a disability condition can be somehow a bit tough on him, emotionally, psychologically and even physically. Men like to see themselves as the fixers of their household appliances and labourers in general, which might prove to be a bit difficult when having a physical dissability.

Dikgwetlho tseo di sentseng di itemogelwa ke batho ba ba nang le boswafe le Boitumelo Mainganya – Albinism Activist

For many years Albinism Society has been struggling with not only the stigma, but violence directed unto them that is motivated by misdirected myths.
In this previous week the world observed and commemorated international albinism awareness day. The overall aim of the day is simply to celebrate and appreciate people with Albinism and also inform/educate the rest of the society of what Albinism is all about, that will help greatly in driving away stigma the society attaches to the Albinism society.

Go se letle bogole go kgoreletsa ditoro tsa gago le Calvin Kamogelo Mogajane – Blind Author

Disability can be an emotionally draining challenge for many, both young and old, and the disabled and people surrounding them as well.
But for the 20 years old Calvin Kamogelo Mogajane it has been a different story, the blind author has up to thus far written and published three books regardless of not having a sight.
Mogajane realized his potential as a write way too early when he was still a kid, and decided to put to good use his born talent of writing regardless of being able to see and write like any other people or not.

Tlhokomelo ya ditshwanelo tsa badiri ba ba nang le bogole le Rre Morgan Mokwana - Employment Standards Specialist

Transformation in the work place has come along quite impressively, more especially as far as inclusion of disabled people is concerned. Be that as it may be, there are those still complaining that the disabled people are only employed to execute basic admin work only.
The government has Fas tracked the process of including disabilities in the work places, making the working environment easily accessible and user friendly as well.
It is important for every employee to know and understand well their rights in the work place, as they serve an important purpose of not only protecting the employees, but also making sure that they get to be treated fairly and accordingly. The very same needs to happen with disabled employees.

Bokgoni jo bo kgonang ke batho ba ba tshelang ka bogole le Rre Mompati Ngakantsi & Rre Andrew Mkhabela

Dissability does not have to mean inability, so says many motivational speakers. Being disabled does not mean one cannot make or perfom amazing abilities in their lifetime and many have gone to being testimonies of that.

In aim of bettering employees with disabilities and giving them access to their rights of information, more specifically the blind, two employees from the department of finance in the transformation unit embarked on a project to convert a usual pay-slip into a braille document or even come with a software format.

Mr. Mompati Ngakantsi, deputy director in the transformation unit, together with Mr Andrew mkhabela, an admin officer in the same unit teamed up to formulate a innovation that saw them winning a Public Service Innovation award.

Mokgwa o seemo sa bogole se ka kgoreletsang tswelopele ya botshelo ka teng le Letlhogonolo Ngakantsi – Cerebral Palsy

Dissability condition has lately grown to be accepted as just one of those ordinary conditions, people with disabilities are no longer excluded that much from any other activities within the society, including economic activities as well. The massive dissability inclusion campaigns that the organized groups have been embarking in have paid greatly.
Though the disabled people might now be enjoying life like any other citizen of the country or member of society in the world, there are those that are still facing stumbling blocks to get on with life.
34 years old Mr. Letlhogonolo Ngakantsi was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been living with it ever since. The condition came as a result of being born much earlier than expected. Due to lack of resources for the disabled people, Letlhogonolo had to move from his home town of Mafikeng Soweto, just outside Johannesburg in order to access educational facilities suited for the disabled.

Bogole bo kgoreletsa jaang botshelo jo o batlang go bo tshela le Kealeboga Tshirang

Life can be all good and glamour when one has all the freedom they need to move around whenever they want to and do the things they want to freely so.
But then things can take a bit of a sour turn when all of a sudden your life changes all together.
One of those major changes can be brought by a dissability condition, one that you were not born with but came across and must adapt to whilst still growing up. Having partially lost the freedom of movement, and the ability to do as you please can be quite saddening and a bit tough to accept and adapt to.

Mokgwa o tlhopololo ya boswafe e ka amang kgolo ya ngwana ka teng le Mathapelo Ditshego

The better parts of the world have up to thus far improved immensely with how they view and perceive disability. Major projects of disability inclusion have seen greater success all thanks to people embracing disabled people and having positive expectations from the disabled community.
The very same has slowly but surely happened with Albinism. The barbaric acts of butchering people with albinism with an insipid believe that their body parts brings good fortunes has slowly faded due to major awareness’s that were conducted through all mediums available. But then again having to grow up with albinism can be a challenge to a child surrounded by an uninformed or rather illiterate community that cannot see further than what's in front of them at the time.

Mokgwa o seemo sa Autism se ka amang bana ka teng le Dr Tumelo Leeuw o eleng Paediatrician

The month of April is not only freedom month, but it is also a month of Autism Awareness Disorder, a generic term that describes a range of issues relating to brain development. Autism can b defined as or simply means there will be impacts on how a child with this disorder will learn and develop.
Autism impacts children and adults in many ways but, many of the issues can be overcome or with small changes to how things are done, children and adults can access learning.
There is no known single cause for autism spectrum disorder, but it is generally accepted that it is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism compared to in neurotypical children.

A bogole bo ka go lebisa ko goreng o itlhoboge le Mme Mmathapelo Seitshokelo

Life has its fair share of ups and downs. One cannot be happy at all times, every day of their lives till eternity. At some point in life we all do come across certain challenges that do emerge as a serious mountain hill to climb, that does at other times lead to people giving up in life, attracting depression that eventually drives one to suicide.
A disability condition can lead to unending pressure if one wakes up one day to find themselves disabled and has a hard time accepting their new condition. More especially if one is not emotionally stable or mature enough to handle whatever life throws at them.
Today we learn from a disabled woman (amputee) how disability has affected her emotionally, psychologically and her life as a whole. How exactly has she managed to get her life together and not give in to life or societal pressure.

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